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Chapter 637: New World Warm Up

PG 1

  • Hody Jones:*sits up and wipes blood from his mouth* Damn you!!
  • Luffy:*glares*
  • Hody Jones:*stands up and arms water up* So you wanna fight me one-on-one? Fine by me!

PG 2

  • Hody Jones:*grins* I would love to take the head of the human who crushed Arlong's ambitions.
  • Luffy:*steams up and grins* Bring it on old man shark! I needed a warm-up for the New World!! You aren't that strong, but its good enough.

PG 3

  • Jinbe:* punches a pirate in the face and sends him flinginto many of his commrades*
  • Jinbe: Luffy-kun is fighting Hody. Best if I go over and back him up.
  • ???: You aren't going to help anyone, Jinbe.
  • Jinbe:*arms are tied down by chains*?!
  • ???: Now take him men!
  • Fishman Pirates:*charge at him* Yeeaahh!!!

PG 4

  • Jinbe: Fishman Karate:......
  • Fishman Pirates:?!
  • Jinbe* spins and creates a tornado of water* Great Whirlpool

PG 5

  • Fishman Pirates: are blown away and fall*
  • Jinbe:* breaks free of his chains* Now stop hiding and figh with some pride, Zeo.
  • Zeo:*turns visible* as you wish.....*jumps up while spinning two chains* you human lover!!
  • Jinbe:* looks up at him*

PG 6

  • Chopper:*skids back*
  • Daruma:*backflips onto a rock*
  • Chpper:*runs at him and strikes*hya!!
  • Daruma:*jumps before the rock is destroyed*
  • Chopper:*grins* that was the wrong way.....

PG 7

  • Chopper:*slams him with his antlers* to dodge me!!
  • Daruma:*coughs blood and falls to the ground* ack!!
  • Chopper:* jumps up* Kokutei......
  • Daruma:?!

PG 8

  • Chopper:*chops down* Roseo Chop *splits the earth and two huge slabs of ground are shot out*
  • Daruma:*jumps away to the side and pants*
  • Chopper:*grins and claps* good job, that was the correct way to dodge me.

PG 9

  • Daruma:* takes Energy Streroid* I'm getting sick of you!! Kya!!
  • Chopper:hm?
  • Daruma:*gets on all fours*now Daruma.....*dashes so hard he breaks the ground*Dart

PG 10

  • Daruma:* attempts to bite Chopper's head off with his overly widened mouth*Kya!!
  • Chopper:*changes and kicks him in the face* Kung-Fu Point
  • Daruma:*is hit and skids back*
  • Chopper:*stands in his kung-fu stance*hiiiiya!!
  • Daruma:*grins like a madman*gnashing you up is going to be amazing!!

PG 11

  • Chopper/Daruma:*dash at each other*
  • Dosun:*gets up* the hell just happened?! Bokaan?!
  • Zoro:*looks away from him* I just knocked your ass down.
  • Dosun: YOU DID WHAT?! BOKAAN!!

PG 12

  • Zoro: I was gonna cut you down, but I'm not going to go all ut on one low-level fighter.
  • Dosun:*glares*I'm an officer you basterd!! *swings hammer down* Zuugan!!
  • Zoro:*still not looking* One-Sword Style:......

PG 13

  • Zoro:*slashes sideways* Dai Giri(Great Slash)
  • Dosun:*is severly wounded and drops his hammer*?!
  • Zoro:......

PG 14

  • Dosun:*falls to his kness* Tosun......
  • Zoro:*turns away*
  • Dosun:*grabs hammer* Wait!!!! I'm not done yet!! Tosun!!
  • ???:*draws sword* yes you are. owhee.....

PG 15

  • Dosun:*is cut down from behind and falls*Kotsun......
  • Zoro:*takes out two swords and glares*
  • Hyouzou:*sheathes blade and stands on Dosun's corpse* If we all lose this fight, I won't get paid.

PG 16

  • Sanji:*jumps back* Who're you calling an offender? You shitty squid!!
  • Ikaros Much:*looks at him while curled back* You are-ch!! You damn chain-smoker-ch!!
  • Ikaros Much:*gasps*

PG 17

  • Ikaros Much:*glares*First, you kick me in the face-ch. Next, you smoke around me-ch. And now, you insult my condition-ch! *charges at him with his spears* Die for your insensitivity-ch!!
  • Sanji:*charges*like I give a damn!!

PG 18

  • Ikaros Much:*strikes with all his spears* Die-ch!!
  • Sanji:*vanishes*
  • Ikaros Much:?!
  • Sanji:*above him* Diable Jambe......
  • Ikaros Much:*blocks*

PG 19

  • Sanji: Premier Shot
  • Landscape View:* a huge pillar of fire is made*