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Chapter 599 prediction

Chapter 599: Reunited


  • Fake Luffy:you cant just bump me like that, Im Strawhat Luffy!
  • Luffy:*gets in his face*no you're not! I am!
  • Fake Luffy:?!?
  • Citizen#1:did he just say he was the real strawhat luffy?
  • Citizen#2:yeah, that must mean the big has been a fake all this time.


  • Fake Nami:*thinking*oh no, the real Monkey D. Luffy is here. This could ruin everything.
  • Fake Luffy:*nervous*listen you fake im the real Luffy! *points gun at his head*got it!
  • Luffy:*glares*no you're not.


  • Fake Luffy:*feels alittle uneasy and pulls trigger*die! *nothing happens*
  • Fake Luffy:*gun is sliced in half*
  • Luffy:*grins and looks to his right*nice one Zoro!
  • Zoro:*sheathing his sword from 2 yards away*just doing my job captain!


  • ????:*towering over fake sogeking,franky,and nami*hey Strawhat,these guys giving you trouble?
  • The Fakes:*look up and stare in awe*CAPTAIN!!!
  • Fake Luffy:*turns*what is i-*gasp*


  • Franky:*arms crossed*it's been a suuuuper long time since i've kicked someones ass.
  • Fake Franky:*scared*the real....Cy-Cyborg Franky.
  • Fake Nami:he's huge!


  • Luffy:naw, but you can rough them up a bit if you want.
  • Fakes:eh?!
  • Franky:*cracks knuckles*alright.*pummels them offscreen*
  • Luffy:*glares at his fake*now you....


  • Fake Luffy:*makes a run for it*im sorry!!!
  • Usopp:*gets in his path and punches him in the face*
  • Fake Luffy:*falls*


  • Fake Luffy:*sees Usopp and Nami stand over him*you two again!?!
  • Usopp:you were right, this guy isn't Luffy.
  • Nami:told you so.
  • Fake Luffy:*trys to crawl away, but is kicked in the face*


  • Sanji:*heart eyes*HIIIII NAMI-SWAAAAN!!!!
  • Fake Luffy:*nosebleeding*what's with this guy?


  • Brooke:*walks on the scene with Chopper and Robin*yohohoho,its so great to see you all again. even though i don't have eyes.SKULL JOKE!
  • Luffy:*laughs alittle*same old Brook.
  • Chopper:*holds up unconcious Fake Sanji and Zoro up while in his heavy point*I think these two are with him.
  • Robin:they say that they posed as us to use our reputations to recruit strong members for their crew.


  • Strawhats:*surround Fake Luffy*
  • Fake Luffy:*shudders in fear* sorry.
  • Luffy:*grabs the top of his head from the right*It's too late for that.
  • Fake Luffy:*gasps*


  • Luffy:*slams his head down hard on ground, shattering the earth*


  • 2 hours later, the marines arrive
  • Momonga:*angry face*dammit we were too late.
  • Fake Strawhats:*piled ontop of each other unconcious*


  • Thousand Sunny on route to the red line border again
  • Luffy:*stands on the head of the mast,smilling with his arms crossed*its been two years Shanks,but i'm finally ready to go to the New World.
  • Strawhats:*gather nearby*


  • Zoro:I hope there are some strong opponents in the New World.
  • Nami:*money eyes*I'm gonna be rich after this!
  • Usopp:*grins*I hope I see my Dad when we get there.
  • Sanji:*heart eyes*The New World means even sexier women!


  • Chopper:*brain point*I'm alittle worried, but I'll take on any challenge that comes my way.
  • Robin:Dragon said the New World was very frieghtning. Sounded fun.
  • Franky:Now that the Sunny is going, the New World is gonna be even more SUUUUPER!
  • Brook:YOHOHOHO!!! Me and my old crew weren't able to go there last time. This will be quite the story to tell Laboon as well.


  • Infront of the red line
  • Luffy:*huge grin*Next stop, Fishman Island!


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