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BLS- Chapter 797 Prediction

Chapter 797: Riled Up

Page 1

• Usopp: What do you mean you have to do something?!

• Luffy:*smiles at the Usopp while the marines rush at Luffy.* I told you I’ll catch up! Don’t worry about it!

• Tall Marine:*runs at Luffy and slashes down on him with his large sword*

• Luffy:*vanishes and appears above all the marines with his right leg raised.* Gum-Gum…

• Marines:*looks up at him*!!!

Page 2

• Luffy:*crushes them with a gear 3 foot stomp, causing a large impact explosion* Giant Axe!!

• Marines:*get heavily wounded and blown away by the attack*Gaahh!!!!

• Luffy:*lands on the tall marine from earlier and smiles at the remaining marines.*

• Marines:*all stare at Luffy with nervous faces*

• Bartolomeo:*crying with stars in his eyes*The great Gear 3 of the Enis Lobby Smackdown Saga!!

• Zoro/Usopp: You made up titles for our battles?!!

Page 3

• Law: Just make sure you make it to the ship in time, Strawhat-ya!

• Luffy:*grins and dashes at the marines* Right!!

• Kyros: You sure he’ll be alright?

• Law: He’s healed enough to not die by some marine troops. I’m more concerned about leaving this island before we get even worst visitors.

• Usopp: AHH!! YOU JINX!!

• Marines:*appear on different sides of the area and fire cannon balls at Law and company*Stop the criminals!!

Page 4

• Bartolomeo:*protects them with his barrier*

• Law and Company:*run away with Bartolomeo in front*

• Marines:*chase them*

• Luffy:*punches more marines and jumps to the city and lands on a rooftop.*

Page 5

• Maynard:*talking on a den-den mushi* What do you mean they all got away?!

• Tsuru:*exhales and drinks tea*These youngsters are getting more dangerous by the minute it would seem.

• Sengoku:*laughing while eating his cookies* Well it’s the crew of Garp’s grandson after all!

• Maynard: Why aren’t you two out there? Either of you could take them all down no problem, right?!

Page 6

• Sengoku:*troll face* I would but these old bones of mine aren’t made for fighting anymore.

• Tsuru: A better question is why aren’t you out there with Issho. We don’t need you to keep us company.

• Maynard: I know that but…

• Tsuru: Or perhaps you’re scared of Strawhat.

• Maynard: What?!

• Tsuru: It’s understandable. He is the pirate that just defeated Doflamingo after all. He’d probably one-shot you by accident.

Page 7

• Cavendish:*sees Law and company heading towards him*!!

• Bartolomeo: Hey Cabbage! Is everything still set?!

• Cavendish: Of course it is. Where’s Strawhat?

• Law: He’s gonna catch up.

• Marines: *show up and charge at the group*

• Usopp: They’re still chasing us!!

• Cavendish:*grabs his blade and stands ready to face the marines* Go on. I’ll handle this!

• Bartolomeo: Gothca!

Page 8

• Bartolomeo and company:* keep running away*

• Cavendish:*removes his cloak and sends a flying slash at the marines*

• Marines:*stop and stare at the large slash*!!!

• Bastille:*saves them at the last second with his new shark slicer*

Page 9

• Marine:*looks amazed* Vice-Admiral Bastille!!

• Bastille: *covered in bandages and wearing his vice-admiral coat over his shoulders.* That damn revolutionary really did a number on me-dara. But I have healed enough to handle you at least, Cavendish-dara.

• Cavandish:*smiles* Is that a fact? For your sake you better hope I don’t get bored then?

• Cavendish/Bastille:*dash and clash blades*

Page 10

• Luffy:*hoping from rooftop to rooftop*Man I can’t wait to eat some of Sanji’s food. It feels like forever.

• ???:*someone crash lands on the roof and stares at Luffy* Strawhat!!!

• Luffy:*stops and looks at the person* Who are you?!

Page 11

• Maynard: I am Vice-Admiral Maynard of the Marines!! You are under arrest, pirate!!

• Luffy:*looks at him with a really uninterested face* Why are you so pumped up?

• Maynard:*coats his arms in armament haki and dashes at Luffy*

• Luffy:*continues to look at him uninterested*

• Maynard:*rapidly punches at Luffy’s head*

• Luffy:*dodges all the punches while still looking uninterested.*

Page 12

• Luffy:*grabs both his arms.*

• Maynard:!!!!

• Luffy:*knocks him out with king’s haki*

• Maynard:*falls back and is unconscious*

• Luffy:*sees the castle and jumps to it.*

Page 13

• Sengoku:*laughing*I still can’t believe you egged him on like that, Tsuru!!

• Tsuru: *talking on a den-den mushi and looks at his empty cookie bag on the ground* Well he was annoying me with his constant whining. Besides it’s not my fault his ego is so easily pushed.

• Sengoku: Well you always knew how to rile a man up.

Page 14

• Luffy: *appears at the palace entrance* Made it. Hey Rebecca!!!

• Rebecca:*goes to the window, opens it and sees Luffy* Lucy!!

• Luffy: We’re about to head out, but first I had to ask you something!

• Rebecca: Really? What is it?

• ???:*someone walks on the scene* So you’ve come here.

Page 15

• Luffy:*turns around and sees Sengoku*!!

• Sengoku: It truly pains me to treat a hero like a criminal, but I have no choice but to bring you in, Strawhat Luffy.

• Rebecca: Lucy….

Page 16

• Law: Are we there yet, Barto-ya?

• Bartolomeo: Almost! Just gotta turn this co- *stops running and stares in shock*!!

• Usopp:*freaks out* AAHH!!

• Zoro:*glares* Dammit!!

• Law:*gulps*!!

Page 17

• Fujitora:*stands over all the defeated allies of the strawhats* The guests of honor have arrived it seems.


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