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Zehahahaha!!!! This chapter was so awesome!! Oda needs to stop giving me all these mild heart attacks on a weekly basis bruh!! We got to see so many characters we haven't seen in so long like the star clown Buggy!! At first I thought he became taller but I guess he could just be using his powers. His pirate dispatch company is doing great, buuuuuut in typical Buggy luck Straw Hat has kicked him in the balls once again by taking FIVE GIANTS FROM HIM!!! Oh I love it so much. I bet they left in the most lax way.

Hajrudin: Hey guys we're gonna become pirates under the command of Straw Hat Luffy.

Giants: Ight

Sabo is working out his flames like Bruce Lee and Jesus is resting on Dragon's doorstep. What the hell Burgess?! You survived a beating from Sabo that should've killed you and instead of going back to Blackbeard you decide to follow him back home so him and his boss can beat you down. As a Christian I never thought I'd say these words. JESUS YOU DUMBASS!!!

Burgess: It was all part of my master plan. *coughs blood*

Kanjuro made the cutest dragon Robin has ever seen. Sorry Momo, but you have been replaced. Of to the top of Zou we go to meet a ninja. In true anime logic the ninja will probably be dumb and ironic but I don't care. We all know this character will be a homage to Naruto so let us enjoy it. I'm guessing the thing they see flying towards them is possibly Sanji thinking they are enemies. Or could it be....

Raizo: *dive kicks at them* Dynamic Entry!!!

Me: It's a dive kick of YOUTH!!!!