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Chapter 660: Centaur Company

PG 1


  • Smoker: Don't try to change the subject Law. Besides, I'm here to do my job. The Strawhat Crew are on this island.
  • Law:*grins* They are? Well you better hurry up and find them. I doubt they'll stay out of trouble for long.
  • Smoker: damn you.
  • Tashigi: Smoker-san, some of our troops have spotted "Soul King" Brook running on the island. They are currently trying to subdue him, but they are having trouble.
  • Smoker: I see. Go and assist them Tashigi.
  • Tashigi: yes sir!!

PG 2

  • Smoker: You and I aren't done talking Law.
  • Law:*sighs* I see. Then come inside I suppose, Smoker ya.

Inside Biscuit's Room

  • Sanji:*smoking* I wonder where they went.
  • Franky: They started whispering and next thing you know they super bolted.

PG 3

  • Sanji: Oh well, lets catch up with Nami-san.
  • Franky: right.

In Vegapunk's old lab

  • Nami: Yes, I found my weapon.
  • Giant Girl: Big sis!! The spacemen are here!!
  • Hazmat Man 1:*running at them with 2 men as back up* Dont let them get away!!
  • Hazmat Man 2: Stop!! We have to go!! The marines are here!!
  • Hazmat Man 1: Shit!! Alright let's go!!

PG 4

  • Giant Boy: They ran away.
  • Chopper:*in brain point* I wonder why?
  • Nami: They said the marines are here. I guess they aren't affiliated with them.
  • Sanji/ Franky:*run to the lab with the severed head in Franky's arms*
  • Boys:*star eyes* Mr. Robot!!!

PG 5

  • Franky:*poses* You guys alright?
  • Boys:*star eyes* Yeaahh!!!
  • Chopper: those men stopped chasing us and ran. I think their hiding from the marines.
  • Sanji: Marines? So they aren't allies?
  • Severed Head: Are you all stupid?
  • Crew: huh?

PG 6

  • Severed Head: Punk Hazard has been put off-limits to anyone by the Government. Anyone found here will be arrested if found by the Marines. This place should be uninhabitated by anyone or anything.
  • Nami: I see. Whoever those people are don't want to be caught.
  • Girl: Hey big sis!! I found an exit to outside, but its really cold.
  • Nami: good. There are some jackets over there. They're big but they will have to do.

PG 7

On the border of the Ice Lands and Burning Lands

  • Usopp:*with his hat on* Please Listen to us!! Zoro is not the samurai who hurt your friends!! We came here to help you actually!!
  • Boss Nessus:* a large centaur with a black horse lowere body. He was muscular, wearing no shirt. He wore a dark cape draped over his shoulders. He had a thick goatee and a black ponytail. He carried a sword as large as him* And why should I believe you normal legged human?
  • Info Box: Boss of Centaur Company: "Sea Guardian" Nessus Grant
  • Centaurs:*glare at them and stand ready to attack*

PG 8

  • Robin:*fully dressed* Please understand, Centaur-kun. We came here when one of your commrades contacted our ship in search for you. We merely came here to be of assistance.
  • Boss Nessus:*nods* I see. I fully understand little lady.
  • Usopp:*angry* I JUST SAID THAT!!!!
  • Boss Nessus: Excuse me for my ignorance Swordsman. Please, all of you follow us to our base.
  • Luffy/ Zoro:*fully clothed* base?

PG 9

Centaur Company HQ:* a square building with ice covering it and "CC" on the roof.

  • Luffy: Hey!!! Why are you taking away Leggy?!
  • Boss Nessus: Though we mistook your friend as the samurai, there is no doubt those legs belong to him.
  • Luffy:*complains* But I want to be a centaur!!!
  • Usopp:*pats his shoulder* Let it go Luffy.
  • Centaur Soldier: Boss, the dinner table is ready.
  • Luffy:*drooling* Dinner?!
  • Robin:*giggling* that was quick.

PG 10

  • Boss Nessus/ Crew:*sit down and eat sea king meat*
  • Centaur Soldiers:*stand guard around the table and building*
  • Luffy:*eating* This is good. Is this all centaurs eat Usopp?
  • Usopp:*eating* I cant be for certain, but they might.
  • Zoro: Hey Boss Centaur, tell me more about this samurai.
  • Boss Nessus:Well he came here yesterday without warning.....

PG 11

  • Boss Nessus:*talks while flashing back to the samurai cutting his men* He was strong and ruthless. We even tried talking to him, but his eyes and ears were shut off by rage. He kept asking for someone while cutting down our men.
  • Zoro:*drinking* Then what happened?
  • Boss Nessus: He ran away after my men outnumbered him. He ran off to the PH-006 building and we lost him. If I'm right about those legs belonging to him, then he probably ran into the Warlord who comes here from time to time.
  • Robin: They were talking of a warlord. What warlord is stationed here?

PG 12

  • Boss Nessus: "The Surgeon of Death" Trafalgar Law. Despite the law made by the government for no one to enter the island, he freely visits and vacations here.
  • Luffy: Law? That's who saved me and Jinbe from Marineford. He's a warlord now?
  • Boss Nessus:*nods* indeed.

PG 13

Outside of CC base

  • Centaur Soldier 1:*looks* Hey, what's that?
  • Centaur Soldier 2: don't know.
  • Brook:*running at them in fear*AAAHHHH!!!!!!
  • Centaur Soldiers:*freak out* A GHOST SKELINGTON!!!!!
  • Torso:*jumps between Brook and the soilders*
  • Centaur Soldier: Is that?!

PG 14

  • Brook:*cries in fear* Please leave me alone!!!!
  • Torso:*jumps at Brook and tries to attack*
  • Centaur Soldiers:*hit it down with clubs*
  • Brook:*sighs* thank you.

PG 15

  • Brook: Luffy-san!!
  • Luffy: Brook!! Why are you here?
  • Brook: I was going to wait at the ship, but a torso attacked me with swords.
  • Boss Nessus:*examines the torso as it is tied up* Just like the legs. Put the torso in a separate cell until we find the head as well.
  • Centaur Soldier: Yes sir!!

PG 16

  • Usopp: Mr. Centaur, the rest of our crew is missing. Mind helping?
  • Boss Nessus: ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!
  • Usopp:*scared* ok....
  • Robin: Mr. Centaur, the rest of our crew is missing. Mind helping?
  • Boss Nessus: of course.
  • Usopp:*angry* HE DID IT AGAIN!!!!
  • Brook: you seem stressed Usopp-san.

PG 17

  • Tashigi: I can't believe how weak you men are.
  • Marines:*on the ground defeated*
  • Marine: It wasn't our fault Tashigi-chan. The pirate was being chased by a torso. It cut us down before we could follow.
  • Tashigi:*confused* Torso?