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Ok guys as we saw in Chapter 613, Van Der Dekken and Hodi Jones are.....TEAMING UP!!! And to top it off they respect each other?! Oda has done it again. He's put together another super team that's super enough already. These two shouldn't be a team. Barry Bond Fishmen and a guy that can literally attack from any angle. Does Oda want the Strawhats to nearly die in every arc?

Now enough about them,lets talk about Nami, Brook, and *dramatic pause*...USOPP!!! Nami looked dangerous and hotter in fight mode. *heart eyes*so great. Brook grew some balls, even though he doesnt have any meat..SKULL JOKE!!! Seriously Neptune was coming and instead of freaking out, he goes "this'll be a big one" That was awsome to me. Usopp was, dare I say, gangsta. Deboing fools with a small ass Kabuto.

What did you guys think of the Chapter?