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Chapter 608: Undersea Land Ho!

PG 1

  • Hammond:*sinister smile*well in that case...DIE STRAWHAT!!!
  • Giant Undersea Gorilla:*roars and swims at them*
  • Thousand Sunny:*Coup De Bursts out of the way in the nick of time and shoots at Fishman Island*

PG 2

  • Hammond:*looks up at them*dont let them get away!
  • Monsters:*attack at the strawhats*
  • Chopper:AAHH!!! HERE THEY COOOOME!!!!
  • Brook:*steps up and straps on his guitar*I shall stop them.
  • Chopper:huh? really?

PG 3

  • Brook:*strums his guitar and plays a slow tempo*Halt all your roaring my friends. We are the Strawhats and we dont want to meet our ends. I know your hungry but dont be hasty. I see something else much more tastyyyyy.
  • Monsters:hm?

PG 4

  • Sanji:SAY WHAT?!
  • Monsters:*get a hungry look in their eyes*
  • Chopper:*shocked*its working?
  • Brook:*slows it down* what do you want with me, a man with not meat. just turn around and enjoy an undersea treat.
  • Brook:*rocks out*SO DONT EAT US MY GIANT BEAAASTS!!! GO!! EAT THE FISHMEN AND HAVE A FEAAAAST!!! *strums his guitar one last time*
  • Monsters:*roar in excitement*

PG 5

  • Hammond:*looks up and sees the monsters come back*what the hell?
  • Monster Giraffe:*is attacked as Hammond is on it*
  • Hammond:*WHAT??!!

PG 6

  • Franky:*steers the ship directlly into the entrance of Fishman Island*
  • Fishman guard 1:is that a ship?
  • Fishman guard 2: *freaks out*yea and it isnt stopping! open the door quicklly
  • Sunny:*enters the giant bubble and floats in mid-air for a second*

PG 7

  • Luffy:WOOOOW!!!
  • Usopp:*notices that the coating has disappeared and they are no longer surrounded by water*OH NO WERE GONNA CRASH DOWN!!!
  • Sunny:*is plummiting down toward a city*
  • Fishchild:*pulls on his mothers skirt*look mommy a ship.
  • Fishwoman:*sees it and gasps*

PG 8

  • Fishwoman:*shields her son*
  • ???:*jumps off a roof and lands infront of them*
  • Sunny:*crashes*

PG 9

  • Chopper:*awakens*oow.
  • Fishwoman:*looks up and smiles*oh its you Shamo, thank you so much.
  • Shamo:*a muscular manta ray Fishman places the ship down safely and looks at her*just doing my job mame.*looks at the ship*now to see who thees people are.

PG 10

  • Chopper:*walks alittle and sees he is surrounded by Fishmen*sc-sc-SCARY!!!
  • Shamo:*jumps on the ship and sees Luffy,Franky, and Nami unconciouss on the ship*Humans huh?
  • Shamo:*looks up*pirates by the look of it. I've seen that jolly roger before, but where?

PG 11

  • Shamo:*steps in something*hm?
  • Shamo:looks like they had some kind of mud in this barrel. These guys are weird.
  • Caribou:*appears behind him*yes they are.
  • Shamo:*turns and glares at him*and you are.
  • Caribou:Kehahaha! just the man who's gonna be famous for killing the Strawhat pirates. Now move it.
  • Shamo:*gasp*Strawhats?

PG 12

  • Shamo:*grins*well since these guys are the Strawhats...*appears infront of him and places his hand on his chest*I cant let them die.
  • Caribou:*gasps*

PG 13

  • Luffy:*wakes up and sees them*
  • Shamo:*plucks him in the chest*
  • Caribou:*is sent flying so fast he cant move a mucle and goes out of the FI bubble*
  • Luffy:*star eyes*so cool!!!

PG 14

  • Shamo:*looks at him and smiles*oh so your alive.
  • Luffy:*gets up*yeah, hey who are you anyway?
  • Shamo: Im King Jinbei's right hand man, Shamo.
  • Luffy:oh cool. well Shamo I have one thing to ask of you.
  • Shamo:like what?
  • Nami:*gets up and looks at them*Luffy?

PG 15

  • Brook/Usopp:*run away from an agry mob of Fishman soldiers*AAHH!!!
  • Usopp:Cant you just calm them down like with those sea monsters?
  • Brook:*serious face*i would but...*teary eyed*IM TOO SCARED!!!!

PG 16

  • Shamo:*grins*why sure, I'd be honored to join your crew.
  • Nami:*shocked*EH?!
  • Luffy:*is hit on the head hard and falls*
  • Shamo:*gasp*
  • Nami:*clutching fist*dammit Luffy you never change do you?!
  • Luffy:*dizzy*sooorry Namiiii.
  • Shamo:*gasp*Nami?
  • Nami:hm?
  • Shamo:*bows to her*please do allow me to be on this ship and forgive the actions of Arlong long ago when you look upon me.
  • Nami:*looks at him*......
  • Shamo:*shivers*

PG 17

  • Nami:*sighs*if you help us find the rest of our crew, I'll think about it.
  • Shamo:*smiles widelly*yes of course.
  • Robin:*wakes Zoro up*Zoro, you might want to see this.
  • Zoro:*gets up and sees 2 tall fishmen with swords on their backs*Oh crap.

PG 18

  • Fishwoman:*goes into a hospital*Doctor you have to help this man.
  • Doctor: what happened?
  • Fishwoman:*puts person on table* I dont know, he just looked at me and his pusle stoped.
  • Sanji:*muttering*Mermaids...Mermaids....Mermaids...
  • Doctor:this is bad, this man is in cardiatic shock!


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