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Chapter 600 prediction

Chapter 600:The Weakling Trio Strikes


Location:Grove# 42

  • Zoro:*jumps of the mast and lands on the ship and stares Sanji in the eye*yo Ero-cook,did the others arrive yet?
  • Sanji:*glares back at him*pretty much everyone but Luffy Moss head.
  • Fisherman:*thinks to himself*are these two supposed to be friends?
  • Pirate Captain:Hey!! You two!!


  • Both:*look over at him*hm?
  • Pirate Captain:That ship your pal with the swords cut up was one of my rivals for the new world. You better be ready to pay for what you did.
  • Both:*ignore the captain and walk pass him, walking alooflly pass his large crew*no thanks.


  • Pirate Captain:*angered*how dare you ignore me! Get'em men!!
  • Pirates:*draw weopons and lunge at Zoro and Sanji*
  • Both:*look at the pirates slightly*


  • Franky:*feels huge tremor while on the Thousand Sunny*whooooaaa!!! What the hell was that?
  • Robin:I don't know, but it felt like an earthquake for a second.


Meanwhile at Shakky's Bar

  • Chopper:*barges in freaking out* Rayleigh!! Robin has been kidnapped!!
  • Rayleigh:calm down Chopper, Robin is at the Sunny with Franky.
  • Chopper:really? But I....come to think of it, the "Robin" I saw was a bit too short.
  • Shakky:*giggles*I'm glad your cute personallity didn't change in these 2 years.
  • Chopper:*blushes and does his embarrased dance, flips out*Im a man, not cute! *resumes dance*just kidding.
  • Usopp/Nami:*enter the bar*


  • Chopper:Usopp!! Nami!!
  • Usopp:Chopper!!
  • Both:*burst into tears and hug each other*i missed you so much!
  • Nami:*sighs*oh boy.
  • Chopper:*confused*but wait.


  • Chopper:What about the others Rayleigh? Were those guys fakes too.
  • Rayleigh:most likely.
  • Nami:*shows him the "Strawhat" recruite poster*see this Chopper. The guys you ran into are people impersonating us and using our reputation to make themselves more powerful.
  • Chopper:thats horrible.


  • Usopp:hey Rayleigh, can we head out to the ship too since Luffy is gonna follow the vire card to you anyway.
  • Rayleigh:*gets up and puts on his white cape*sure, lets go. see you later Shakky.
  • Shakky:bye.


Grove # 46

  • Fake Luffy:yo Sanji, how many of our men have showed up
  • Fake Sanji:99/100. The Blue Lizard crew is missing.
  • Fake Luffy:the Blue Lizard Crew? Missing? their like one of the top five crews. Where are they?
  • Fake Nami:maybe they thought they didn't need us at the last minute.
  • Fake Luffy:those basterds had better not.


  • Marine spy:*talks in communicator*roof team in position
  • Marine spy:*talks in communicator*area team in position
  • Sentoumaru:*talks in communicator*alright hold you positions until I give the signal.
  • Marines:yes sir


Back at Grove # 42

  • Pirate Captain:*bloodied up with teeth missing*no more please...i give...i give.
  • Sanji:*takes his foot of his chest*all that talk and for nothing.
  • Zoro:*sheathes sword*not even enough for a warm up.


  • Zoro/Sanji:*stand in the middle of a huge group of unconcious pirates*
  • Sanji:*begins to walk*lets head back to the ship,Extra Moss Head
  • Zoro:*follows*alright, Extra Eyebrow cook


  • Luffy:*catches up to Raleigh's group as they're walking*hey guys!!
  • Usopp/Chopper:Luffy!!
  • All three:*burst into tears and hug each other*i missed you so much!
  • Nami:*sighs*not again.
  • Rayleigh:hahaha!!
  • Group:*continues walking and talking*


  • Fake Luffy:*sees Luffy's group walk by from afar and gets enraged*it's them!!
  • Fake Sogeking:*points at them*go get'em you basterds!!
  • Pirates:*charge at them*


  • Luffy:*takes of his cape*aw man, these guys again.
  • Chopper/Usopp:WHOOAA!! SOO MANY!!!!
  • Nami:guess the recruiting went better than I thought.


  • Marine:what the hell is going on?! Two Strawhat Luffies.
  • Sentoumaru:don't worry about which one is real, just destroy all the pirates.
  • Marines:*burst out*yes sir!!


  • Marines:*subdue mostlly the low ranking pirates, but the 99 captains burst through*
  • Captains:*charge at the Strawhats(real ones)*
  • Luffy*cracks knuckles*alright let do th- *interupted by Usopp's hand in his face*
  • Usopp:Hold on Luffy....this isn't a job for the captain. This type of thing.....


  • Usopp:*standing tall and cool with Nami and Chopper at his sides*is for your crew to handle.
  • Nami:*whips out her new weopon and stands on Usopp's left*
  • Chopper:*gets in his Heavy Point with his arms crossed and his body looks more primal like the WOLFMAN. He stands at Usopp's right*


  • All Three:*lunge at the incoming onslaught.Nami is generating thunder,Chopper is roaring, and Usopp is lunging with his original slingshot,only slightly modified(looks more threatning)*LETS GO!!!


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