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Chapter 605 Prediction

Chapter 605:Calamari Anyone?

PG 1

  • Kraken:*stares down the Strawhats' ship*grrr
  • Nami:Rayleigh warned me about something like this, but I was hoping he was joking.

PG 2

  • Caribou:*thinking*these guys are insane. Killing them isn't even worth it If they're willing to do such dangerous things.
  • Zoro:hey Lufffy, were gonna need bait for that thing. Wanna use this guy?*points at Caribou*
  • Luffy:hey good idea.
  • Caribou:EH?!
  • Kraken:*roars*

PG 3

  • Brook:*freaks out*its getting mad!!!
  • Kraken:*raises 1 tenacle and slams it down towards them*
  • Luffy:Franky!!
  • Franky:*pulls lever* I know! Channel Zero

PG 4

  • Thousand Sunny:*goes into paddle mode and quicklly manuevers away from the tentacle just by a hair*

PG 5

  • Luffy:Franky, move towards that things face. Im going to tame that thing.
  • Franky:aye aye Captain.
  • Nami:wait Luffy, thats too dangeous to even try.
  • Luffy:dont worry, Im alot stronger now.
  • Brook:and if that doesnt work, I'll simply sooth this beast with my music, Yohohoho.

PG 6

  • Kraken:*moves 3 tentacles at the ship*
  • Sunny:*moves away from them all and stops infront of his face*
  • Kraken:*growls*

PG 7

  • Luffy:*stands tall as his hat covers his eyes*
  • Kraken:*roars*
  • Luffy:*looks at him with haki enduced pupils*shut it!
  • Kraken:*silences*
  • Caribou:it....stopped?

PG 8

  • Chopper:wow!! Luffy stopped it just by looking at it.
  • Luffy:now listen up! your gonna lead our ship to fishman island alright! I'm not taking no for an answer!
  • Kraken:*nods with a scared look on its face*
  • Nami:well not what I was expecting, but I guess it can be usefull.

PG 9

  • Kraken:*swimming to Fishman island as the Sunny hangs on its back*
  • Usopp:hey Franky, you sure dis rope will hold?
  • Franky:yeah idiot, its steel rope. hahaha!
  • Chopper:*star eyes*we're moving so fast! GO KRAKKY

PG 10

  • Robin:hey luffy, that was Haōshoku Haki you used, wasnt it?
  • Luffy:*smiles*oh yeah. It really comes in handy. shishishi.
  • Robin:I guess that just further proves your Dragon's son.
  • Luffy:huh? what do you mean?
  • Robin:well, I was sent to a prison that was later liberated by revolutionaries. I trained under your father for 2 years.
  • Luffy:wow really? thats awsome!

PG 11

  • Caribou:*thinking*Oh God, save me from these demons disguised as humans.
  • Sanji:Nami-san, do you know how much further till we reach the island?
  • Nami:just alittle further now. hey you didn't get a nosebleed, how come?
  • Sanji:*holding a pamphlet*because of this.
  • Nami:hm?

PG 12

  • Nami:*reads it* "Dr.Chopper's Female Rehabilitation Class" ?
  • Sanji:*thumbs up with a heart eye*yeah it worked wonders.
  • Nami:*sighs*i guess.

PG 13

  • Brook:theres something up ahead.
  • Franky::is it Fishman Island?
  • Brook:I dont know, but it looks like a huge city. I cant believe my eyes. even though i dont have any.
  • Luffy:really, wait up and let me see.

PG 14

  • Luffy:whoa!!!
  • widepage spread of a giant dome with a city inside.

PG 15

  • Chopper/Usopp:AMAZING!!!
  • Kraken:*lands infront of the dome*
  • Zoro:*sees something swim towards the ship*hey, whats that?
  • Crew:hm?

PG 16

  • ???:*lands on the ship*Im glad to see you and your crew made it here safelly Luffy-kun.
  • Luffy:*grins*Jinbei!! Hey!!!
  • Robin:another warlord?
  • Jinbei:dont worry Nico Robin, I forfeited that title long ago.
  • Luffy:hey Jinbei check it out, I tamed this huge octopus.
  • Jinbei:hahaha I see that!

PG 17

  • Jinbei:well allow me to take you inside the dome.
  • Jinbei:*jumps back to the see and takes hold of the rope to take them inside*

PG 18

  • Sanji/Brook:*looking around as they land inside*woooow!!! Mermaids!!
  • Chopper:*taking notes*very good, my rehabilitation class worked.
  • Nami:*angry face*thats what your most amazed about!?
  • Jinbei:come off the ship, there's air in here.
  • Luffy:*jumps off first*alright!
  • Luffy:*stands tall while looking at the city*It's time to for an adventure guys. shishishi!


P.S. dis was suuuuupa rushed, so try to enjoy.

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