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Chapter 686: Snow-Snow Fruit

PG 1

  • Monet:*flies back and smiles at Zoro*
  • Zoro:*dashes at her and x slashes at her*
  • Monet:*flies up to avoid him*
  • Zoro:*looks up and blocks a slash from her ice swords*

PG 2

  • Monet: fufufu. You realy think you can handle me "Pirate Hunter"?
  • Zoro:*pushes her back* Yep! *appears above her and slashes down with both swords* Ultra Otoro!!
  • Monet:*tries to block but her wings are cut off as she crashes to the ground*
  • Nami: Did he do it?
  • Monet:*burst up with snow*

PG 3

  • Monet:*grins at Zoro as her wings reform themselves* So you can use haki? As expected.
  • Zoro:*glares* ....
  • Monet:*closes her wings and looks at him* I better go all out or else I'll die. Snow Hunt. *she vanishes in a burst of snow.
  • Zoro:!!

PG 4

  • Monet:*hovers above him shadowed*
  • Zoro:*jumps away from falling icicles raining down*
  • Monet:*giggles and kicks at Zoro with her talons*
  • Zoro:*blocks the shadowed strike without turning his head*
  • Nami:*looks around* where is she?!
  • Robin:*holding her shoulder* everywhere.
  • Nami: huh?

PG 5

  • Zoro:*blocks a barrage of strikes coming from all directions with his 2 sword style*
  • Monet:*smiles while still shadowed*
  • Chopper: I can't see her, but I can smell her. Why?
  • Robin: this is what makes the Snow-Snow fruit deadly. It's not as destructive as most Logia abilities, but....
  • Monet: *grabs Zoro by his arms*
  • Zoro:!!!

PG 6

  • Monet:* throws him to a wall*
  • Chopper: Zoro!!
  • Robin: Its true power deals in assasination.
  • Monet:*stands infront of Zoro shadowed, then reveals herself* Give up yet?
  • Zoro:*stands up and looks at her bored* Why? Because of some little cold?
  • Monet:*shadows herself again* Still heated for battle huh? I can change that. Fufufu.

PG 7

  • Tashigi:*looks back while running* Where is "Black Leg"?
  • Marine: He's still kicking people up to the front!!
  • Sanji:*kicks some more marines* Hurry up damn it!!
  • Shinokuni:*appears a foot away from Sanji*
  • Sanji:!!!

PG 8

  • Marines: Bro!!!
  • Sanji:*uses Sky Walk to escape above their heads* Stop calling for me damn it!! Just keep running!!!
  • Marines:*run away*
  • Sanji:*thinks to himself* This gas is getting annoying. It'll fill up the whole building in no time. I need to make an actual plan and fast.

PG 9

  • Law:*is about to be hit by one of Vergo's blowdarts* Shambles *swaps out with a pipe and avoids the explosion*
  • Vergo:*blocks another strike from Smoker's jutte without looking*
  • Smoker:*is kicked in the gut and crashes to the railing*
  • Vergo:*appears infront of him to attack with a blowdart*
  • Smoker:!!!

PG 10

  • Law:*touches his back and zaps him* Counter Shock
  • Vergo:*is zapped and misfires upward*
  • Law:!!!

PG 11

  • Vergo:*grabs his head and slams his head to the ground*
  • Smoker:*haki punches him in the face*
  • Vergo:*crashes into the railing and gets up*
  • Law:*gets up to one knee* damn.

PG 12

  • Zoro:*pants* *pants*
  • Monet:*strikes infront of him*
  • Zoro:*deflects her kick and dashes at her with his swords sheathed but holding them* Two-Sword Style Iai.....
  • Monet:!!!

PG 13

  • Zoro:*appears behind her with his swords still being sheathed* Rashomon Gekken!!
  • Monet:*appears cut and passes out while her and Zoro are in a Moses water divide picture, but with SNOW!!*

PG 14

  • Caesar: MONET WAS BEAT?!!!!
  • Monet:*knocked out*
  • Zoro:*epic panel* Like i said, just a little snow.

PG 15

  • Tashigi/Marines:*runs into the room* The gas is coming!!!
  • Zoro's group:!!!
  • Time estimated for B Block to be filled with Shinokuni gas: 15 minutes.

PG 16

  • Caesar:*sees an explosion from where his subordnites are standing* huh?! Now what?
  • CC men:*some fly away*
  • ???: You lay there and rest Momo.
  • ???:Im not ti- *sleeps*
  • Caesar: You again?!

PG 17

  • Luffy:*holds his hat on his head as it overshadows his eyes*
  • Momonosuke:*sleeps at his feet*
  • Caesar:"STAWHAT" LUFFY!!!!