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Chapter 618: Fishman Island in an Uproar

PG 1

  • Luffy:*looks at the sea forest*woow!! This place looks awsome!
  • Shirahoshi:*peeping around*yes it is. Its better than I imagined Luffy-sama!! Thank you so much!!
  • Luffy: shishishi, dont mention it weirdo.
  • ???:hey Luffy!!
  • Luffy:hm?

PG 2

  • Luffy:oh hey Franky!!
  • Franky:I found the Sunny and after Tom's brother Den coats it, we can leave.
  • Luffy:leave?! but we just got here?!

PG 3

  • Jinbei:*walks towards them*I thought I heard your voice over here Luffy-kun
  • Luffy:*gets excited*Jinbe!!
  • Shirahoshi:oh my gosh, is that really Jinbei?
  • Jinbei:*concerned*princess, what are you doing out the palace?

PG 4

  • Luffy:*smiles wide*I snuck her out.
  • Jinbei/Den: YOU DID WHAT?!

PG 5

  • Jinbei: Luffy-kun, surely she told you why she was in that tower right?
  • Luffy: yea, because of some van "deer" deacan guy i think. He threw an axe from out of nowhere but I said i would protect her no matter what comes flying.
  • Den: but your just one human boy! Even you couldnt do that with a Don!
  • Jinbei:dont worry Don-san. When Luffy-kun swears he will protect some one he means it.
  • Franky:*looks up*hey whats that flying towards us?

PG 6

  • everyone:huh?
  • Vander Decken:*jumps off the corral as it still goes for Shirahoshi* Im here baby!!!
  • Shirahoshi:*gasps*
  • Franky:*shoots and destroys it*Rocket Launcher
  • Den:whoa, that awsome! Woulve been better with a Don though im afraid.
  • Franky:*smiles*somehow I knew you'd say that.

PG 7

  • Vander Decken:*walks up*well,well,well. If it isnt Strawhat Luffy. Stop trying to steal my wife.
  • Luffy:*looks at shirahoshi*wife?!
  • Shirahoshi: *blushing*thats nowere near true Luffy-sama.
  • Vander Decken:*gets irratated*sama?
  • Vander Decken:she calls you "Luffy-Sama"?
  • Everyone:hm?

PG 8

  • Vander Decken:*rushes at him*what have you done to my bide, Strawhat?!
  • Luffy*gets in fighting stance*

PG 9

In town

  • Sanji:hey Chopper, you think the others have walked into fghts with those guys who messed up Hachi?
  • Chopper:probably.
  • Sanji:well lets try to find them so Nami-san and Robin-chan dont get hurt.
  • Chopper/Sanji:*see figures crash through a building*
  • Hachi:*looks and gasps*hey thats'...

PG 10

  • Fukaboshi:*stands himself back up*
  • Hachi:Prince Fukaboshi!!
  • Fukaboshi:*looks back*Hachi-san, is that you?
  • Daruma:*jumps from a cloud of smoke and bites at his head*I'll gnash you!!
  • Fukaboshi:*gasps*

PG 11

  • Chopper:*punches him in the face while in his heavy point*
  • Daruma:*lands on the ground and yells at Chopper*I'll gnash you for that you damn monster!!
  • Zeo:*walks next to him*calm down Daruma, I'll kill him in an instant. *vanishes*
  • Zeo:*appears behind Chopper and attemps to stab him in the back with his hand*
  • Sanji:*kicks his hand upward*Slice Shoot
  • Zeo:?!
  • Sanji:*brings his foot down hard*
  • Zeo:*vanishes and reappears 2 ft away*

PG 12

  • Fukaboshi: So these two are "Black Leg" Sanji and "Cotton Candy Lover" Chopper. The Strawhats truelly live up to their reputations.
  • Hachi:Prince Fukaboshi, where are your brothers?
  • Fukaboshi:we spit up when we saw Hodi Jones's men scatter around the island.

PG 13

  • Fukaboshi:I hope they are having better luck than me right now.

Atlantus Grove

  • Ryuboshi:*aims rifle*staaaayy awaaayy!!
  • HJ pirates:*18 are shot in the chest*
  • Hyouzo:*drinking infront of the pirates*I dont know why this poneglyph thing is so important -hic- but Jones wants it destroyed. So move it. owhee.
  • Ryuboshi:neeeveeerr!!

PG 14

  • Hyouzo:*appears infront of him and looks at him with murderous intent*no one interfers...
  • Ryuboshi:*gasp*
  • Hyouzo:*slashes upward*with my money!!
  • blood splatters on the ground*

PG 15

  • Hyouzo:*skids back as one of his tenticles bleed*
  • Ryuboshi:*sees a hand holding a pistol sticking out of his chest*wwhhhaat is going ooonn?
  • Robin:*walks by Ryuboshi*sorry to interupt,but I came to study the poneglyph on this island. And that cant be done if it's destroyed.

PG 16

  • Hyouzo:*glares*
  • Robin:*catches the pistol that her faux arm was holding and makes it disappear of the prince*
  • Robin:*aims gun at Hyouzo*now go away and take your friends with you Octo-kun. *smiles*or I will have to kill you all.
  • Ryuboshi:sooooo caaalllm with her threeeaat?!

PG 17

At the palce

  • HJ Pirates:*8 are zapped*aahh!!
  • Nami:*standing over them*I told you the forecast was intense thunderstorms.
  • Usopp:*shoots 5 pirates in the face*stand down!!
  • Hj Pirate:*slashes at him from behind*I got you!!!
  • Usopp:*elbows him in the gut*
  • Hj Pirate:*passes out*
  • Brook:*cuts 10 pirates*Yahazugiri!!

PG 18

  • Zoro:*blocks Hodi's trident*so your Hodi Jones?
  • Hodi Jones:yeah, so what?
  • Zoro:*grins*well since Jinbei said my captain shouldnt fight you, that makes you pretty tough. Which also means your worth my time.
  • Hodi Jones:*jumps back*
  • Hodi Jones:*sadistic grin*shut your mouth human scum!

PG 19

  • Ikaros Muhhi:*arrives on the scene with Dosun and throws a defeated Manboshi on the ground*our job was a success captain!!
  • Hodi Jones:ah good job guys.
  • Neptune:Manboshi!!!
  • Manboshi:*in pain*im sorry Father....they were too strong.
  • Dosun:those humans and skelington seem alittle stronger than the other weak humans we caught. dosun.
  • Hodi Jones: yeah well it seems that the Strawhats were here already. Ikaros, get rid of "Pirate Hunter" Zoro. Dosun, handle the other three.

PG 20

  • Hodi Jones:*turns around*Im going to the Sea Forest.
  • Dosun:for what? dosun
  • Hodi Jones:*grins*to say hello to my older brother Jinbei of course.

PG 21

  • Vander Decken:*is hit into an old pirate ship*
  • Vander Decken:*gets up and glares*
  • Luffy/Jinbei:*stand ontp of a hill and look down at him*
  • Vander Decken:a human and a fishman teaming as equals? My beloved being stolen from a filthy human?
  • Vander Decken:*has frenzy eyes on like a sea king*Such a thing is a crime against mother nature!!!!