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Chapter 693: Buki Buki no Mi

PG 1

  • Doflamingo: *smiles* Law...... Luffy....... These rookies are more crazy than I originally thought. I'm gonna have to step my game up. What do you think Alvan?
  • Alvan:*armored top hat man sits in a chair*.......
  • Info Box: "Silent Killer" Alvan-Donquixote Pirates- Marksman
  • Doflamingo: My thoughts exactlly. You always say the right thing Alvan.

PG 2

  • Buffalo:*flies towards Franky*
  • Franky:*notices Buffalo's jolly roger tatoo* That's.....
  • Flashback Law:*shows him a picture of Doflamingo's jolly roger* Hey "Cyborg", if you see anyone with this jolly roger, know that they are the enemy.
  • Flashback Franky:*thumbs up* Supeerr got it!!!

PG 3

  • Franky:Franky.......
  • Buffalo:!!!
  • Franky:'Rocket Launcher'!!!!
  • Buffalo:*is hit by the rockets and crashes to the ground*
  • Baby 5:*lands on the ship*

PG 4

  • Baby 5:*uses her flamethrower on Franky*
  • Franky:*iron pirate is unfazed*
  • Baby 5: What the hell?!
  • Franky:That was hot, but this Wapol Metal is far to cool to be burnt by normal flames.

PG 5

  • Baby 5:*aims her machine gun* Well in that case.....
  • Franky:*aims his arms at her* Suuppeerr bring it on!!
  • Buffalo:*lifts himself up to the ship and sees both pirates*
  • Baby 5:*shoots at him* Take this!!!
  • Franky: *shoots with the iron pirates knuckles* Weapons Left!!!

PG 6

  • Buffalo:*watches as the bullets clash and counter.* Good Baby 5. I'll just sit back and wait for the right kill. *he notices something behind him* huh.
  • Shinokuni gas:*closing in on him*
  • Buffalo:*face faults* WAAAAHHH!!!! *he flies above the ship and blows away the gas more*

PG 7

  • Buffalo:Shit!! There is so much gas around that I need to keep scattering it or Baby 5 will die.
  • Baby 5:*runs out of bullets and throws the gun at Franky*
  • Franky:*punches it away*!!!
  • Baby 5:*throws six grenades at him*
  • Franky:*blocks the explosions*

PG 8

  • Baby 5:*appears above him and slashes down with her sword, but it breaks in half after hitting the robot*
  • Franky:*grabs her by her waistline and holds her up* Give up girly.
  • Baby 5:*aims an arm cannon at his head* Never!!
  • Franky:*the robot is hit in the face and lets her go*
  • Baby 5:*trips the robot and lands on its chest as she transforms her fingers into sharp blades*
  • Buffalo:*grins* She has him now.

PG 9

  • Baby 5:*strikes at his cockpit*
  • Franky:*shields the cockpit from a flurry of slashes*
  • Buffalo:*flies to Caesar* Guess I should go retrieve him then.
  • ???:*random sword slash*
  • Buffalo:*is sliced up* What the hell NOW?!

PG 10

  • Baby 5:*backflips away from Franky and looks to see what happened*
  • Luffy/Law/kids/marines/strawhats.:*arrive on the scene and with Law's room hovering a large portion of the island*
  • Baby 5:*glares* Damn it Law.

PG 11

  • Law: He only sent Buffalo and Baby 5? He really needs to stop that bad habit of underestimating.
  • Smoker:*notices Caesar* There is Caesar over there.
  • Luffy:See!! I told you it was no big deal!!
  • Baby 5:*lands off the ship and fires her ear turrents*
  • Law:*moves his fingers to the left* Shambles

PG 12

  • Baby 5:*is hit by her own bullets and falls to the ground*
  • Law:*exhales* Because I can. *points* Look....
  • Sanji:!!!
  • Baby 5:*appears infront of them and tries to slash with scythe hands*

PG 13

  • Law:*effortlesslly blocks*
  • Baby 5:*is handcuffed with sea prison cuffs thanks to extra arms growing out of her* What?!
  • Law:*pokes her shoulder* Counter Shock

'PG 14'

  • Baby 5:*is zapped and falls*
  • Law:Exactlly as planned, "Devil Child".
  • Robin:*giggles* Thank you.
  • Luffy: So what now?
  • Law:*notices Caesar, Baby 5, and the SAD tanker*

PG 15

  • Law: Well the first phase of this alliance didn't go as I originally planned but the outcome is still good.
  • Luffy:Shishishi
  • Law: Once we get these children home, we can commence with the second phase.
  • Luffy:*nods* right.
  • Smoker: We will take them.
  • Tashigi: Smoker-san.....

PG 16

  • Law: Are you sure Smoker?
  • Smoker: I've helped pirates, found out a conspiracy in my unit, and discovered some weapons underground. I need to do something decent or else I would have to resign from the marines.
  • G-5: *manly tears* That's our commander!!
  • Luffy:*smiles*
  • Law: Fine, we'll leave them to you.

PG 17

  • Momonosuke: Father get up!! Come on!!
  • Kinemon:*laying weak on the ground*ooooooh.......
  • Law:Yelling is useless. I got the ash of the Shinokuni off him, but he will be weak like that for at least a day.
  • Kinemon:*woozy* Im fine......
  • Momonosuke:See he is great!!

PG 18

  • Brownbeard:*cries* My subordnates!!!!
  • Law: Sorry, but they have been exposed to the gas for too long. Removing the Shinokuni ash can be fatal if 5 minutes have passed.
  • Brownbeard:*cries*WAAAAAA!!!!!
  • Law:*to Smoker* Can you take him too?

PG 19

  • Luffy:Hey Franky!!! Where is the Sunny?
  • Franky:*points to it* It's right over there. It's fully opertional.
  • Luffy: Alright!!!
  • Law:*talks on Den Den Mushi* Come on, Bepo.
  • Law's Submarine:*shoots up from the water and is next to the tanker. It is as big as the Sunny and black*