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Chapter 643: Noah Lands

PG 1

  • Usopp:*exhales* This guy is really getting annoying with all this burrowing. I trained against giant bugs and plants that did more heads up combat.
  • Daruma:*shoots out of the ground and attempts to bite at his head*Kyaaa!!!
  • Usopp:*jumps to the side and aims*Sure-Kill: Green Star......
  • Daruma:?!
  • Usopp:*glares at him*Sagasso

PG 2

  • Daruma:*body is completlly covered by seaweed. He chews his way out and he rubs his tummy*Kya!! You basterd! I hate veggies!!
  • Usopp: But they're good for you. Besides, if you dont eat your veggies, they might end up eating you.
  • Daruma:huh?! How the hell can a plant eat me?
  • Usopp:*shoots at him*Green Star: Devil

PG 3

  • Daruma:*freaks out as the huge venus fly-trap plant attempts to eat him* What the Kya?!?! *appears to be attacked but he burrows underground again*
  • Usopp:*looks down the hole* Here we go again.
  • Jinbe:*looking up at Wadatsumi* Thats enough growing Sanji-kun!! He's taken out more than half of his allies now!!

PG 4

  • Sanji: Okay!!
  • Wadatsumi:*so big he cant even move* What?! You tricked me just so I would hurt my side?!
  • Sanji: Bingo. Now we can finish you. Unless you can grow bigger.
  • Wadatsumi:*gets angry and punches at Sanji. He ends up hitting himself too hard in the cheek and he falls down to the edge of the plaza*
  • Fishman Pirate:*injured* Dammit! That stupid giant hurt us and himself!

PG 5

  • Sanji:*lands next to Jinbe* Your turn.
  • Jinbe:*gets in stance* Right! Fishman Karate......
  • Wadatsumi:*gets up and he tilts his head back*Wadatsumi.....*sucks in more air*

PG 6

  • Wadatsumi:*exhales the air and and sends it at Jinbe as a huge wave of wind* Air Bullet!!
  • Jinbe:*punches at the air pressure and sends it right back at him*20,000 Shark Tile Brick Fist
  • Wadatsumi:*is hit in the face by the wind pressure and his nose bleeds*gah!!!
  • Jinbe/Sanji:*just look up at him*

PG 7

  • Wadatsumi:*gets up and holds his bloody nose* owie owie!!!!
  • Jinbe: I wonder how Luffy-kun is doing right now?
  • Sanji:Probably being an idiot while fighting the boss.
  • Luffy:*sneezes*
  • Hody Jones:*swims at him and punches*

PG 8

  • Luffy:*blocks with one arm and he kicks his side with an color of armaments leg*
  • Hody Jones:*is hit into an undersead boulder*
  • Ammo Knight: Ok!! We wont get a better shot than now!! Fire!!
  • Noah:*is shot at and coated with a bubble*
  • Luffy:Awsome!! There's air now!!
  • Hody Jones:*gets back to his feet*

PG 9

  • Vander Decken IX:*gasps for air as he wakes up* That was close.....I think....
  • Noah:*stops falling towards Fishman Island and begins to go in a different direction*
  • Hody Jones/ Luffy:?!
  • Vander Decken IX:*touching the ship with his left hand* You didnt think I forgot about you, old partner? Bahohoho!!

PG 10

  • Manboshi/Ryuboshi:*swim away with Luffy*
  • Hody Jones:*glares at the ship and tries to push it back, but royally fails)
  • Noah:*lands on the sea floor next to Fishman Island*
  • Luffy/Princes/ Shirahoshi:?!
  • Vander Decken IX:Bahohohoho!!! How do you like that Hody? Thats what happens when you mess with the big boys!!

PG 11

  • Hody Jones:*emerges from under the deck and he glares at him*
  • Vander Decken IX:?!
  • Luffy:*appears between them* Alright!! Now I dont have to worry about air or the island anymore!
  • Hody Jones:*grins* So what Strawhat? You're still wounded. I can easily defeat you now.
  • Vander Decken IX:*pants and steps up with his axes* Do you ever shut up?

PG 12

  • Luffy:*looks at Decken and smiles* Oh, thanks for stopping the ship from crashing into the island, Shoulders.
  • Hody Jones:*arm waters up* Both of you......
  • Luffy/Vander Decken IX:?!
  • Hody Jones:*fires his water bullets* hurry up and die!!!
  • Luffy:*dashes to the side*
  • Vander Decken:*blocks with axes*

PG 13

  • Luffy:Gum Gum Jet Bazooka
  • Hody Jones:*is hit in his ribs and he is almost slammed off the ship*gah!!
  • Vander Decken:*chops at Luffy's head*
  • Luffy:*ducks*whoa!!
  • Vander Decken: stay out of this!! Jones is mine!!
  • Luffy:But I wanted to kick his ass first!! *arm steams up*Gum Gum......

PG 14

  • Luffy:*hits him in the face*Jet Pistol
  • Vander Decken:*is knocked out*
  • Hody Jones:*takes more steroids and stands up* Lets finish this Strawhat!!
  • Luffy:*activates Gear 2nd in his whole body and he grins at him* I was going to!

PG 15

  • Hammond:Hamo Hamo Hamo!! You think you can stop me woman? Slave Tank, kill her where she stands!
  • Slaves:*some aim cannons at her*
  • Robin:*creates hands around Hammonds' neck* I dont think you guys need to follow his orders anymore.
  • Hammond:*freaks out* Oi Oi Oi!! What the hell is this?!
  • Slaves:*Look at Hammond*
  • Robin:*takes his keys and unlocks all the chains*
  • Slaves:*some look relieve while some start crying*
  • Hammond: Hey!!! Get those weak animals back in chains right now!!

PG 16

  • Slaves:*glare at him*
  • Robin:*smiles* You know its not good to keep even weak animals in chains. Because once they break free, they become vicious and want nothing more but the blood of their owner.
  • Slaves:*stand around him with blades, guns, and cannons. Alot look like crazy and deranged*
  • Hammond:*sweats in fear* Wait......stop.....I own you!! *is attacked by all the pirates*AAHH!!
  • Robin:*giggles* aaww, they look like they're having fun.

PG 17

  • Zeo:*tries to hit Brook with his chain*
  • Brook:*dodges to the side and he slashes upward from Zeo's right*
  • Zeo:*tries to block with his chain but him and the chain is cut*eck!!
  • Brook:You can give up if you want.
  • Zeo:*charges at him*shut your mouth!!

PG 18

  • Zeo:*hits at him rapidly with his chains* I meant to be cut to distract you! That was my "Play-Dead Ploy"!!
  • Brook:*deflecting all his blows* Oh it was? Well that was pretty clever of you. Of course it would've been more realistic if you grew an afro.
  • Brook:*is hit and bursts into a puff of smoke*
  • Zeo:?!
  • Brook:*stops playing his guitar and he jumps behind him*Party Music:......

PG 19

  • Brook:*hits him on the head with his guitar*Rock Star Finale!!
  • Zeo:*is hit hard and bleeds like Demalo Black when Sentomaru hit him*
  • Fishman Pirate: holy crap!! Zeo-san has been defeated!!
  • Brook:*plays on his guitar*Yohohoho, his name was Zeo-san huh? Now I know what name to put in my next song."Fishman Island"!!!