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Chapter 596 :Training

Location: Kuraigana Island Ruins

Mihawk:*sips tea and looks at Zoro fight against the Humandrills from his window*Has he been fighting all night?

Perona:*next to him*yeah,he said not to disturb him for awhile,he's sticking around on this island for a bit longer.


Perona:*flashback*Just give up on those apes already you idiot,just uses the boat and leave while they're sleep.

Zoro:I'm not leaving yet.


Zoro:*picks up a bould and throws it at the apes to anger them*

Humandrills:*snarl and pound chest*

Zoro:*ties bandana on and unsheathes swords for santoryu style*I have to get stronger than i am bring it on you damn primates!

Perona:*flashback ends*it took him awhile, but apparently that article of Strawhat Luffy told him to train and get stronger.


Zoro:*cuts two monkies down*otoru!

Zoro:*is sliced across his shoulder and kicked into rubble*

Zoro:*gets up and charges at them,while thinking*don't worry Luffy,I'll get stronger no matter what!

Zoro/Humandrill:*clash swords and make small shockwave*

Location:Boin Archipelago-Greenstone

Heracles:Usoppn, have you finally stoped trying to leave the island.

Usopp:yeah,but Heracles I need a favor.

Heracles:Like what Usoppn?

Usopp:I need you to train me to be strong like you and turn this fat into muscle.

Heracles:ok, but that's alot of fat to make musclen.

Usopp:*angered*thats not the point!

Heracles:Alrightn! *fighting stance*Lets go Usoppn!

Usopp:*fires from his Kabuto*

Heracles:*dodges to the left and rushes at him to punch him deep in the gut*

Usopp:*is hit and sent through 2 trees*

Heracles:*worried*are you alright Usoppn?

Usopp:*jumps in the air and shoots down at him*hell yeah!

Heracles:*is shoot and is pushed back alittle*

Usopp:*lands*keep coming at me!

Heracles:*rushes at him*As you wishn!

Location:Karakuri Island



Franky:*runs away*dammit, Strawhat wants me to get stronger, but all i've done is get in suuuper trouble!

Marines:*chase him*after him!

Franky:*runs into a building and slams the door shut and locks it*

Franky:*turns on the lights and is shocked*woah...

Franky:*grins as he looks at the huge room filled with missles and war machines*SUPAAAA!!!!