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Anybody else wondering the reasons for the new BB pirate member's ephits and what they couldve possibly done to get put in Level 6 in impel down. Heres what I think...

  • "Wicked King" Avalo Pizarro: A king like Cobra who probably got more and more tired of being treated like trash to the Celestrial Dragons. He probably used his control over his land to make his own "crew" and attempted to destroy everything that they had. Sengoku probably stopped him in his younger years.
  • "Mighty Drinker" Vasco Shot: A common large man who loved to drink and usally commited many small time, but still noticable crimes because of his addiction. Things kinda got out of hand when his addiction drove him to massacare a whole town when he was denied a drink by the local marines stating that service of any acoholic beverage is prohibited towards him.
  • "Crescent Moon Hunter" Catanaria Devon: An old era rookie pirate that killed many civilians and marines. She would normally only strike a town or ship at night, but on nights when a crescent moon was out she would normally go from island to island and kill any marines nearby. Mostly to kill at least 100 before morning.

Well those are my thoughts. Feel free to tell me what you think.