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BlackLegSanji vs Luffy vs Naruto

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Empty Void

  • BLS:*looks at the two warriors with his hands in his pockets*Are you both ready?
  • Naruto:well, I would prefer a better battlefield.
  • Luffy:*floating*yeah, fighting here just feels weird.
  • BLS:*smirks and claps his hands together*fine *his hands glow green and the three vanish*

In a huge city with many appartments

  • BLS/Luffy/Naruto:*each appear on a corner of a rooftop*
  • BLS:better?
  • Luffy/Naruto: yeah.
  • BLS:*gets ready*ok then lets get started.
  • Naruto:*figthing stance* Ready......
  • Luffy:*fighting stance* Set....
  • BLS:*jumps high in the the air and looks down at them*Let's Jet.
  • Building:*crumbles*
  • Naruto:*skids away*
  • Luffy:*backflips to another roof*
  • BLS:*appears infront of Naruto and punches him in the gut*
  • Naruto:*is sent flying though 2 buildings*
  • Luffy:*above BLS*Gum Gum....
  • BLS:*looks up*
  • Luffy:Jet Bazooka
  • BLS:*vanishes. kicks luffy in the face*
  • Luffy:*is sent flying though 1 building*
  • BLS:*lands and smiles*
  • Naruto:*just his voice*what's so funny?
  • BLS:?!
  • Naruto:*elbows him in the ribs*
  • BLS:*coughs alittle blood and is sent flying through 4 buildings*
  • Naruto:*looks in his direction and smiles*
  • BLS:*gets up in pain*damn that hurt.
  • Luffy:*just his voice*So will this!!
  • BLS:*gasps*him too?!
  • Luffy:*above him*Gum Gum Jet Spear
  • BLS:*is hit along with 20 meters of the earth*ah!!
  • Luffy:*lands next to the cloud of smoke*
  • Naruto:*zips to the other side*
  • BLS:*eyes glow red and he roars*
  • Naruto/Luffy:*feel the shockwave, but look unfazed*
  • BLS:*slams his hands on the ground*Earth Spikes
  • Naruto/Luffy:*zips around trying to avoid dangerous spikes from the ground*
  • BLS:*vanishes and grabs Luffy by his neck. He rams him through 5 buildings.*
  • Luffy:*groans in pain*
  • Naruto:*chases him*why you!!!
  • BLS:*stops and tosses Luffy aside as Naruto comes*Bring it fox boy!!
  • Naruto:*punches rapidly*
  • BLS:*counters them all*
  • Luffy:*gets up in pain*basterd! Gum Gum Jet Cannon
  • BLS/Naruto:*jump away from each other as Luffy's attack sends a huge round shockwave between them*
  • BLS:*thinking*these guys aren't a team, they just have a mutual enemy.
  • Naruto:*zips at him with a black ball in his hand* Bijuu Rasengan
  • BLS:*gasps as the ball is driven into his gut*d-damn. *is engulfed in a semi giant explosion*

Area now has a giant crator in its center

  • Luffy:*wakes up and rubs his head*wow that was huge!!!
  • Naruto:*pants as he walks to Luffy*I.....did it....I won Luffy.
  • Luffy:*pouts*aw man, but you took up all the action.
  • BLS:*just his voice*dont give up now......Luffy.
  • Naruto/Luffy:?!
  • BLS:*walks up to them from another side of the crator. His shirt is destroyed along with 20% of his tophat*That was impressive, Naruto,but.....
  • Ultimate BLS:*skin turns pitch black and white wings grow from his back. His voice is has a demonic echo*now the real fight begins. Zehahahahaha!!!!
  • Luffy/Naruto:.........
  • Ultimate BLS:*grins*dont tell me your scared?
  • Luffy:hell no.
  • Naruto:we're actually....
  • Naruto/Luffy:Pumped Up!!!!!!
  • Ultimate BLS:hm?
  • Naruto:*zips at him and punches with a huge chakara fist*
  • Ultimate BLS:*groans allittle, but he smiles roars at Naruto*WRATH!!!!!!!!!
  • Naruto:*is blown back by a shockwave from the roar. It makes him crash down near Luffy and pass out*whoa!!
  • Luffy:*zips at BLS*Gum Gum....
  • Ultimate BLS:*punches at his head*
  • Luffy:* vanishes and appears on his side*Jet Pistol
  • Ultimate BLS:*is hit in the face an he tilts over slightly*how did that hurt.
  • Luffy:*infront of him*Jet Stamp
  • Ultimate BLS:*coughs blood and is sent flying to the edge of the crator*
  • Ultimate BLS:*pants*this form makes my skin so hard....lightning cant even hurt me. No blade can cut me. So how....?
  • Luffy:*infront of him*Gum Gum....
  • Ultimate BLS:*gasps*
  • Luffy:Jet Gattling
  • Ultimate BLS:*blocks, but is still drastically beaten down by the barrage of punches*
  • Luffy:*stops and looks*
  • Ultimate BLS:*walks to Luffy in much pain*is that
  • Luffy:*pants*nope *zips at him and punches*
  • Ultimate BLS:*blocks and roars*WRATH!!!!!!
  • Luffy:*vanishes at the last minute. He appears behind him and strikes*Jet Bazooka
  • Ultimate BLS:*is hit in the back and is brought down to one knee*AAHH!!!
  • Luffy:*jumps high in the air*Gear 3 Giant Arm......
  • Ultimate BLS:*gets up in pain and looks up at him*
  • Luffy:*spins arm as it turns black*Armaments Vulcanation Gum Gum........
  • Ultimate BLS:*places his hands on the ground and sends 8 giant earth fist at him*TAKE THIS!!!
  • Luffy:*lauches his fist*THIS IS FOR NARUTO!!!! Giant Kyubii Rifle
  • Ultimate BLS:*watches as all his fists are destroyed and the giant fist comes at him*Ze-Ze-ZEHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! NOW THIS IS SUPA!!!! THIS IS AWSOME!!!! THIS IS ANIME!!!!!
  • Luffy:*crushes him and makes the crator 2xs deeper*

1 hour later

  • Naruto:*wakes up in a room with bandages*huh?
  • Chopper:*looks*oh, hey Luffy he's awake!!!
  • Luffy:*enters*really!! Hey Naruto!!!
  • Naruto:Luffy....what happened to that BLS guy?
  • Luffy:*grins*well I kicked his ass. Guess I won the tie breaker.
  • Naruto:*smiles*yeah I guess. Dammit, I wanted to beat him. Oh well.
  • Yountoryuu:*appears grining*Glad to see you taking it well.
  • Naruto/Luffy/Chopper:AHH!!!! ANOTHER ONE!!!!
  • Yountoryuu:easy, easy. I just came here to take Naruto home. Also BLS wanted me to wish you both luck in your dreams.
  • Naruto:he did?
  • Luffy:why cant we see him?
  • Yountoryuu:*chops him on the head*YOU BROKE EVERY BONE IN HIS BODY YOU GOMU BAKA!!!
  • Luffy:*defeated*uuhh....
  • Yountoryuu:*smiles*It'll take a few months, but he'll be back in no time.
  • Naruto:oh, well are we leaving?
  • Nami/Robin:*walk by*
  • Yountoryuu:*grins deviously*well, I could wait until your fully better. Whats the rush?


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