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Ok before I start, Yountoryuu and I are having alittle Prediction Competition and well the judging is by all of you. So rate our predictions from 1-10. Now this weeks' prediction is gonna be alittle rough seeing how Oda gave us a SUPA cliffhanger, so bear wit me!!

Chapter 609: The Royal Army

PG 1

  • Luffy:hey Keimi, do you know a guy named Jinbei?
  • Keimi:*blushes*of course I know of Jinbei-sama!!
  • Mermaids:*heart eyes*Jinbei-sama!!
  • Luffy:*confused*why are you all acting so weird?

PG 2

  • Keimi:Jinbei-sama is the King of the Fishman District and for more most of the island.
  • Mermaids:*nearly fainting*he's so amazing!
  • Usopp:wait a minute Keimi, you said for most of Fishman Island. Who else is there?
  • Keimi:*frowns*well the New Fishman Pirates rule over a small part of it along with their leader "King Crab" Kani
  • Chopper:*while monitoring Sanji's pulse*not those guys again.

PG 3

  • Caribou:*watching them from behind a rock*Finally, were at Fishman Island. Now I can kill these crazy fools. *teary eyed*For you Coribou!!
  • ???:*a young and strong looking tiger shark fishman stands behind him*are you the one who knocked these Mermaids unconcious?
  • Caribou:*turns*eh?! I was spotted?!

PG 4

  • ???:you have two choices human scum. Surrender and come with me to prison or I take you by force.
  • Caribou:*grins*dont take me lightly you damn fish.
  • ???:*gets in fishman karate stance*I was hoping you'd say that.
  • Caribou:*licks his face as it starts to melt alittle*let's go.

PG 5

  • Keimi:you want to see him? Sorry Luffy-chin but nobody can just see Jinbei-sama so easilly.
  • Luffy:what? why not?
  • Keimi:well members of the Neptunian Army are very strict on security when it comes to commoners, so you can imagin how strict they are to Jinbei-sama.
  • Luffy:*pouts*I dont care how strict they are, Jinbei is my friend and I wanna talk to him.
  • Usopp:oi oi Luffy, we have to follow the rules of this place while were here.
  • Luffy:but Jinbei said he was gonna wait for me until we got here. I gotta get reaquinted while were still here

PG 6

  • Usopp:*sighs*even after two years, nothing stops you from trying to have things your way.
  • Luffy:you got that right and nothing is gonna stop me from-
  • Mermaid:*carrying a big plate of meat*would you like some food captain-san?
  • Luffy:*eyes gleaming and mouth watering*YES PLEASE!
  • Usopp:*slaps his head*THAT WAS TOO QUICK!!
  • Luffy:*mouth full*oh sorry Usopp, what were we talking about?
  • Usopp:*sighs*nevermind

PG 7

  • Luffy:oh ok then. MORE FOOD!!
  • Caribou:*stands over the defeated merman and looks down on him*May God forgive you for your ignorance.
  • Caribou:*looks back at the Strawhats*and next up...

PG 8

Trident District- Royal Jailroom

  • Franky:*wakes up and rubs his head*that SUPA hurt.
  • ???:finally awake I see.
  • Franky:*looks at a Hammerhead Shark Fishman*who the heck are you?
  • Skinner:Sergant Skinner of the Neptunian Army and your in my jail. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  • Robin:*wakes up*
  • Skinner:*looks at her*

PG 9

  • Robin:*rubs her head and looks at Skinner*
  • Skinner:*heart eyes*wooow she's beautiful!!
  • Trooper:Sergant, isn't that behavior how the other human girl and skelington got away?
  • Skinner:*clears throat*right right.
  • Robin:human girl and skelington? *folds her arms* Franky..
  • Franky:yeah I know, we cant stay here.

PG 10

  • Skinner/Trooper:*are grabbed by multiple hands that are sprouting out of their bodies*?!
  • Robin:Twist
  • Skinner/Trooper:*have their whole upper bodies twisted and they fall down*
  • Franky:*grabs the bars and rips them out of the foundation*
  • Troopers:*come around the corner and charge at them*more breakouts!! Get them!!
  • Franky:*throws the cage at them*
  • Troopers:*are hit*aahh!!

PG 11

  • Franky/Robin:*run away*

Trident District-evidence room

  • Nami:*grabs a long pole with a weather ball on one end*found it.
  • Brook:*grabs his cane and guitar*Yohohoho, now I can fight and make music again!!
  • Nami/Brook:*leave out the room and see they are surrounded by multiple troopers*
  • Nami/Brook:*freak out*NOT AGAIN!!!

PG 12

  • Franky:Rocket Launcher
  • Troopers:*all of them on the right of the hallway are blown away*AAHH!!
  • Nami:*happy*Franky!! Robin!!
  • Trooper 1:more escapees?
  • Trooper 2:lets take them down!
  • Nami:*looks at them*go ahead and try.

PG 13

  • Nami:*points her wepon at them*Weather Staff:...
  • Troopers:?!
  • Nami:*destroys 1/4 of the building with a burst of lightning*Lightning Flash
  • Brook:*mouth stretched in amazment*.....
  • Nami:*grins*now lets go before more of them show up. *sighs*Haven't been here for a day and we're already wanted.
  • Robin:*giggles*thats pirate life for you.
  • Crew:*run for it*

PG 14

Trident District-Fishman Dojo

  • Zoro:*walks inside and sees alot of Fishman training*
  • Sushi:*a shrimp fishman with a long chinese mustache approaches him*hello stranger, may I, THE GREAT MASTER SUSHI, help you?
  • Zoro:Well me and my friends got separated, I was wondering if there was anything here I could do to eat up time.
  • Sushi:well perhaps you will be useful....

PG 15

  • Zoro:?!
  • Sushi:*backflips and sits in his chair with Zoro's swords in his hands*but the use of these is strictly not allowed.
  • Zoro:*shocked*what the?! When did you?!
  • Sushi:*as 200 students stand infront of him*simply fight your way through,IF YOU WANT THESE SWORDS, back. Suhahaha!!

PG 16

  • Fishmen:*get in battle stances*HA!!
  • Zoro:*smirks*now things are starting to get interesting.
  • Fishmen:*charge at him*
  • Zoro:*jumps at them and knock out 30 of them with 1 punch*
  • Sushi:*rubs his stache*interesting.

PG 17

Mermaid Cove

  • Hammond:*arrives and sees Luffy from affar*now lets take him boys.
  • Caribou:*appears infront of the strawhats and flys at luffy in his mud form*Im gonna take your head Strawhat Luffy!!
  • Luffy:*looks at him as he is eating*hm?
  • Chopper:*punches Caribou in his Heavy Point*Heavy Gong
  • Caribou:*is punched down to the ground*oof!
  • Sanji:*smiles*nice Chopper.

PG 18

  • Caribou:*rubs chin*how the hell did he punch me when I was liquified.
  • Hammond:*arrives by stomping on Caribou*Strawhat!!!
  • Usopp/Chopper:*freakout*THEM AGAIN!!!
  • Hammond:Our boss wants to see you right now and this time it isnt a request.
  • Luffy:*with one piece of meat in his hand and the other balled into a fist*Just try and take me.