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Chapter 606:The Dark Abyss

PG 1

In a cave

  • Luffy:*wakes up and rubs his head*ow ow ow. I might've punched that Kraken too ha- *sees the Kraken unconcious under him*WHOAAA I LANDED ON IT!!
  • ???:*franticlly* Little Levi!!!!(short for leviatin)
  • Luffy:hm? *looks down and sees a girl covered in seaweed clothing trying to comfort it*
  • ???:*looks up and sees Luffy*are you the one who did this to Little Levi?!
  • Luffy:*rubs head*uh well...

PG 2

On th Sunny

  • Chopper:this is really bad you guys, Luffy and the others are gone and we're surrounded by monsters.
  • Brook:and even with Franky-san's light, its darker than Thriller Bark was.
  • Caribou:*sulking*first I get captured,then a Kraken shows up and destroys my crew,now this. Why oh Why did I chase down this crew?

PG 3

  • Nami:*sighs*honestly, you think after 2 years they'd start listening to me more now. Oh well, no way around it guys, we have to search for them.
  • Usopp:SEARCH?! Did you catch the "Luffy's brain dead idea flu" in 2 years?
  • Nami:I hate this plan even more than you but we dont have much of a choice. Ok guys listen. Unlike our brilliant captain we're gonna use the lifeline and search for the others.
  • Franky:ok fine, but what about the ship?
  • Nami: you stay on board and helm the rutter/ gives us light support.
  • Franky:gotcha *robo voice*affirmative.
  • Usopp/Chopper:*star eyes*cool more robo talking!

PG 4

  • Brook:*sipping tea*I shall stay here to guard our captive.
  • Robin:same here.
  • Nami:*in a bubble like everyone else* fine, just make sure he doesn't try anything.
  • Brook:perhaps you could reward me by showing me your panties, Nami-san?
  • Nami:*uppercuts him*HELL NO!!
  • Brook:*jaw is barelly on*yoho-ho-ho......
  • Nami/Chopper/Usopp:*embark*Here we go!

PG 5

Back in the cave

  • Luffy:*running away*come on I said I was sorry!
  • ???:*swimming at him along with a school of sharks behind her*I dont care!
  • Luffy:*turns and faces her*damn, then I got no choice.

PG 6

  • ???:*stops and thrusts hands at him*Shark...
  • Luffy:Gum-Gum...
  • ???:*the sharks go beserk at luffy*Frenzy
  • Luffy:*counters*Gattling

PG 7

  • ???:*appears infront of him and grabs his face*
  • Luffy:*is slamed down hard and blood gushes from his mouth alittle*
  • ???:*grabs his leg and throws him to a wall*
  • Luffy:*catches him self and rubs his head*ow, she's strong.
  • ???:*cracks knuckles*now you die.
  • Luffy:*scared look*she makes Nami's anger almost seem heavenlly.

PG 8

  • ???:*waves hand at him and many shark teeth fire at Luffy*Shark Darts
  • Zoro:*gets infront of him and blocks them with his blade,but is engulfed by a small explosion from them*
  • ???:*glares*great, now what?
  • Luffy:*grins*thanks Zoro.
  • Zoro:dont mention it.

PG 9

  • Luffy:did you see Sanji?
  • Zoro:he wasnt near me when I woke up.
  • ???:Hey swordy..
  • Zoro:hm?
  • ???:I saw a tentacle was cut off, was that you?
  • Zoro:maybe.
  • ???:*growls*

PG 10

  • ???:*bubbles start to rise as pillars as she gets more irritated*then you will feel my wrath as well then.
  • Zoro:ok, but do you mind telling me who exactlly Im getting it from?
  • Calypso:*grins slightlly* I am Calypso, the queen of this ocean. This Dark Abyss.
  • Luffy/Zoro:*gasps as they continue to look at her*

PG 11

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  • Calypso:*stands tall as over 200 different menacing sea creatures appear behind her*and you two are trespassing in my kingdom.

PG 12

  • Luffy/Zoro:*get ready*
  • Calypso:*sends the creatures at them*Sea Creature Strike: First Meal

Back near the Sunny

  • Chopper/Usopp/Nami:*feel a huge tremor*
  • Chopper:*freaking out*what was that?!
  • Nami:probably just a seaquake, calm down.

PG 13

  • Usopp:heey I found Sanji!
  • Sanji:*heart eye*Nami-san put a search together for me, wow!
  • Nami:well, lets get back to the Sunny, we will probably find the others the same way sooner or later.
  • Chopper:ok, I could've smelt for them but this water gets in the way.

PG 14

  • Caribou:*looks at the Strawhats have a crew meeting as he thinks to himself*ok, hopefully Strawhats is still alive, so I can ask to join this crew. *sees something from the right*hm?
  • Caribou:*looks at it*is that a...*gasp*AAHH!!!!
  • Crew:*turn*hm?

PG 15

  • ???:*a figure with a pirate captain coat and hat lands on the ship*more damn humans huh? This sea is dark enough without your evil here to further darken it.
  • Sanji:*glares*who the hell are you?
  • D. Jones:Jones. D. Jones. now where is the captain of this accursed crew?
  • Caribou:he isnt here but hey, you free me and I'll be your loyal servant.
  • D. Jones:*pulls his arm back kneels down to look him in the eyes*Do you fear death?
  • Caribou:*grins nervouslly*what kind of stupid question is that? of course i do. everyone does.
  • D. Jones:*grins*wrong choice.

PG 16

  • D. Jones:*grabs his shirt and throws Caribou out the ship*
  • Caribou:*drowns*
  • Crew:?!
  • D. Jones:*looks at them*forget the captain. I'll just kill you all now and him later.
  • Crew:*look at him with blank expressions*
  • D. Jones:well, aren't you gonna say something.

PG 17

  • Chopper:*steps up in his Heavy Point*I will....*glares*GET OFF OUR SHIP!!!
  • D.Jones:*grins*make me.
  • Chopper:*appears infront of him and punches him hard in the gut*Heavy Gong
  • D.Jones:*coughs blood and falls to his knees*

PG 18

  • Chopper:*towers over him and looks at him with primal eyes*You can either have me keep hurting you or you can leave.
  • D.Jones:*growls*
  • Chopper:as a doctor, I hope you choose the latter.


P.S. Calypso is a chick I would like as a tenth crew member. tell me If you agree.