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Chapter 647: Hate falls, peace rises

PG 1

  • Citizen:*happy* they did it!! They beat the officers!!
  • Kids:Hooray for the humans!!
  • Minister of the Right:*as his troops finish with the low ranking pirates* It would seem their captain isnt the only heavy hitter of the crew.
  • Neptune:*looks to the sky*Otohime....are you seeing this now.

PG 2

  • Nami:*stands over defeated pirates and she looks up* The guys beat everyone, but I wonder if Luffy will destroy that ship in time.
  • Robin:*takes down 3 pirates* We can only look and see now.
  • Usopp:*cheers*Go Luffy!! Dont let up!!
  • Chopper:*next to him in his brain point*Luffy!!
  • Sanji:*smoking*If Luffy destroys this heaven, Im gonna kick his ass back to the east blue.
  • Brook:Yohohoho, thats cruel Sanji-san!!

PG 3

  • Shirahoshi:*holds Fukaboshi* are you alright big brother?
  • Fukaboshi:yes.....but is Noah still in tact?
  • Shirahoshi:Well actually Luffy-sama is trying to destroy it.
  • Fukaboshi:WHAT?!

PG 4

  • Luffy:*still punching*raahhh!!!
  • Noah:*is getting more and more smashed up as it descends*
  • Minister of the Left: What is he doing?! Doesnt he know how important that ship is?!
  • Madame Shirley:*gasps* This is.....

PG 5

  • Madame Shirley:*remembers her prediction*This is when he destroys the island!!
  • Citizen:Shirley, are you sure?
  • Citizen: Is Strawhat not gonna stop Noah?!
  • Child:*points up*Look!!!

PG 6

  • Noah:*is smashed apart but its still giant chunks start to fall into the island and plaza*
  • Luffy:*is falling in the middle of the debris and is unconcious*
  • Citizens: Look out!!! Dont get crushed!!

PG 7

  • Zoro:*cuts a huge mast*
  • Sanji:*kicks a giant chain away*
  • Madame Shirley:Fishman Island is being destroyed, just like in my vision.
  • Neptune: Hohoho!! So this is what Shirley saw! It would seem you guys had got it alittle wrong.
  • Minister of the Left:*frowns and dodges a falling piece of ship* He's still destroying the island, you know!

PG 8

  • Luffy:*lands outside the plaza and lays there unconcious with a smile on his face*
  • Hody Jones/Vande Decken:*fall in the middle of the plaza*
  • Fishman Pirate:Captain Hody!!
  • Ammo Knight: They dont seem dead yet, lets take them in!!
  • Minister of the Right:*look down at them* To think these two were our biggest threats. *looks to the side*

PG 9

  • Strawhats:*all trying to help out the islanders in their own way*
  • Minister of the Right: *sighs* I cant believe I was more concerned about them.

PG 10

  • Minister of the Left:*on radio* all troops outside the island! Go and retrieve the royal family members for medical treatment!
  • Ammo Knights:Yes Sir!!
  • Fukaboshi:*passing out**closes eyes*Strawhat.

PG 11

  • The Next Day. In Groverly Hills Hospital.
  • Fukaboshi:*wakes up*
  • Chopper:*treating him*oh your awake! Hey Luffy!!
  • Luffy:*bursts in*Huh?! Is Brohoshi better now Chopper?
  • Fukaboshi:L-Luffy....

PG 12

  • Chopper: He just woke up, but his vitals dont seem critical anymore.
  • Luffy:Alright!! Now you can get out of bed and join the party!!
  • Fukaboshi: party?
  • Chopper/Luffy/ Fukaboshi:*walk outside and see the whole town having one big festival in town*
  • Shirahoshi:*laughing with Nami and Keimi*
  • Zoro:*having a drinking contest with Minister of the Right.*
  • Sanji:*serving food to mermaids and being lovestruck*

PG 13

  • Brook:*performs on stage along with Manboshi and Ryuboshi and woo many mermaids*
  • Franky/Den/Usopp:*celebrate with cola*
  • Robin:*draws some of the Ammo Knights as they pose*
  • Chopper:*grins*I wanna have fun too!!
  • Luffy:shishishi!! Well lets go!!
  • Luffy/Chopper:*run to the fun*whoohoo!!!

PG 14

  • Fukaboshi: Did the battle with New Fishman Pirates even happen?
  • Jinbe:*walks up* Of course it did. Luffy-kun and his crew have been at this since last night.
  • Fukaboshi:I see. This guy never slows down, does he?
  • Jinbe:*chuckles*not since I've known him. Oh and we found the culprit of the Mermaid theft this morning.
  • Fukaboshi: Really? Where is he?
  • JInbe:well....

PG 15

  • Caribou:*is thrown in a huge cell*whooaa!!
  • Ammo Knight: *closes the cell and walks away*This'll teach ya to steal our mermaids. Enjoy your roomates.
  • Caribou: roomates?
  • ???:*growl*human filth!.....
  • Caribou:*turns around slowly*

PG 16

  • New Fishman Pirates:*look at him with crazed eyes*
  • Caribou:Damn seastone cuffs! Get away from me! God wouldnt want you to kill me!
  • Hody Jones:*grabs him by the neck* On the contrary, our God wants exactly that.
  • Caribou:?!

PG 17

  • Luffy:*rubbing his giant belly*ooohh yeaah thats good!!
  • Chopper:*playing along with the children of fishman island*
  • Neptune:*watching everyone* I finally see it Otohime. That peace with humans you wanted me to see for so long. I finally see it with my own eyes.
  • Strawhats and Residents:*partying and having loads of fun*