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Chapter 663: Black Leg Nami

PG 1

  • Brownbeard:*looks shocked and thinks* Law-san outside....Marines.....? What the hell is going on?
  • Luffy:*waves at Law* Heeeey!!! Your that room guy from two years ago!!!
  • Law:*looks at him* .......
  • Usopp: Luffy, who is that guy?
  • Robin: Trafalgar Law. He's a new Shichibukai.

PG 2

  • Luffy:*sees Smoker down* Smokie!! What are you doing here?
  • Smoker:*weak* Strawhat......
  • Law:*looks at Smoker and raises his sword* You're still alive? You truelly are a monster Smoker.
  • Smoker:?!
  • Law:*interuppted by cannon fire hitting the area around him*

PG 3

  • Marines:*from a mountain* Stay away from our Vice-Admiral you traitor!!
  • Smoker: idiots....
  • Law:*glares at them and runs back to the door*
  • Tashigi: Stop shooting!!!
  • Marine: Captain-chan?
  • Tashigi: First we go and see what has happened to Smoker-san, then we go after Law.
  • Marines: Yes ma'me

PG 4

  • Leggy: hheeyyy!!! that was the Shichibukai that cut me!!!
  • Luffy:*is pulled up as Leggy stands up and starts to run after Law* Whoooaaa!!!
  • Leggy:*running* I wont forgive you!!!
  • Usopp: Luffy!!!!!!
  • Zoro:*folding his arms* Guess we have no choice but to go after him.
  • Brook:*looks behind* But Zoro-san.....
  • Zoro:hm?

PG 5

  • Strawhats:*see alot of marines charging towards their way*
  • Brook: There are marines coming!!! Yohohoho!!!!!
  • Usopp: Seriously?! What's with this island?!
  • Zoro:*sees Tashigi in the front of the charge* Dammit.....

PG 6

  • Franky(Chopper body):*brain point* Hey, this isnt my super body!! What is this?!
  • Chopper(Sanji body):*coughs* this is so disgusting!! I hate cigarattes!!
  • Nami(Franky Body): This must be Law's ability. We've been switched.
  • Sanji(Nami body):*looks around* Am I in.....? *looks down*

PG 7

  • Sanji(Nami body):*heart eyeys* Mellorine!!!! I have the body of a goddess!!! *hugs himself* This is so great!!! I can feel all I wa-
  • Nami(Franky body):*bops Sanji one good time* Dont even think about!!!
  • Sanji(Nami body):*on the ground* Right.....I apologize....Nami-san...

PG 8

  • Hazmat Men:*charge at them* There they are!!! Master wants them captured now!!!
  • Chopper(Sanji body): They're coming again!!
  • Franky(Chopper body):*glares* Then lets suuper take them down!!
  • Chopper(Sanji body):*runs at them and punches* Heavy Gong!!
  • Hazmat Man:*is punched on his chest but doesnt get blown away*.......
  • Chopper(Sanji body):?!

PG 9

  • Hazmat Man:*grabs him by the throat and holds him up*
  • Franky(Chopper body):*standing in front of them and aiming his arms at them* Let him go!! Franky......
  • Hazmat Men:*look at him*
  • Franky(Chopper body):Radical Beam!!!! *nothing happens*
  • Hazmat Men:.......
  • Franky(Chopper body):What the hell?

PG 10

  • Hazmat Man:*captures him with a net and holds him up* Two down, two to go.
  • Children: Tanuki!! Swirl!!
  • Nami(Franky body):This is bad. Since we aren't in our right bodies, we can't use our own abilities. No amount of training could prepare us for something like this.
  • Hazmat Men:*run at them* come on, they are powerless!!! This is our chance!!
  • Children:*hide behind Nami(Franky body)* Protect us Mr. Robot!!
  • Nami(Franky): Hold on a minute!

PG 11

  • Hazmat Man:*is kicked in the face by Sanji(Nami body) and flown into his commrades*
  • Nami(Franky body): Sanji-kun?
  • Sanji(Nami body):*picks up his cigaratte and smokes* Its going to be alright Nami-san. *DON STANCE* My training was made for this kind of situation.

PG 12

  • Law:*running down a hallway with Leggy right behind him*
  • Leggy:*running after him*come back you!!!!
  • Luffy:*being carried* whooaa!!!
  • Law:*stops in the middle of a large room and slashes at his pursuer*
  • Luffy:?!

PG 13

  • Law:*slashes the pair of legs in half*
  • Luffy:*appears above Law and lands on his feet* that was close.
  • Law/Luffy:*glance at each other*
  • Master/Mone:*look at many moniters*
  • Mone:Ufufufufu, things are really heating up.
  • Master: Stop enjoying this will you?

PG 14

  • Master: Marines outside. Pirates inside. I stationed here for the privacy dammit!!!
  • Info Box: Punk Hazard Scientist: Aristole
  • Mone:*smiles and licks her lips* May I offer some assistance?
  • Aristole:*looks at her*:.......

PG 15

  • Luffy: Hey, my friends are supposed to be here. Do you know where they are?
  • Law:*folds his arms* Yeah I saw them.
  • Luffy:*grins* Great, then you can take me to them.
  • Law:Actually.....
  • Luffy:hm?

PG 16

  • Law: My associate on this island doen't want anyone to know of our pressence here. Your crew has already ruined our little secret.
  • Luffy:*picks in ear* yeah, so?
  • Law:*glares* So, we have to capture you and your crew. We can't let you leave this island.
  • Luffy:*glares* Where are my friends?
  • Law:*grins* You'll be with them shortly.

PG 17

  • Luffy:*steams up* Gear 2nd
  • Law:*thinking as he stands ready* Cant risk using my ability. Guess I do this the old fashioned way.