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Chapter 659: Master "M"

PG 1

  • Hazmat Man:*shooting a gun* its one human and one robot!! dont stop!!
  • Kids:*run around crying*wwhaaa, they wont stop shooting!!!
  • Franky:*using his arms to block bullet fire* Just hurry and follow the woman!!
  • Kids:*star eyes* yes sir, Mr. Cyborg!!

PG 2

  • Sanji:*kicks a large number of hazmat men* Party Table: Kick Course!!
  • Hazmat Men:*fall to the ground and walls*
  • Samurai Head: Oi!!!! stop knocking them out!! I have to ask them about Momonosuke!!
  • Sanji: We have bigger problems shitty samurai!!!
  • Hazmat Men:*some more enter the room and some of the defeated ones get back up*
  • Sanji:*glares* damn.

PG 3

  • Nami:*running with Chopper and the kids* Where is an exit? Or at least another door?
  • Giant Boy: There's a one door the men use when ever they feed us. We aren't allowed to go near it.
  • Nami: That's probably our best bet.

PG 4

  • Hazmat Man:*bursts through the door they were running to* Stop right there!! Go no fur-
  • Chopper:*kung fu kicks him in the face and sends him flying back*Hiyyaa!!
  • Boys:*star eyes* awsome Tanuki!!!
  • Chopper:*stands on the man and poses*hiiiiiiya.
  • Boys:*cheer for him*
  • Nami: Stop messing around!!!!

PG 5

  • Nami/Chopper:*run down a large hallway with the children following*
  • Franky:*notices the room is empty of kids* hey Sanji, they all got out.
  • Sanji:*smokes as he steps on a man's head* good. Because more are still coming.
  • Hazmat Men:*stop attacking and stand at attention*
  • ???: Who the hell do you people think you are letting my test subjects go free.
  • Franky/Sanji:?!
  • ???: Well? Answer me!!
  • Sanji: What the hell is that?!

PG 6

  • Luffy:*stands infront of the lake separating the two islands* We made it!! Shave ice here we come!!!
  • Usopp: Hey captain, the crew is in danger remember?!
  • Zoro:*dips his hand in the water* The water is warm. Not blazing like it was near the shore.
  • Robin: It'll probally be slightly chilly on the other side. This island truelly is remarkable.
  • Zoro: So how do we get over there?

PG 7

  • ???:*the half bird woman* Why dont you just fly over it.
  • Crew:!!
  • Usopp:*points at her* AAHH!!! Its the bird woman!!! See I told you!!!
  • Luffy:*star eyes* cool!!! Hey wanna join my crew?
  • Usopp:*slaps him* AGAIN WITH THIS?!
  • Robin: Hello. Who and what are you?

PG 8

  • "A": Fufufu, you may call me "A". As for what I am: an angel of course.
  • Usopp: Dont mess with us!! You're just another centaur!!
  • "A":'re no fun. Fufufu.
  • Luffy: hey, do you poop?
  • "A":*smiles* yes.
  • Usopp:*sulks* so exhausting.....

PG 9

  • "A":*she jumps up and glides over them* You 4 actually seem pretty interesting. You should meet our master.
  • Zoro: And who is that?
  • "A": Fufufu, the greatest mind on this island. *with a sea king expression on her face* He's beyond human.

PG 10

  • Sanji:*is collapsed on the ground*
  • ???:*hovering about* Thats one down.
  • Franky:*on one knee* Shit!!! *launches rockets* Franky Rocket Launcher!!!
  • ???:*melts the rockets as soon as they approach him* Stupid machine.
  • Hazmat man: No more master. Let us handle thi-

PG 11

  • ???: *forms a hand and drives it through its mask*
  • Hazmat man:*cries in pain as his face is smoking*aaahhh!!!! it burrrrnnnss!!!
  • ???: Dont you dare try to tell me what to do!!
  • Franky:*aims at him* Only one option. Franky.....
  • ???: huh?!

PG 12

  • Franky:*shoots his laser beam* Radical Beam
  • ???/ Hazmat Men:*get blown back*
  • Franky:*grabs Sanji and runs away*

PG 13

  • Master "M":*the blob takes the form of a man with spikey hair* Escape? No one escapes Master "M"!!
  • Franky:*running* Hold on Sanji. Im gonna get you to Chopper. Just hang in th- *he stops when Master "M" jumps infront of him*?!
  • Master "M":*grins crazilly*
  • Franky: damn it!! Are you a logia?

PG 14

  • Master "M": logia? Sorry, but I'm far worse than some lowly human of nature. All credit goes to that damn Vegapunk!!!
  • Luffy:*waves to "A"* thanks for the lift birdy.
  • "A":*flies away* dont mention it.
  • Usopp:*with his hat back on and rubbing himself alittle* I cant believe she took us to the other side.
  • Zoro:*with his clothes back on* It is kinda suspicious.

PG 15

  • Robin:*with a coat on* She said the others are on a straight path from here.
  • Luffy: alright. lets go!!
  • Leggy:*thinking* How the hell did I get in this mess?

PG 16

  • Master "M": take them both to my lab with the others. The rest of you, go and find those children.
  • Hazmat Men:*salute* Yes sir!!!
  • Master "M":*rubs his head and goes back to his blob form* Bring one back to my study. I got excited and used too much power again.

PG 17

  • Master "M": *thinking*Vegapunk!!! I refuse to die until you pay for what you did to me 4 years ago!!!