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Chapter 636: Balancing the Scales

PG 1

  • Jinbe:*pulls his fist back* Fishman Karate:.....
  • Fishman Pirates:?!
  • Jinbe:*sends a small giant sized water fist at them* Possieden Punch
  • Fishman Pirates:*30 pirates are taken down*aahh!!!

PG 2

  • Jinbe:*walks down the battlefield as the pirates fall around him. He looks at Surume rampaging* How the hell did Luffy-kun manage to tame the Kraken?
  • Luffy:*as Surume thrashes around* Whoohoo!! Go Surume!!
  • Jinbe:*smiles*When will he stop surprising me?
  • ???:*appears behind him*Jinbe!!!

PG 3

  • Jinbe:*turns*hm?
  • Sushi:*a shrimp fisman with shoalin clothing stands with many karate students standing behind him* It would seem you have gotten more advanced in your training since you left my dojo. Suheheheh!!
  • Jinbe:Sushi-sensei?! Don't tell me your with Hody?!
  • Sushi:*sighs* well......

PG 4

  • Sushi: After Jone's crew moved in, they kinda took over the dojo. I had no choice but to teach ruffeons like Jones Fishman Karate. He made me leader of this, his Martial Arts unit.
  • Jinbe: So, he's made you my enemy has he?
  • Sushi:*raises his hand*It would seem so......
  • Fishman Karate Students:*20 students charge at him*
  • Sushi: MY STUDENT!!!
  • Jinbe:*gets ready*

PG 5

  • Zeo: Jinbe is going against Sushi, Strawhat has apparently turned the Kraken against us, 4 of them are currently mowing down our men, and the other 4 are doing the same but only with machines. Things are not looking too good for us captain.
  • Hody Jones: I can see that, Zeo.

PG 6

  • Zeo:so how do you wanna handle this?
  • Hody Jones:*stands and water starts to engulf his arms* It's time we tip the scales back in our favor.
  • Luffy:shishishi!! Keep going Surum-*gasps*

PG 7

  • Surume:*2 of its tentacles are sliced off by a huge blade of water*?!
  • Luffy:*falls along with Surume* what the hell?
  • Surume:*crashes down*
  • Hody Jones:*walks towards him* How dare you betray me Kraken.
  • Surume:?!

PG 8

  • Hody Jones: Prepare to punished!!
  • Luffy:Jet Pistol
  • Hody Jones:*blocks, but is sent flying into a wall*

PG 9

  • Luffy:*lands from atop of Surume* you okay?
  • Surume:*nods*
  • Hody Jones:*runs at him and punches*Soshark
  • Luffy:*holds the punch back with one hand as the ground near his feet shatters*
  • Hody Jones:*growls*why wont you die?!
  • Luffy:*grins*because I was tons of meat to kick your ass.

PG 10

  • Luffy:*vanishes and reappears above him*Gum Gum.....
  • Hody Jones:*looks up*
  • Luffy:Jet Bazooka
  • Hody Jones:*is hit hard in the chest and coughs blood*gah!!

PG 11

  • Luffy:*lands*
  • Hody Jones:*gets up and glares with blood running down his mouth*
  • Luffy:*puts up his fists* you still wanna go?
  • Hody Jones:*lunges at him*don't mock me human!!!

PG 12

  • Jinbe/Sushi:*counter multiple blows then back away from each other*
  • Jinbe:*pants*
  • Sushi:*pants*Drat, it would seem my old age is getting to me.
  • Jinbe:*smiles*Like age could really beat you.
  • Sushi:*closes his eyes and raises his hand*Fishman Karate:.....

PG 13

  • Sushi:*swings his hand down as it forms a giant water knife*Fin Cutter
  • Jinbe:*skewers the blade in half*Fishman Karate: Spear Wave
  • Sushi/Jinbe:*glare at each other as water from their attacks rain down on them*
  • Sushi:*jumps in the air and dives at him*Suyaaa!!
  • Jinbe:*gets ready to punch*hyaaa!!

PG 14

  • Landscape View:*a huge pillar of water is seen*
  • Brook:*slices down more pirates*Yohohoho!!! This is so exciting my heart is exploding with joy!! Though I dont have a heart. Skuulll Joooke!!
  • Fishman Pirate#1: how the hell is this skelington so strong?
  • Fishman Pirate#2: i dont know, but im starting get scared of him.
  • Fishman Pirate#1: Are you serious?!
  • Fishman Pirate#2: Maybe this is a sign that we shouldnt try to take the island.

PG 15

  • Dosun:*swings his hammer down and sends the pirates flying*Silence yourselves!! Bokaan!!
  • Brook:*looks at him*hm? Did you just tell them to be quiet so you can hear more Skull Jokes?
  • Dosun:Hell no!!! Bokkaan!! I came here to smash you to pieces!! Not litsen to some stupid jokes!! Bokan!!
  • Brook:*glares*Stupid.....Jokes?

PG 16

  • Brook:*jumps in the air and slashes down at him*Decrescendo Slash
  • Dosun:*blocks his attack*
  • Brook:Take that back or earn an afro!!!
  • Dosun:the hell are you talking about?! Bokaan!!

PG 17

  • Zoro:*takes down 200 pirates*Oni-Giri
  • Fishman Pirates:*falls and start to pile up*
  • Zoro: that makes 900 Ero-Cook!!!
  • Sanji:*stands on his own pile of enemies* I got 900 too, Mega Marimo!!
  • Zoro:*smirks*cheater

PG 18

  • Sanji:*looks to his left* someone's coming.
  • Zoro:*looks ahead*hm?
  • Hyouzou:*slumps over*Yooooo, reaaaddy ta diiee?~

PG 19

  • Zoro: this guy is....
  • Sanji: you know this guy?
  • Zoro:*grins*he's apparently the best swordsman of Fishman Island.
  • Hyouzou:*drunkly glares*oowhee~ *hic*