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Chapter 603 Prediction

Chapter 603: Underwater Paradise


Location:Fishman Island-Atlantic Kingom

  • Tiger Shark Fishman:King Jinbei, sorry to interrupt your meal, but another pirate crew has arrived. They seem alittle different from the rest.
  • Jinbei:*sitting on his throne*different how?
  • Tiger Shark Fishman:well, the captain seems to know you somehow.
  • Jinbei:*smiles*oh, its him...


  • Luffy/Usopp/Chopper:*look in amazement*woooow!!!
  • Franky: careful you guys, we dont want you to accidentlly go through the coating and drown.
  • Nami:*sees some fishmen with spears approaching*hey guys, we got company.


  • Luffy:*looks and sees them*hey your right.
  • Fishmen:*go through the coating and land on the ship*
  • Tiger Shark Fishman:Welcome to Fishman Island Strawhat Pirates. Our King Jinbei is epecting you at the palace.
  • Luffy:oh he is? thats great!
  • Nami: hold on. how exactlly are we going to breath down here.
  • Tiger Shark Fishman:*smiles*leave that to us miss.


  • Strawhats:*walk behind the Fishman troops*
  • Chopper:*towards the Tiger Shark Fishman*are you sure these airbubble suits will keep us from drowning?
  • Tiger Shark Fishman: yes, their main use is for you land dwellers anyway. Think of it as a second skin right now.
  • Chopper: oh.


  • Tram:by the way, you may all call me Tram. I am King Jinbei's most trusted advisor.
  • Luffy:Oh ok nice to meet you Tram. Im Luffy.
  • Tram:*chuckles*oh im well aware of you Monkey D. Luffy. You're the boy who broke our king out of Impel Down.
  • Luffy:shishishi, dont mention it.
  • ???:*shadow figure watches them pass*well well, so that's the strawhat wearing pest from 2 years ago.
  • ???:*shorter shadow figure*are we gonna kill them boss?
  • ???:*first shadow figure*not yet, but soon.


  • Zoro:*looks back*hm?
  • ???:*gone*
  • Usopp:whats wrong Zoro?
  • Zoro:*turns back around*its nothing.


  • Jinbei:*sits on his throne, eating*Hello Luffy-kun. Its so nice to see you again.
  • Luffy:*smiles*same here Jinbei.
  • Robin: first the pirate emporess and now the first knight of the sea. Our captain sure makes strong allies.
  • Nami: tell me about it.
  • Luffy:oh right, these are my friends Jinbei.
  • Jinbei: well hello to you all, please sit and let us feast as we celebrate this reunion.


  • Luffy:*grins eagerlly*alright! now your talking my language!
  • Strawhats: thats your only language.


  • Jinbei:*while eating*so Luffy-kun, how long are you planning on staying here?
  • Luffy:*mouth super expanded*well i thought I'd say hi and maybe stock up on food while I was here.
  • Jinbei:well explore as much as you want, but I just hope your really ready for the New World.
  • Luffy:ready?! oh come on, Im more than ready. We all are.
  • Jinbei:*smiles*Im glad to hear that.


  • Sanji:Why are you so worried anyway?
  • Jinbei:*places hand on his head*because the super rookies from 2 years ago have made such a ruckus there now. Not to mention Teach.
  • Luffy:*stops eating and goes silent*
  • Everyone:*looks at him*
  • Luffy:please dont say that name around me, Jinbei.
  • Jinbei:*closes eyes*of course, my apologies.


  • Tram:your highness, another pirate ship has arrived. Should we do the normal expection.
  • Jinbei:yes, also see to it that the Strawhat Pirates' ship is fully stocked.
  • Tram:yes sir.


  • Brook:Jinbei-san, may I ask you a question?
  • Jinbei:of course.
  • Brook:where are all the mermaids?
  • Jinbei:*claps hands*here...
  • Brook/Sanji:*see a huge group of hot mermaids gather around and get heart eyes*WOOOOW!!!!
  • Sanji:*begins to cry*
  • Chopper:whats wrong Sanji?


  • Sanji:*wiping tears*its just, after spending 2 years in hell. Ive finally made it to heaven.
  • Brook:*plays on his guitar alittle*Mermaids, Mermaids. Angels of the sea!!
  • Brook:I'd ask to see their panties, but none do I see!!
  • Mermaids:*gather on Brook*aahh!!! The Soul King is actually here. We're big fans!
  • Brook:Yohohoho!!! Mermaids, Mermaids. Angels of the sea!!
  • Brook:Im happy that they're all on me!!


  • Sanji:*is taken by his hands*
  • Mermaids:we'll show you and the Soul King around Mr. Black Leg.
  • Sanji:*hypnotized*whatever you wish.


  • Usopp:*gets up*come on Chopper, lets go sight seeing.
  • Chopper:*follows*alright.
  • Nami:wanna go shopping Robin?
  • Robin:*smiles*sure.
  • Nami:oi Zoro, your coming with.
  • Zoro:for what?!
  • Nami:well until you pay me back all those beris, your gonna be my shopping slave.
  • Zoro:Its been 2 years and you're still holding on that.
  • Nami:yeah! oh and the interest doubled over the 2 years.
  • Zoro:HUH?!


  • Tram:Franky, would you like to see some of the technology on the island?
  • Franky:OH YEEEAH!!
  • Jinbei:well Luffy-kun, we should head out as well.
  • Luffy:head where?
  • Jinbei:*stands on the balcony*out there to explore....
  • Luffy:*stands next to him*WHOOAA!!!


  • Jinbei:*wide pagespread of the island*This underwater paradise.


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