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Chapter 610 Prediction

Ok guys, me and Yountoruu are here to save you from going homocidle from the lack of OP. Rate our predictions from 1-10 so we'll keep dis up. OK LETS GET THIS STARTED!!!

Chapter 610:Old and New "Friends"

PG 1

  • Sanji:*laying down still bleeding*
  • Luffy:hang in there Sanji, without you there wont be anyone to feed me.
  • Chopper:you're thinking of food at a time like this?!
  • Luffy:the more worked up I get the hungrier i get. SANJI!!
  • Keimi:dont worry Luffy-chin, we'll definatelly fine someone to give Sanji-chin some blood.

PG 2

  • Usopp:*looking around*all these people are hiding as we pass by. Must be because of that thing you were talking about.
  • Keimi:yeah, something down here really has them sca-*interupted by the huge fish they're riding getting shot by a cannon*AAHH!!
  • Everyone:*fall to the ground*

PG 3

  • Luffy:*gets up*who did that?
  • ???:*a very large man with a pot belly walks on the scene*I did, "Strawhat" Luffy. Yahohoho!
  • Usopp/Chopper:AAHH!!! THAT GUY'S HUGE!!!
  • Ripper:You can call me Ripper if you like. I prefer those I kill die with at least knowing who to say killed them in the afterlife.
  • Luffy: I dont care who you are, my friend is bleeding to death right now so I dont have time for you.
  • Ripper:well thats to dang bad! *takes a sword the same size as his body of his back*I'm still gonna kill you!
  • Luffy:*glares*

PG 4

  • Ripper:*slashes down*
  • ???:*a man carrying a nodachi appears infront of Luffy and blocks the giant blade with one arm*
  • Luffy:wait your...
  • Ripper:*struggling*dammit, not you again....Trafalgar Law
  • Law:*grins*I'm kinda hurt going around picking up other opponents.

PG 5

  • Ripper:*raises his sword back up and swings it down*Shut it!!!
  • Law/Luffy:*jump out of the way*
  • Law:Mr.Strawhat, your friend down there doesnt look so good.
  • Luffy:I know, thats why I need someone to give him some blood before he dies.
  • Ripper:*aims cannon at them*Damn Pirates!!
  • Luffy/Law:*glare*
  • Usopp:*fires a pop green from his Kabuto*Green Star:...

PG 6

  • Ripper:*is hit in the side of his head by 3 eploding plants*ah!!
  • Usopp:Triple Exloding Cucmber( this is what it looks like. )
  • Ripper:*falls to the ground and is knocked out*

PG 7

  • Luffy:nice one Usopp!!
  • Chopper:Amazing!!
  • Law:*walks up to Keimi*are you with them?
  • Keimi:y-yes.
  • Law:alright then. Room*a huge dome covers everything in a 20-mile radius*
  • Luffy:*looks up*hey I remember this.
  • Law:*grins*Shambles
  • Pirates:*vanish and furniture take their places*

PG 8

  • Sanji:*awakens and sees Keimi standing over him*
  • Keimi:Sanji-chin's awake everybody!
  • Luffy/Usopp:Alright!!!
  • Sanji:Keimi-chan, was it one of the mermaids who gave me blood?
  • Keimi:no. Bepo-chin here had the perfect blood type for the transfusion.
  • Bepo:*nods*

PG 9

  • Luffy:shishishi! now everythings right again.

PG 10

  • Chopper:there is so much medical supplies here. Its amazing.
  • Law:so your Mr.Strawhats doctor? Why does everyone call you a pet?
  • Chopper:*depressed face*its a long story.
  • Jean Beart:*eating a huge slab of meat* you shouldnt worry so much about what the world thinks of you. As long as your a free man it doesnt matter what position you hold.

PG 11

  • Usopp:not that im not grateful,but how come you helped us out?
  • Law:no reason, just felt like it.
  • Usopp:jesus, you're blunt.
  • Law:so Mr.Strawhat, where's the rest of your crew?
  • Luffy:*grins*oh we got separated again.
  • Law:*confused*again?

PG 12

  • Law:*sits back and rests*well I hope for your sake they didn't get lost. Its really easy to lose your way here without a guide,but I'm sure everyone of your crew has a good sense of direction.
  • Luffy/Chopper/Usopp:*worried faces*uh well....

PG 13

  • Zoro:*walking around a ghost town*Man, I cant beleive everyone got lost. Now I gotta try and find them.
  • ???:*a Tigershark Fishman looks down at him from atop a rooftop*Hey, Human!
  • Zoro:*turns around and sees him*hm? You talking to me?
  • ???:You see another filthy human around here? You look lost. Need directions?
  • Zoro:naw, Im good and I never get lost.
  • ???:*grins*either your a liar or your in denial, "Pirate Hunter" Zoro.

PG 14

  • Zoro:*glares*
  • ???:What? You thought I wouldn't know who you were. You and that crew of yours are too infamous not to know.
  • Zoro:yeah so, you wanna turn me in or something?
  • Sebastian: "Turn you in"? You think the awsome "Sea Monster" Sebastian is a lowly bounty collector? Kahahaha!!!
  • Zoro: "Sea Monster"?

PG 15

  • Sebastian:*appears behind Zoro with his back turned*dont think about it. Its just a nickname everyone gives me on this island.
  • Sebastian:*looks at him with a grin*since you dont want directions, *places a sword on his shoulder*how about we fool around a bit?
  • Zoro:*looks at him with a grin as he grabs for a sword*why not?
  • Zoro/Sebastian:*leap at each other*

PG 16

  • Nami:*walking with Robin*All that hard work getting to Fishman Island and we separated. AGAIN!
  • Robin:It almost seems like bad luck if we all stay together after coming to a new place.
  • Nami:*sighs*I guess
  • Fukaboshi:*appears infront of them*excuse me, but are you two "Devil Child" Nico Robin and "Cat Burgerlar" Nami?
  • Robin:perhaps. why do you ask?
  • Fukaboshi:Jinbei has asked me to give your captain a message from him, but he misunderstood and ran away.
  • Nami:yeah, that sounds like him.

PG 17

  • Fukaboshi:would you like to come back to the palace? We can send word that you are there and your captain is sure to come.
  • Nami:*money eyes*an invitation to a palace? of course we'll go.
  • Robin:*giggles*some things never change.

PG 18

  • Caribou:*sitting on a rock surrounded by multiple dead mermaids*Just great, Im finally at Fishman Island but those Strawhats are too scattered to do anything. Oh well, maybe I can take down this Hody Jones fellow.
  • Hody Jones:*towers over him*Is that so human filth.
  • Caribou:*turns around with sweat raining down his face*cr-cr-cr-craaaap!!!


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