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I know I said i would wait for Jinbe, but after seeing Law get his hat knocked off, ITS ON!!! Zehaha!!

Chapter 684: Plan B

PG 1

  • Smoker/Vero:*stare each other down*
  • Vergo:* darts at Smoker and punches with his haki*
  • Smoker:*counters it with his jutte and generates smoke around his fist* White...
  • Vergo: !!

PG 2

  • Smoker:*he transforms his arm into a large snake that tries to eat him*
  • Vergo:* uses gennpo to jump in the air and avoid the attack*
  • Smoker:*looks down at Law as his arm turns back to normal* Never send a pirate to do a marine's job.
  • Vergo:* appears infront of Smoker and punches at him*
  • Smoker:*he turns into smoke and flies up*

PG 3

  • Smoker:*turns his upper half back to normal and stares down at Vergo*
  • Vergo:*looks at him and kicks a slash wave at him* Rankakyu
  • Smoker:* deflects it with his jutte and dives down at Vergo*
  • Vergo:*blocks a strong jutte attack with his haki hardened arm*

PG 4

  • Mocha: But Im not being selfish. This candy is bad. Doctor Chopper-kun said so.
  • Monet: But he's bad himself. Trust me, Mocha.
  • Robin: She's one Caesar's followers. She can't be trusted.
  • Monet:*giggles* That's ironic coming from you "Devil Child" Nico Robin.
  • Children:* jump at Mocha* CANDY!!!!
  • Mocha:*cowers in fear* aah!!
  • Usopp: Special Attack....

PG 5

  • Usopp: Triple Sleep Star!!
  • Children:*are hit by an elarged version of the first sleep star attack and fall asleep inches away from Mocha*
  • Mocha: !!
  • Monet:*glare*.......

PG 6

  • Brook: Yohohoho!!! Good job Usopp-san!!!
  • Usopp: Thanks. I had to take down a whole swarm of giant beetles with that once. They slept for 24 hours. Hopefully the kids will be the same.
  • Mocha:*runs over to the SH's* I got the candy.
  • Chopper: Good Mocha.
  • Monet:*lifts her wings*
  • Zoro/Kinemon: !!!

PG 7

  • Monet:*flaps her wings at them and sends snow bullets* Snow Shot!!
  • Zoro/Kinemon:*deflect them all*
  • Usopp:*notices head-sized holes in the room from the snow shots* THAT'S DEADLY!!!
  • Monet: As expected.....
  • SH's/Kinemon: hm?

PG 8

  • Monet: "Pirate Hunter" Zoro. "Fire Fox" Kinemon. Even "Sogeking". I knew you wouldn't disappoint me. You're much like your captain.
  • Zoro: What did you do with Luffy?!
  • Monet: Nothing. He merely fell down into the basement under the lab.

PG 9

  • Usopp: Basement?
  • Nami: Sounds like him.
  • Monet:*flies over to the exit and makes another snow wall and phased through it*
  • Kinemon: That angel trapped us in here!!
  • Usopp: SHE'S A HARPY!!!

PG 10

  • Brook:* touches it* It seems to be snow.
  • Kinemon:*fires up his sword* Snow you say?
  • Monet: Now the only ones missing are "Black Leg" Sanji and "Cyborg Franky".
  • BOOM!!!*
  • Monet:!!!

PG 11

  • Monet:*phases back in the room and sees the wall she first made is melted and the children and Zoro's group is gone*
  • Monet:*glares*..........

PG 12

  • Smoker:*is on one knee and bleeding from one side of his face*
  • Vergo:*appears to kick him in the face*
  • Smoker:*turns to smoke and appears behind him.
  • Vergo:*is hit in the back of the head and bleeds*
  • Smoker:*tries to hit him in the face this time*

PG 13

  • Vergo:*dodges by leaning back*
  • Smoker:*jumps back and punches at Vergo with a giant smoke fist* White Fist!!
  • Vergo:*blocks while being pushed back*

PG 14

  • Smoker:*grabs his chest in pain* AAHH!!!
  • Vergo: Its about time you showed up.....
  • Caesar Clown:* holding Smoker's heart and walking up to Smoker* Shurororo!!!
  • Vergo: Caesar.
  • Smoker:*on his knees* damn it!!
  • Vergo:*appears infront of Smoker*
  • Smoker:!!!

PG 15

  • Vergo:*kicks him in the face with haki hardening*
  • Smoker:*slams against the railing of the bridge*
  • Caesar:*squeezes his heart* Shurororo!!!
  • Smoker:*feels the pain surge* AH!!
  • Vergo: It's over Smoker.

PG 16

  • Vergo:*while standing next to Caesar* Time to die.
  • Smoker:*glares*
  • Law:*barelly stands* R-Room...*Law creates a room around the three*
  • Caesar:What's all this?!
  • Law:*grins* Shambles

PG 17

  • Smoker:*his heart leaves Caesar's hand and goes to his hand. He see's this and puts his heart back in place*
  • Vergo:*glares* damn it!!! Law!!!
  • Smoker:*catches both of them and holds them high and in place* Now!!!
  • Law:*forms around Vergo and Clown*Shambles

PG 18

  • Law:*gets his heart back and places it in*
  • Smoker:*drops them*
  • Law:*grins* Looks like Plan B did work after all.