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Chapter 632 Prediction

Chapter 632: Phase 1

PG 1

Sea Forest

  • Chopper: Are you sure you dont need anymore treatment Hachi?
  • Hachi:*sitting while bandaged up*nyuu~ Im fine Chopper. Thank you.
  • Chopper:ok, dont move until all this is over.
  • Hachi:ok.
  • Sanji:*standing beside a semi-lage carrier ship*hey Chopper! Hurry up!

PG 2

  • Chopper:*runs over to him* Wait a minute!
  • Den:*talks to Nami* My Destroyer Den Ship is made specifically for passage to the Ryugu Palace.
  • Nami: Perfect, but aren't you coming?
  • Den: I was never much of a fighter in Sunny Pirates. Besides, I still have to prep your ship for resurfacing.
  • Nami: Alright then.
  • Franky: *does his pose* Brother Den is going to stay here and help our ship resurface with a Don! ow!

PG 3

  • Nami: *sighs and walks to the Destroyer Den* Ok, ok, I get the point. Lets just go.
  • Franky: *follows* With a Don!
  • Nami: shut up already!!
  • Luffy: *stands on a hill with his arms crossed*

PG 4

Flashback: 8 minutes later

  • Luffy/ Jinbe:*pant*
  • Jinbe: Luffy-kun, its been passed 3 hours already.
  • Luffy: say what?
  • Shirahoshi:*gasps* so father could be....

PG 5

  • Jinbe: calm down Princess. Im sure the princes arrived to his aid.
  • Shirahoshi:*teary eyed* you think?
  • Jinbe: I know.
  • Luffy:*glares* either way, let me and my friends help Jinbe.
  • Jinbe: Im not going to keep repeating myself to you.
  • Luffy:*starts to steam up*why you....!!

PG 6

  • Robin:*grabs his shoulder* Hold on Luffy
  • Luffy: hm?
  • Robin: Jinbe, if the issue of you not letting us fight the New Fishman Pirates because of appearances, then how about making alittle deal with us.
  • Jinbe: *folds arms* Im listening.

PG 7

  • Robin: now, Luffy, are you also willing to listen.
  • Luffy:*folds arms and pouts* fine.
  • Robin:*smiles* ok then. This is a tactic the revolutionaries called "Split and Triumpth".
  • Luffy/Jinbe:.......

End of Flashback

  • Robin:*looks up at Luffy* Are you ready for Phase 1 of Split and Triumpth Luffy?
  • Luffy:*grins*yep.

PG 8

  • Luffy:*turns and shouts to the sky* Lets go to Ryugu Palace!!
  • Strawhats:*smile*

PG 9

Gyoncorde Plaza

  • Hody Jones:*sitting down with his eyes closed* what a pity.
  • Fukaboshi:*uses his trident as a crutch. he is badly wounded*damn.....
  • Hody Jones: it would seem the great warriors of Ryugu Kingdom have fallen.

PG 10

  • Hody Jones:*looks at a defeated Ryuboshi who is over shadowed by Zeo and Hyouzou* Ryuboshi. *looks at a defeated Manboshi who is over shadowed by Ikaros and Daruma* Manboshi. Even.....

PG 11

  • Hody Jones:*full page of Dosun standing over a badly wounded Fukaboshi as he talks* the stongest of the three, Fukaboshi.
  • Fukaboshi:*growls*Hody!!

PG 12

  • Dosun:*looks back* Can I kill him now Captain? Zugan!!
  • Hody Jones:After.
  • Dosun: After what? Zugan!!
  • Hody Jones:*stands up infront of Neptune* After he watches as I kill his worthless father.

PG 13

  • Fukaboshi:*gasps*
  • Daruma:*laughs*Kyakyakya, thats cold blooded.
  • Zeo:indeed
  • Ikaros: thats our captain-ch!
  • Hyouzou:*translation( this is a fun job )*tthyyysss issiiss aa fwuunn jwuuub~ hic!

PG 14

  • Hody Jones:*walks to a distances of 2 yards and turns to the King* Any last words, your former majesty.
  • Neptune:*looks at his sons and cries*Stop making my familly suffer like this you monster!!
  • Hody Jones: *looks with a blank face*no

PG 15

  • Hody Jones:*pulls back his arm*Water Sh-
  • ???:Fishman Karate:Spear Wave
  • Hody Jones:*looks as a water spear is about to stab him in the face*

PG 16

  • New Fishman Pirates:*look as their captain is covered in a smoke cloud*?!
  • Hody Jones:*appears with a scratch on his cheek*so you finally made it......Jinbe!!
  • Jinbe:*looks down at him from where the citizens are*

PG 17

  • Jinbe:Princess, stay up here with the citizens.
  • Shirahoshi:ok, but what are you going to do?
  • Jinbe:*jumps down* My part of the plan!!!


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