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Chapter 685: Ryunosuke

PG 1

  • Luffy: Oh!! You must be a dragon too!!
  • Dragon: I'm not a dragon!! I'm just a little boy!!
  • Luffy: Are not!!
  • Dragon: Are too!!

PG 2

  • Momonosuke: I'm a boy from the land of Wa!! My name is Momonosuke!!
  • Luffy: *folds arms* But you look like a dragon. How come you look like that, Ryunosuke?
  • Momonosuke: ITS MOMONOSUKE!!! As for how i got like not very sure. I just remember a bright light and getting thrown down here.
  • Luffy:Well i can't stay here. I gotta go beat up that Caesar bastard. To bad I can't fly.
  • Momonosuke: I can.
  • Luffy: really?!

PG 3

  • Momonosuke: *flies up alittle and circles above Luffy*
  • Luffy: So Cool!!!! Your awsome Ryunosuke!!
  • Momonosuke: ITS MOMONOSUKE!!!

PG 4

  • Monet:*hovers over a large snow hut she encased Zoro's group in.*
  • Kinemon:*slice/burns it in half*
  • Monet:*glares*.....
  • Usopp:*cheers* alright Kinemon!!
  • Zoro:*grins* nice.
  • Kinemon: It doesn't matter how many layers of snow this harpy makes. I will always be able to cut it.

PG 5

  • Monet:*thinking* At this rate, I will get caught by the gas as well.
  • Robin:*looks at the giant children* At least the cold air put the kids to sleep.
  • Chopper: This is our chance. Nami give them the sedative while their asleep.
  • Nami: right.

PG 6

  • Tashigi/Sanji:*running with the few remaining G-5 marines*
  • Marine:*is killed by the gas*hel-
  • Tashigi:*tears up*damn it!!
  • Sanji:*stops and stands up to the gas*
  • Tashigi: Black Leg?!
  • Marine:Bro!!

PG 7

  • Caesar:*looks at the screen* What is he up to? The gas is already halfway filled up Block B. There is nothing he can do to stop it.
  • Caesar:HE'S YELLING AT IT?!

PG 8

  • Sanji:*jumps up in the air and kicks at the gas. He sends 3 giant fire slashes from his feet at the gas.* Hell Frit Assorti!!!
  • Tashigi/Marines/Caesar:*watch as the gas is cleared out of Block B until it continues to seep in because of the earlier wall explosions*
  • Tashigi: Black Leg...
  • Sanji:*mellorine dance* I pushed the gas away Tashigi-chan!! No more need to cry!! But if you need a hug im more that available!!

PG 9

  • Hazmat man: Its alright master!! The gas is still entering the room because of the damage caused by the dragon.
  • Caesar:*exhales* good.
  • Hazmat Man:Sir!! The children are no longer addicted to the candy!! They are with the Strawhats now!!
  • Caesar:*trollface* WHAAAAT?!

PG 10

  • Vergo:*clashes with Smoker*
  • Smoker:*dodges another blowdart attack and attempts to hit him with his jutte*
  • Vergo:*blocks without looking*
  • Smoker:*is then hit in the face by a haki kick*
  • Vergo:*prepares a blowdart*
  • Smoker:!!!

PG 11

  • Law:Shambles
  • Law/Vergo:*switch places*
  • Vergo:*shoots and destroys random macines*
  • Smoker: Law.....
  • Law:*looks at Vergo* Dont get the wrong idea, White Hunter. I just dont have time for you to settle personal issues.
  • Vergo:*cracks his neck* I guess I can kill you both at the same time.
  • Smoker & Trafalgar Law vs Vergo

PG 12

  • Baby 5/Buffalo(big guy):*on a ship*
  • Baby 5: is it even safe?
  • Buffalo: The gas is supposed to evaporate after 2 hours. By the time we get there it should be safe.
  • Baby 5:*cries* fine!!!
  • Buffalo: calm down Baby 5.

PG 13

  • Zoro/company:*run to Block R with the kids not addicted anymore*
  • Usopp: I wonder where the bird woman went?
  • Robin: She probably went to Caesar.
  • Brook: I wish she stayed longer so I could've asked to see her panties!!
  • Kinemon: Indeed.
  • Nami:*hits them on their heads* SERIOUSLY?!!!!!

PG 14

  • Luffy:*bursts out of the floor while riding on top of Momonosuke* YAAHOOO!!!
  • Sanji: Luffy?
  • Luffy:Oh hey Sanji!! Weren't there more marines?
  • Tashigi:*frowns as only two marines are left*
  • Momonosuke: Hey Luffy, what's that cloud?
  • Luffy/Sanji/Tashigi:*see the gas get closer*!!

PG 15

  • Luffy: that cloud is bad news, Ryunosuke!! Everybody get on Ryunosuke!!
  • Momonosuke: ITS MOMONOSUKE!!!
  • Luffy/company:*fly away and zip to the the gate of Block R*


I know this one was short and not that action packed but its all i can work with considering how 684 went. This arc should be renamed...Mindfuck.