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Chapter 614 Prediction

Chapter 614: Rumble in Ryugu Palace

PG 1

Back at Groverly Hills

  • Fukaboshi:search every corner,building, and even rock men! We have to find the rest of the Strawhat crew!
  • Palace soldiers:yes sir!!
  • Palace soldiers:*3 walk down an alley*
  • Robin:*from a rooftop*Seis Fleur
  • Palace soldiers:*six hands sprout and grab them all*?!

PG 2

  • Robin:*lands infront of them*Twist
  • Palace Soldiers:*groan in agony as their bodies are twisted and fall down*
  • Palace Soldiers:*more come around and see her*Stop right there!
  • Robin:darn it, they found me.
  • ???:*roars*
  • Palace Soldiers:*see a huge car fly at them*aahh!!

PG 3

  • Robin:*walks to the wreckage and looks to her left and smiles*oh it's you two
  • Chopper:*towering over Sanji in heavy point*Hey Robin!!
  • Sanji:*standing next to him while stepping on a soldiers head. heart eyes on*Robin-chan I missed you so!!
  • Robin:*giggles*same here.

PG 4

  • Splash/Splatter:*drop kick some soldiers*
  • Robin:who are those two?
  • Sanji:*looks extra pissed*please dont ask.
  • Robin:ok, well do you guys know where the others are?
  • Chopper:I heard that along with us, were invited to the palace,but then out of nowhere the guards started attacking us.
  • Robin:but for what I wonder?

PG 5

  • Fukaboshi:*arrives on the scene along with his brothers*Because of the prediction of Madam Shirley.
  • Crew:?!
  • Fukaboshi:She had a prediction that your captain will destroy this island. And here predictions are always accurate, so we must take you all into custody.
  • Chopper:but we havent done anything.
  • Fukaboshi:you havent yet and thats all the reason we need to take you in.

PG 6

  • Manboshi:*dances around and sings alittle*ok guuysss geeet'em!
  • Palace Soldiers:*50 more charge at them*yes sir!!
  • Sanji:*lifts up leg and spins at them like a human top*Party Table:...
  • Sanji:*kicks 20 guards in the gut and sends them flying through the city*Gyro Kick Course

PG 7

  • Chopper:*jumps high in the air*
  • Palace Soldiers:*look up*?!
  • Chopper:*dives down with his elbow*Monster Bomber
  • Palace Soldiers:*10 are blown away*aahh!!!
  • Robin:*smiles as she is surrounded*Mil Fleur: Gigantesco Mano
  • Palace Soldiers:*stare as 2 giant hands appear*

PG 8

  • Robin:*slams the hands down*Slam
  • Palace Soldiers:*reamaining 20 are defeated*aahh!!
  • Princes:*cover eyes from huge explosion*
  • Ryuuboshi:*gasps and sings*theeeyyy're gooone?!
  • Palace Soldier:my lords, there seems to be a problem with the capture of the remaining Strawhats back at the palace.
  • Fukaboshi:I see, then lets head back.

PG 9

At the Palace

  • Zoro:*lands and skids back*
  • Neptune:*swings trident down*NEPTUUUNNEE!!!!
  • Zoro:*blocks with 2 swords as the ground breaks around him*
  • Zoro:*pushes him back and jumps to his face*
  • Nami:shouldnt we help him?
  • Brook:no, this right now is Zoro-san's fight. We mustn't interfere. Besides....

PG 10

  • Brook:*looks at the 2 nearly giant sized Palace Soldiers*we have to take these guys down first.
  • Huge Soldier #1:you damn humans are gonna pay for this!
  • Huge Soldier #2:yeah pay!

PG 11

  • Usopp:*aims black kabuto at them*I'd love to see that tuna breath!
  • Huge Soldier #1,2:*growls and vanish*Kiru
  • Usopp:*gasps*that speed...its just like the Soru thing that the World Government uses.
  • Nami:*notices scorch marks on the walls*they dont seem too good at it. I can follow them way to easy.

PG 12

  • Nami:*jumps and swipes down*like so!
  • Huge Soldier #1:*is hit in the head while being horriblly shocked*AAHH!!
  • Huge Soldier #1:*gets to his knees in pain*
  • Nami:*stands on his back and slams the tip of the pole on his back while shocking him severly*stay down!
  • Huge Soldier #1:*groans in pain and passes out*
  • Nami:how dare you get back up after getting hit by Bolt Staff!

PG 13

  • Huge Soldier #2:*appears behind Brook and slashes down with a sword*
  • Brook:*blocks it without turning around as the ground shatters around him*
  • Brook:*looks at him with an evil stare*such a weak slash.
  • Huge Soldier #2:*glares*what?!

PG 14

  • Usopp:*shoots a spiky plant an his face*Green Star: Exploding Cucumber
  • Huge Soldier #2:*plant explodes in his face and he is pushed back*ah!
  • Usopp:*grins*should've kept running.
  • Brook:*turns and slashes upward while jumping*Cresendo Slash
  • Huge Soldier #2:*blocks but sword breaks*?!
  • Huge Soldier #2:*falls on his back*

PG 15

  • Brook:*lands on his chest and points sword at him*surrender?
  • Huge Soldier #2:*crying*yeah me surrender!
  • Papagug:*shocked*even Bones and Girlie are scary!!
  • Keimi:what have they been through for the past 2 years?!

PG 16

  • Catfish Minister:*sees a huge Pufferfish Fishman enter the building*what the?
  • Puffing Jerry:Im here to bring the princess her hourlly meal.
  • Catfish Minister:NOW IS THE WORST TIME FOR THAT!!!
  • Puffing Jerry:oh, well in that case, plz accept this as an appology Gahaha!
  • Thousand Sunny:*crashes in from behind him*
  • Franky:*on the ship*Thanks for the help Puffing Jerry!
  • Puffing Jerry:anything for my brother's student!
  • Thousand Sunny:*lands*
  • Franky:guys lets get of here. Robin told me about the situation.

PG 17

  • Manboshi:*lands on the ship with his legs out*youuuu arent going anywhereeee.
  • Franky:*turns around*
  • Manboshi:*punches at him*
  • Franky:*blocks but is knocked of the ship*
  • Manboshi:*lands and dances* fight fight fiiight!
  • Neptune:*in pain and holds himself up with his trident*my your good Zori.
  • Zoro:*looks up at him and smiles*its Zoro, and your pretty good yourself old man.
  • Fukaboshi:*lands infront of his father with his legs out*Care to continue to test you mettle "Pirate Hunter"?
  • Zoro:sure.
  • Zoro/Fukaboshi:*charge and clash with each other*

PG 18

  • Ryuuboshi:*shoots at the ground infront of Usopp*Sttooop.
  • Usopp:*glares*
  • Ryuuboshi:*sings*preeepaaare to diiie!
  • Usopp:*grins and gets ready*sorry but I'm not gonna die today.
  • Nami:*running next to Brook:we'll go look for Luffy.
  • Fukaboshi/Ryuuboshi/Manboshi:Leave this island!!!
  • Zoro/Usopp/Franky:Make us!!!


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