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Chapter 633: Long live...

PG 1


  • Flying Pirate: Captain, how come the ship is moving so slowly?
  • Vander Decken:Because its the biggest thing i've ever thrown. I think. My curse allows me to throw anything i touch and at any target i choose. But up until now, I've never thrown something so much bigger than me because the bigger the object, the slower it'll go.
  • Flying Pirate: soooo it'll stay that slow?

PG 2

  • Vander Decken: Bahohohoho!!! No way in hell idiot. The closer it gets to Shirahoshi, the faster it'll get.
  • Flying Pirate: wont Jones be mad?
  • Vander Decken:*grins*

PG 3

  • Vander Decken:*does pose* Who cares about that psyco? It's time we go back to looking out for ourselves. I think.
  • Flying Pirates:*stand as a group as he does this*YEEAAHH!!!

PG 4

Gyoncorde Plaza

  • Hody Jones: you knew? What the hell do you mean you knew?
  • Shirahoshi: I cant explain it myself really. It was back when you held that human you accused up.
  • Jinbe:....
  • Shirahoshi:*starts to cry*his heart was yelling wat his body was too weak to say. *remembers what she heard* "I didnt kill your queen! You have to believe me!" He kept saying that he was being framed by a member of the army.
  • Hody Jones: *grins*

PG 5

  • Hody Jones: you hear that men? The princess here knew all along that a human didnt kill her annoying mother, but a member of her own guard.
  • Zeo: It must've been hard to trust anyone but her own family with that kind of info.
  • Hody Jones: indeed. But enough about the past, its time to start living for the present.

PG 6

  • Shirahoshi:*tears up some more* Father.... big brothers.....
  • Jinbe: they are going to be safe princess. Dont worry.
  • Daruma: Hey Captain, cant we just kill these 4 already?
  • Hody Jones: hhmm, I dont think they should die just yet. Perhaps you can kill Jinbe.
  • Daruma: *eagerly*really?

PG 7

  • Zeo: truelly "gnashing" on his flesh should keep you quite full Daruma.
  • Daruma: damn right it would.
  • Jinbe:*chuckles*

PG 8

  • Hody Jones:*glares*what's so funny?
  • Jinbe: *smiling*you havent changed a bit Jones. Even with all this newfound power, you're still just a weak soilder who cant do anything but pour your own hatred onto others.
  • Hody Jones: *growls*weak?
  • Surume/ New Fishman Pirates:*get frightened slightly*

PG 9

  • Hody Jones:*gets up and walks to Jinbe. He picks him up by his collar* Who the hell do you think your calling weak? I am about to bring the world to its rightful place. You are the one chained and beaten. Those damn royal family punks are up there waiting to be executed.

PG 10

  • Hody Jones: Everything has been to my design. I am going to be a god of the World of Fishman. *slams him on the ground and steps on his chest*
  • Jinbe:*coughs blood*
  • Shirahoshi: Boss Jinbe!!

PG 11

  • Hody Jones:*standing over him*Jahahaha!!! Instead of trying to mock me Boss Jinbe, you should be praising my name! Come on say it! "Long live Hody!!!"
  • Jinbe:*pants*
  • Hody Jones:*grins*

PG 12

  • Jinbe:*full page face shot* "Strawhat" Luffy!!!

PG 13

  • Fishman citizen:what did he say?
  • Fishwoman citizen: why would he say that?
  • Princes:?!
  • Neptune: Jinbe......
  • Shirahoshi:*grins*Boss Jinbe.

PG 14

  • Hody Jones:*glares over to her and kicks her aside*
  • Shirahoshi:*skids back and is knocked unconcious*aahh!!
  • Neptune/Princes/Jinbe:Shirahoshi!!!!
  • Hody Jones:*his back is to Jinbe*Long live "Strawhat" Luffy?

PG 15

  • Hody Jones:*turns to Jinbe and looks at him with Sea King eyes* Consider that your last statement Jinbe!!
  • Jinbe:*looks at him nonchalently*
  • Hody Jones:*raises his arm as it waters up*

PG 16

  • Hody Jones:*brings his fist down like a hammer*Water Strike
  • ???:STOP!!!!
  • Hody Jones:*whole body stops against his will for a minute*what the hell?
  • Dosun:Captain, someone's at the main entrance!! Zugan!!

PG 17

  • Hody Jones:*looks*thats....
  • Citizens/Pirates:"STRAWHAT" LUFFY!!!!
  • Luffy:*stands at the entrance with his arms folded and his hat shadowing his eyes*

PG 18

  • Zeo:I wonder where the rest of his crew is?
  • Daruma:I bet they are somewhere crying over their fallen commrades.
  • Left of the Plaza:*whole wall is sliced*
  • Right of the Plaza:*whole wall crumble into pieces*

PG 19

  • Citizen:Some huge attacks are nearby Strawhat.
  • Child: I think some people are coming mommy.
  • Zoro:*emerges from the sliced wall,being followed by Brook, Robin, and Franky*
  • Sanji:*emeges from crumbled wall, being followed by Chopper, Nami, and Usopp*

PG 20

  • Strawhat Pirates:*stand battle ready around their captain*
  • Hody Jones: well, well. You guys sure know how to make an entrance.

PG 21

  • Luffy:*vanishes and grabs Jinbe. Next Shirahoshi. Appears near the citizens and places them near Shirley* Please, take care of them.
  • Hody Jones:*surprised* so fast.
  • Luffy:*zips back to his original spot* Hody....

PG 22

  • Hody Jones:*glares*
  • Luffy:*looks at him with Haki induced eyes*I'm going to break all your bones.


P.S. sorry for the dark ending. Thought it was called for.