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Big Mamma

Ok I made a prediction of how I want Kaido to be, now its Big Mam's turns. Despite her name and the suspicion of Lola being her daughter, I have an idea.:

  • Height: 8'5
  • waistline: similar to nami,but boobs are slightly bigger
  • Hair: pink and puffy like an afro
  • eyes: pink
  • skin tone: same as Luffy or Zoro's
  • personality: Nice and sweet most of the time. Turns harsh and unmerciful in battle. Is slightly obsesed and protective of candy
  • sig. laugh:Mafufufufu
  • upperbody: wears a black captains hat like on her jolly roger. wears a green deep v shirt showing 20% of her clevage. Has a black captains coat with her jolly roger on the back
  • lower body: wears expensive black heels. has black jeans on.
  • lips: wears not thick, but still noticable red lipstick.
  • heart eyes* thats miiiine!!! whats yours?!?! mellorine mellorine!!!

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