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Brook vs Appo Prediction

Sorry if it's alittle lame, I woke up with a cold this morning. *sneezes* mellorine!!

At a concert hall on an island in the New World

PG 1

  • Brook:*walks up to a huge stage and looks with amazement* Yohohoho!!! This place brings back so many memories!!
  • Animals:*come out of the forest and sit down*
  • Brook:Oh hello there. Have you come to see me play?
  • ???:They didnt come to see you!! Soul King!!!
  • Brook:?!

PG 2

  • Scratchmen Appo:*poses as fireworks shoot from the stage*They came for me!!!
  • On Air Pirates:*back up pose*Check it oouutt!!!
  • Animals:*cheer with excitement*
  • Brook: You were one of the elite rookies from 2 years ago. Is this your island?

PG 3

  • Appo: Oh yeah. This is my concert island. We rookies have banned together to crush you pirates! I wanted to take you out especially!! Fame stealer!!
  • Brook:*playing his guitar to the animals*Bone to be Wild!!!
  • Animals:*cheer and some even faint*
  • Appo: Your doing it again!!! *Beats on his chest*
  • Brook:*hears the music*
  • Animals:?!

PG 4

  • Appo:*makes a beat* Yo!! So yall decided to listen to the Soul King!! I get it, he's nothing but bones and can sing! Baahh who the hell cares for dat crap?! Wouldnt you rather listen to my enka rap?! Appo do is win!!
  • On air Pirates:Win!!
  • Appo:WIn no matter what!! One Piece on my mind and I'll never give it up!! Everytime I step on the stage...everybody hands go up!!! And they stay there!!! Up!! Down!! Up!! Down!! Up!! Down!! Cuz Appo do is-
  • Brook:SHUT UP!!!!!!

PG 5

  • On air Pirates/Appo:?!
  • Brook:*jumps on stage and he strums his guitar* I've heard enough of this insult to music!!
  • Appo:*glares*insult? What makes it an insult?
  • Brook:Your "music".......

PG 6

  • Brook:*glares* Has no soul.
  • Appo:Appopopopo!!! I thought you were gonna say something serious!! Music needs no soul dumbass!!
  • Brook:*takes out his Soul Solid* I see I must educate you, little kid!!
  • Appo:I dont need a music teacher!! *cymble crashes his head* Shan!!
  • Brook:*head is chopped off*Yoho?!

PG 7

  • On air Pirates:Captain won in one shot!!
  • Brook:*reattaches his head*no he didnt.
  • On air Pirates:eh?!

PG 8

  • Brook: Attacks like that wont work on me!!
  • Appo:*takes out two buzzsaw blades* Then how about dis? Check it ouuutt!!
  • Brook:*charges at him* Even your wepon has no soul!!

PG 9

  • Brook/Apoo:*clash with each other*
  • Appo:*jumps back and he beats his chest*Don!!
  • Brook:*body explodes*
  • Appo:*grins*
  • Brook:*jumps out of the cloud of smoke and he stabs at Appo*

PG 10

  • Appo:*shoulder is hit and frozen*shit!!
  • Brook:*stabs rapidly*Slurring Strike
  • Appo:*blocks the strikes* Slurs?! Those things are so old school!!
  • Brook:*slashes upward and breaks Appo's blades*
  • Appo:?!

PG 12

  • Appo:*backflips and he holds on to his new headphones* You'll pay for that!!!
  • Brook:Quinto Tias....
  • Appo:*turns up the volume and he yells*Crank!!!!!!
  • Brook:*is pushed back by a giant sound wave*
  • Appo: Appo do is win!!!
  • Brook:*pulls out guitar* So its like that?! *plays his guitar* Bone to be Wild!!!!
  • On air Pirates:they're both fighting with sound alone!!

PG 13

  • Appo: Appo do is win!! Win!!!!
  • Brook: Bone to be Wild!!!
  • Appo: Appo!!! *hits him in the face*
  • Brook: Bone!!! *hits him in the chest*
  • Appo: Appo!!! *hits him in the guts*
  • Brook: Bone!!! *hits him in the face and Appo gets to one knee* Bone!! Bone!!! Bone!!! Bone!!!!*hits him back with each lyric*

PG 14

  • Appo:*feels dizzy and he barely stands*Ap-
  • Brook: BOOOOONE!!!!!!!* sends him flying off the stage and into the forest*
  • On Air Pirates:CAPTAIN APPO?!?!?!
  • Appo:*is unconcious and bloody*guh......

PG 15

  • Brook:*walks away* Yohohohoho!!!! Tell him I'll be happy to fight him again, once he learns his scales!!


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