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Chapter 629: Results

PG 1

  • Luffy:*glares*
  • Jinbe:*glares*
  • Keimi:Luffy-chin, you cant really fight Boss Jinbe! He's too strong for even you!
  • Shirahoshi: Nami-san, shouldnt we stop them?
  • Nami:*serious face* no. We couldn't stop them even if we tried.
  • Shirahoshi:*worried face*
  • Jinbe:*gets into stance*Fishman Karate:....

PG 2

  • Jinbe:*punches at Luffy with great force* Samegawara Seiken
  • Luffy:*grabs the fist as the ground behind him is shattered*
  • Sanji/Nami:*feel shockwave*......
  • Chopper/Franky:*feel shockwave*......
  • Shirahoshi/Keimi:*are shielded by Megalo*aahh!!

PG 3

  • Luffy:*unleashes a burst of haki at Jinbe*
  • Jinbe:?!
  • Luffy:*hand steams*Gum Gum...

PG 4

  • Luffy:*hits him in the chest*Jet Bullet
  • Jinbe:*is sent flying, but he stops himself and glares at Luffy*
  • Luffy:*glares back*
  • Jinbe:*rushes at Luffy and punches*
  • Luffy:*grins and vanishes*
  • Jinbe:*misses*?!

PG 5

  • Luffy:*appears on his left*Gum Gum Jet Pistol
  • Jinbe:*deflects it*Samehada Shotei
  • Luffy:*jumps back alittle*
  • Jinbe:*smiles*I see you've improved over these 2 years Luffy-kun.
  • Luffy:*grins*shishishi,Rayleigh's been teaching all this time.

PG 6

  • Jinbe:well, despite that. I still wont let you fight Jones.
  • Luffy:*pouts*say what?! It doesnt matter what you do or say Jinbe! Im going to kick his ass!!
  • Jinbe:*sighs* Just like him, there is no changing you motive.

PG 7

  • ???:*from above*SHIRAHOSHI~!!!!
  • Luffy/Jinbe:*look as Wadatsumi lands near the scene*
  • Vander Decken:*on the giants shoulder*Bahohohoho!!! I finally caught up with you, my little heartbreaker.

PG 8

  • Jinbe:Decken!
  • Luffy:super shoulders!!
  • Chopper:*freaks out*aahh!!!! Its the undersea giant again!!!
  • Franky:He seemes smaller.
  • Chopper:HOW?!?!

PG 9

  • Wadatsumi:can I make them pay now?
  • Vander Decken:oh right. You want payback for your tooth. You can have everyone else, but "Strawhat" and the princess is mine.
  • Wadatsumi:alright!!!

On the Path to the ship

  • Robin:*sees Wadatsumi*my my, I wonder whats going on over there.

PG 10

  • Vander Decken:*jumps down with an axe in each hand*Your gonna die!!! I think!!!
  • Luffy/Jinbe:*get ready*
  • Vander Decken:*swings down*
  • Chopper:*blocks them with two huge scissor-like hooves*Slicing Point

PG 11

  • Vander Decken:what the hell?!
  • Chopper:*pushes him back*
  • Nami:Luffy. Jinbe. Get going to the castle.
  • Luffy:right. *runs to Megalo* lets go shark!
  • Jinbe:wait, I said Im not le-*is hit on the head by Nami*
  • Nami:*angry face*I told you to get going!!! You two can fight when we're not on a schedule!!
  • Jinbe:*scared face he gets on the shark*right.

PG 12

  • Melago:*takes off with the two warriors*
  • Vander Decken:hey sto-*gasps*
  • Chopper:*stands in his way*where do you think your going?

PG 13

  • Jinbe:Luffy-kun, can we really leave your crew back there against such odds?
  • Luffy:yep.
  • Jinbe:how can you be so certain?

PG 14

  • Luffy:*grins*I wasnt the only one training for 2 years. shishishi!!
  • Jinbe:hm?
  • Wadatsumi:*punches at the sunny*ugly ship!!!
  • Franky:WHAT?!

PG 15

  • Wadatsumi:*pulls hand back after it has been bombarded with cannon fire*aahh!!
  • Franky:*holding his right hand at him with smoke coming from a hole his hand is supposed to be*WHO'S SHIP ARE YOU CALLING UGLY?! *fires at him again* Artilary Right
  • Wadatsumi:*is shot in the chest twice and in the face 4 times. He then falls on his back defeated*guh!!!

PG 16

  • Vander Decken:W-W-Wadatsumi!!!!
  • Chopper:*slashes down*dont look away!!
  • Vander Decken:*blocks the strike*damn you!! I think!!
  • Chopper:*grins*am I too strong for you?

PG 17

  • Vander Decken:*backs away*as if!! *throws an axe at him* your just annoying!!!
  • Chopper:*deflects it*
  • Vander Decken:*grins*
  • Shirahoshi:*notices the axe coming at her*ah!!!

PG 18

  • Sanji:*kicks the axe to the ground*Epaule
  • Vander Decken:another one?!
  • Sanji:*holds his cigaratte to his mouth*like I would let you harm the beutiful Princess Shirahoshi. You shitty stalker.
  • Vander Decken:oh your gonna stop me? Why do you wanna get in the way of our love?~

PG 19

  • Sanji:*blows out smoke*Because Im.....her knight of love.
  • Vander Decken:SAY WHAT?!