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Chapter 634: Start of Chaos

PG 1

  • Hody Jones:*gets up in pain* So the crew of prophecy finally arrive.
  • Luffy:*glares*
  • Hody Jones: And its not all that surprising you joined them Jinbe.
  • Jinbe:*glares*

PG 2

  • Hody Jones: Zeo, how's it looking on our end.
  • Zeo: The human slaves all ran in the chaos. Also a few outlaws were taken out by that ship. I'd say we have 50,000 men left.
  • Hody Jones:*smirks* good enough

PG 3

  • Fishman Pirates:YYEEAAA!!!
  • Robin:*giggles* He sure is a good speaker.
  • Brook:*looks at the pirates* Look at all those Fishman coming over! Yohoho!! My fans love me so much!!
  • Usopp:*slaps him* THEY AREN'T FANS SOUL KING!!

PG 4

  • Luffy: Let's go!!
  • Strawhats/Jinbe:*charge*yeah!!
  • Usopp:*shoots multiple skikey balls*Green Star: Exploding Cucumber
  • Fishman Pirates:*10 are shot down as if they were shot by cannons*Gaah!!

PG 5

  • Fishman Pirates:*5 charge at him from behind* kill that human!
  • Chopper:*gets in the middle and rams into them*
  • Fishman Pirates:*cough blood and pass out*
  • Chopper:*turns into his brain point*Jinbe was right. We can't afford to play around here.
  • Usopp: tell me about it.

PG 6

  • Fishman Pirates:*surround them*
  • Chopper:*holds rumble ball*I'm going all out. Cover me Usopp.
  • Usopp: gotcha.
  • Chopper:*bites it* Rumble
  • Landscape view:*multiple pirates are blown up or blown away from that area*

PG 7

  • Nami:*beats down 14 pirates while on the move*
  • Fishman Pirate: stop her!
  • Nami:*backflips to a safe distance*Thunderbolt Tempo
  • Fishman Pirate:*sees a huge cloud*when did sh- *gets severly shocked along with 80 commrades*
  • Nami:*looks at more pirates while smiling* so who's next?
  • Fishman Pirates: ?!

PG 8

  • Fishman Pirates:*5 fall down bloody*
  • Brook:*stands infront of the Sunny and points his sword at them, while tipping his hat* Yohohoho!! Sorry guys, but the princess is busy right now. Come back later.
  • ???:*a huge fishman shows up with a spiked club* let us on that ship you boney punk!

PG 9

  • Fishman Pirates:oh yeah!! Take that basterd out Suey!!
  • Suey: Just give up, I'm a high ranking lieutinant. You can't win.
  • Brook:*gets in fenching stance* I think I can.
  • Suey:*raises club* Oh yea?! *swings down* Suey Chop

PG 10

  • Brook:*appears behind Suey with his back turned to him*
  • Fishman Pirate: hey!! He evaded you Suey!!
  • Suey:*coughs blood and falls*
  • Fishman Pirates: ?!
  • Brook:*sighs* How disappointing. Yohoho!!

PG 11

  • Pappug: whoa!! Bones has gotten deadly!!
  • Franky: yeah I know, but focus on shooting down the Fishman trying to get aboard!
  • Pappug:*salutes* yes Mecha panties Sir!!!

PG 12

  • Dosun: They're taking our men down captain!! Gyaban!!
  • Hody Jones: I can see that. I preferred to let the pawns go first and tire them out, but I didn't expect that entrance of theirs to be so troublesum.
  • Daruma: Kya! Maybe we should head out there.

PG 13

  • Hody Jones:*looks at the battlefield*
  • Robin:*backed up by her clone with both of them shooting down pirates with dual pistols*
  • Sanji:*kicks 10 pirates away*

PG 14

  • Zoro:*slicing through pirates with 2 swords*
  • Nami:*continues to strike and shock pirates*
  • Jinbe:*punches multiple pirates away*

PG 15

  • Luffy:*glares at Hody as pirates drop around him*
  • Hody Jones:*glares* you're right Daruma.

PG 16

  • Hody Jones: Ikaros, Daruma, Zeo, Hyouzou, Dosun, go and tip the scales of this battle!
  • Officers: yes sir!!
  • Hody Jones: I don't care who you go after, but "Strawhat" Luffy's head is mine!

PG 17

  • Zoro:*stands surrounded* come on! Are you guys scared now?
  • Hyouzou:*walking out of the crowd* yeah they're scared, but who's to say it's fear of you? "Pirate Hunter" Zoro.
  • Zoro:*glares*

PG 18

  • Sanji:*smoking a cigarette* why do I get the feeling you aren't as weak as the rest?
  • Ikaros:*seats alittle*because I'm not-ch.
  • Sanji:*thinking* this guy doesn't look so hot.
  • Ikaros:*snaps and charges at him with spears* you're trying to be me-ch!!
  • Sanji:*gets ready*huh?

PG 19

  • Zeo:*throws his chain at Nami*
  • Nami:*ducks and lets a pirate take the blow*
  • Zeo:*invisible* you're better than I expected. Too bad you can't see me. You could've been an actual chal-
  • Nami:*hits him in the face*
  • Zeo:*falls and turns visible* how the hell did you?
  • Nami: you're not my first invisible opponent.
  • Zeo:*gets up with his chains in both hands*oh well, guess that just makes things more interesting.

PG 20

  • Daruma: stop shooting at me so I can gnash you up!! Kya!!
  • Usopp:*aims at him*hell no!! Green Star: Devil
  • Daruma:*jumps away from the huge meat eating planet*
  • Chopper:*attacks from above* Kung-Fu Point
  • Daruma:?!

PG 21

  • Brook:*skids back*This guy is crazy Franky-san!!
  • Dosun:*pants and glares* I'll Kill you!! Zugan!!
  • Brook: I already died.
  • Dosun:*swings hammer down*SHUT IT!!! ZUGAAN!!
  • Brook:*jumps away*Yohohoho!!!

PG 22

  • Luffy/Jinbe:*glare at Jones*
  • Hody Jones:*arms water up*