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Chapter 646 Prediction

Chapter 646: It's already finished

PG 1

  • Nami:*looks* oh no!! Chopper's gone crazy again!!
  • Robin: hold on Nami, he seems different. Calm almost.
  • Chopper:*crosses his arms and looks down at Dosun* Now then, do you still want to die?
  • Dosun:*glares freightened*

PG 2

  • Usopp: You can control yourself in that form Chopper?
  • Chopper:*grins*yep. It took a year and a half, I finally gained control over my strongest form. Monster Point. I need the rumble ball for this form though, so I can't stay for long.
  • Dosun:*takes some energy steroid pills and jumps above Chopper* Let's go!!! Gyabaann!!!
  • Chopper?!
  • Dosun:*swings down*I-Shot

PG 3

  • Chopper:*is hit in the face and some of the earth is shattered under him*
  • Dosun:*grins*That'll teach ya!! Gyabann!!
  • Chopper:*grabs him*
  • Dosun: what the hell?!
  • Chopper:*chuckles* that itched.
  • Dosun: itched?!

PG 4

  • Chopper:*throws him down to the ground*
  • Dosun:*crashes down and he stumbles up* Tosun.....
  • Chopper:*slams both fists down on him* Monster Gong!!
  • Dosun:*lays defeated while his hammer is broken*
  • Fishman Pirate: Dosun-san was beat too!!
  • Fishman Pirate: I regret ever invading this place!!

PG 5

  • Daruma:*looks to the side*Did he really lose? Dosun was the "wall" of our gang!!
  • Usopp:*cheers* alright Chopper!!
  • Daruma:*launches at him while on fire* shut!! Kya!! Fireball Cutter!!
  • Usopp:*gets ready* You shut it big mouth.

PG 6

  • Usopp:*evades him* move #3
  • Daruma:*lands on a rock and he launches again* Kya!! Kya!!
  • Usopp:*shoots at his head* Sure Kill Green Star:.....
  • Daruma:is hit on his forehead*huh?!
  • Usopp:*grins*:Great Vine

PG 7

  • Daruma:*his entire body is covered by tight vines that sprout from his forhead and 4 vines appear from the ground to pull him down* What the hell?!
  • Usopp:*looks at him*Those vines at stronger that the toughest steel. You won't escape.
  • Daruma: Oh yeah long nose?! I don't care!! You and your stupid captain are still gonna die!! KyaKyaKya!!!
  • Usopp:*glares*......

PG 8

  • Usopp:*walks to a hole and he shoots a pop green*
  • Daruma: what are you doing now?!
  • Usopp:*glares* making you pay for insulting my captain! Now you're lunch!
  • Daruma: lunch? for what?
  • Usopp:*turns away as his Green star Devil plant appears* for this.
  • Daruma:*looks scared*

PG 9

  • Usopp:*walks away* your turn to get "gnashed up".
  • Daruma:*is attacked*Kyaaaa!!!
  • Zoro:*dodges tentacles*
  • Hyouzou:*trying to hit him*Hohehehe!!! What's wrong?! You scared now!! You can't do anythi-

PG 10

  • Zoro:*cuts 4 tentacles*
  • Hyouzou:?!
  • Zoro: I heard about your poison legs. It'll be bad if one touches me. *grins* So I'll just cut all of those legs off.
  • Hyouzou: you can't do that! *hic*
  • Zoro: sure I can
  • Hyouzou:*smiles* no.....

PG 11

  • Hyouzou:*tentacles regrow* You really can't!!!*hic*
  • Zoro:*looks unimpressed*
  • Hyouzou:*grins* man, you're cold.~ You wanna finish this?
  • Zoro:*puts sword in his mouth* It's already finished.
  • Hyouzou:*strikes with all his tentacles*Whatever!!

PG 12

  • Zoro: Three Sword Style:....
  • Hyouzou:*tentacles are all cut off and his chest is slashed 3 times*?!
  • Zoro:*stands behind him in his post Oni GIri stance* Akuma Oni Giri
  • Hyouzou:*falls* owiii.....

PG 14

  • Franky:*punches Ikaros in the gut*
  • Ikaros:*coughs blood*
  • Franky:*grabs him and throws him in the air*
  • Ikaros:*is high in the air*
  • Franky: it's time for my ultimate attack!!

PG 15

  • Franky:*light particles gather around the robot's chest*Coup De.....
  • Usopp/Chopper:is that a....?
  • Ikaros:*looks down at him*?!

PG 16

  • Franky:*fires a huge beam blast at Ikaros*Blast!!!
  • Ikaros:*is hit and shot out of the plaza*gah-ch!!!!
  • Usopp/Chopper:*star eyes* he shot a beam!!!
  • Franky:*pops out of the robot with his mouth smoking* That wasn't a beam. It was ray.
  • Usopp/Chopper: WHO CARES?!

PG 17

  • Zeo:*wildly waves his chains and attacks Brook* Stampede Bola!!!
  • Brook:Hanata Sancho.....
  • Zeo:*notices Brook is now behind him*?!

PG 18

  • Brook:*sheathes blade*Soul tzu Giri
  • Zeo:*is cut across his chest and his wound gets frozen shut as he falls*
  • Fishman Pirate: all the officers.....even Captain Hody....have been beaten.
  • Fishman Pirate:What about Wadatsumi?!

PG 19

  • Sanji:*kicks im in the nose and breaks it*Concassue!!
  • Wadatsumi:*crys*owie!!!!!!
  • Sanji:*sky walks away* Now Jinbe!!
  • Jinbe:*infront of the giants gut* Fishman Karate:Umidaiko
  • Wadatsumi:*entire gut looks caved in as the air he gathered up is shot towards the sky*gaahhh!!!


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