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I hope u guys enjoy dis. Its gonna get harder to make these becuz of school. But dont let that ruin the prediction. Zeheheheh!!!

Chapter 638: Conflicting Goals

PG 1

  • Vander Decken: Bahohoho!! After I take your life and destroy this island, my dear Shirahoshi, I'll take Noah up to the surface and become Pirate King!! That way I'll get as many princesses as I want!!
  • Hody Jones:* lands behind him*Decken!!!
  • Vander Decken: huh?!

PG 2

  • Vander Decken:* does his pose* oh, it's just you Jones. I thought it was someone dangerous.
  • Hody Jones:* points trident at him* shut your mouth traitor!!! Get ready to die!!
  • Vander Decken:Ooooohhh, I'm so scared....NOT!!! Bahoho!!
  • VD pirate: should we kill him captain?
  • Vander Decken:*grins* no.....

PG 3

  • Vander Decken:* takes out two axes* I chop him up myself!! I think!!
  • ???:*crashes on the deck*
  • Vander Decken/ Hody Jones: ?!

PG 4

  • Luffy: *while picking his nose* I'm gonna kick both your asses!!
  • Hody Jones:* chuckles* just as planned. Even though this ship has an infinate coating bubble around it, all I have to do is send you two fruit users overboard.
  • Vander Decken:*dashes at him* Just try it.....

PG 5

  • Vander Decken:* slashes* Jones!!!
  • Hody Jones:* blocks with his trident*
  • Luffy:*jumps up and hovers over them* Gum Gum......

PG 6

  • Luffy:*hits them both*Gattling
  • Vander Decken/Hody Jones: *coughs blood*

PG 7

  • Luffy: *lands*
  • Hody Jones:*gets up*
  • Vander Decken:*gets up in pain*ow!!
  • Luffy:Now stop this ship Super Shoulders!!

PG 8

  • Vander Decken: Never!!
  • Luffy:*glares*Gum Gum.....*appears infront of him*
  • Vander Decken:?!

PG 9

  • Luffy:*hits him in the chest* Bazooka
  • Vander Decken: *coughs blood and is sent flying into the sea*Guaahh!!
  • VD crew:Captain!!!!

PG 10

  • Noah:*stops and just floats nearby*
  • Nami:*smiles* Luffy did it!!
  • Shirahoshi:*teary eyed* Luffy-sama!
  • Chopper:*next to a defeated Daruma* amazing!
  • Usopp:*Yeah, Luffy!!

PG 11

  • Luffy:*senses something and dodges Jone's trident*
  • Hody Jones*glares at him*did you forget about me?
  • Luffy:*backflips* Kinda did!

PG 12

  • Hody Jones: *puts on the bubble coral ring and floats* I'm gonna enjoy this.
  • Luffy*does the same, still picking his nose* I can fly too basterd!
  • Hody Jones: It's floating dumbass!!

PG 13

  • Zeo:*skids back*dammit!!!
  • Jinbe:*looks at him* just stop fighting Zeo. You have all lost this fight.
  • Zeo: never!! Hody will kill Strawhat and then you!!
  • Hyouzou:walks up* oowhee.....everybody is too loud.
  • Zeo:ah, Hyouzou assist me.
  • Hyouzou:ok

PG 14

  • Jinbe:?!
  • Hyouzou:*slashes him across his chest*
  • Strawhats:?!

PG 15

  • Jinbe:*jumps back and holds his wound*
  • Hyouzou: aw damn, my hand slipped. *dashes* I was aiming for your head!!
  • Jinbe:*glares in pain*
  • Nami: Sorcery Climatact.....

PG 16

  • Nami:*shocks him with a huge lighting bolt from above* Lightning Strike
  • Hyouzou:*coughs smoke*
  • Chopper:*appears on his left* Kokutei.......
  • Hyouzou:?!

PG 17

  • Chopper:*pulverizes his ribs* Cross
  • Hyouzou:*is sent flying*
  • Usopp:*aims at him as he fly towards him* Sure- Kill Green Star......

PG 18

  • Usopp:*shots spikey balls that explode on impact* Exploding Cucumber
  • Hyouzou:* is hit*owhee!!
  • Zeo:*shocked* what the hell?!

PG 19

  • Nami/Chopper/Usopp:*glare at him as he is covered in smoke*
  • Hyouzou:*smiles crazilly as he drops an empty sake gourd*Ho he he he!!