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Chapter 604:Trouble Under the Sea( for anyone whos seen the Little Mermaid, its a joke)

PG 1

On the the Thousand Sunny

  • Luffy:*rubbing his fat stomach*aaww that was so gooood.
  • Chopper:*sitting next to him doing the same thing*yeah, those lady pirates you were talking about sure can cook.
  • Zoro:you should've invited one on the ship. least we could finally have some good for a change.
  • Sanji:WHAT?! *heart eyes*yeah Luffy you should've brought one, anyone!

PG 2

  • Luffy:sorry, but I was thinking of too many other things at the time.
  • Usopp:hey Nami, we almost there?
  • Nami:just alittle further now.

PG 3

  • Usopp:*sighs* I hate being surrounded by thousands of things that want to eat me. It's Boin Archipelago all over again. *creeped out face*only now I could drown.
  • Robin:*looking up from a chair at a giant ferocious shark seaking pass by*but they're so cute.
  • Usopp/Chopper:CUTE?!
  • Sanji:*wearing a nose plug*hey Chopper how long do I have to wear this.
  • Chopper:as long as you keep getting nosebleeds from Nami and Robin. you cant afford to lose so much blood.
  • Sanji:fine, your the doc.

PG 4

  • Zoro:*sees a fish swim by with a den-den mushi in its mouth*what the hell?
  • Usopp:*sticks his hand out of the bubble alittle to take it from the fish and hands it to Luffy* its a den-den mushi.
  • Luffy:where did a den-den mushi come from?
  • Chopper:*freaks out alittle and points*maybe from that.
  • Zoro/Luffy/Usop:*look*hm?

PG 5

  • Strawhats:*look up at the Caribou Pirates' Ship pass next to them* A pirate ship?!
  • Caribou:*looks at them from his ship and places a den-den mushi to his mouth*Hello Strawhats....

PG 6

  • Caribou:you guys are so rude, you left SA without me.
  • Luffy:*talks into the den-den mushi* what are you talking about without you? I dont even know you.
  • Caribou:Im "Wet-Haired" Caribou and as of now, Im part of your crew.

PG 7

  • Luffy:*confused*say what?
  • Usopp:Luffy lets just go, forget this guy. He gives me a bad feeling.
  • Luffy:good idea

PG 8

  • Luffy:hey bug eyes!! I dont really know who you are, but my crew and I decided your not welcome so bye.
  • Caribou:*grins*oh? well If you wont let us join you, we'll just kill you here!
  • Coribou:AWOO-WOO!!!
  • Awo:*a giant whale-like seaking appears infront of the Sunny and attempts to ram it*AWOOOO!!!

PG 9

  • Usopp/Chopper:HOLY CRAP?!
  • Nami:fire the cannon!
  • Franky:no time!

PG 10

  • Sunny:*is hit hard and is sent back a bit*
  • Crew:*stumble a bit*
  • Robin:it moves so fast.
  • Zoro:*glares at it*I could slice it in half if i didnt have to worry about the ship.
  • Awoo:*turns for another round*
  • Franky/Usopp:*in their cockpits*ready...aim...

PG 11

  • Awoo:*closes in*AWOOOOO!!
  • Luffy:FIRE!!!
  • Sunny:*fires the Goan Cannon from its mouth*
  • Awoo:*is hit and sinks down in pain*

PG 12

  • Coribou:*crys like a baby*Awoo-woo!
  • Caribou:dont fret brother, God shall punish them for this heartless and cruel murder.
  • Caribou Pirates:*fire at the Sunny*
  • Nami:fire!
  • Sunny:*counters the cannon fire*

PG 13

  • Caribou Pirates:*fire again*
  • Luffy:here comes more!
  • Usopp:*aims his Kabuto*I got it Exploding Star *destroys them*
  • Chopper:yahoo Usopp!
  • Usopp:*thumb up and grins*oh yeah.

PG 14

  • Nami:alright Usopp, but unfortunatelly we cant afford to fire out anymore. the coating is already pass half its limit.
  • Usopp:you serious?!
  • Caribou Pirates:*fire again*
  • Luffy:*gasp*

PG 15

  • Sunny:*looks hit and is covered by alot of cannon smoke*
  • Caribou:Kehahahaha
  • ???:*emerges from the smoke*what pray tell is so funny rookie?
  • Coribou:Im scared bro-bro.
  • Caribou:*gasps*what? no way, thats......

PG 16

  • Luffy:*looks up and smiles*alright!
  • Crew:*look up at the huge whale shark shielding the ship* a whale shark!
  • Luffy:*smiles happilly*that could only mean...

PG 17

  • Caribou/Luffy:Jinbei!!!
  • Jinbei:*arms crossed as he glares while standing on the whale shark*You humans truelly are troublesome