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BLS- Chapter 654 Prediction

Chapter 654:Enemies of the New World

PG 1

  • Tashigi: Smoker-san, why aren't we heading back to base like we were ordered.
  • Smoker:*with his trademark coat drapped over his shoulders and his new longer jutte on his back* Because the time has come to finally take down those damn Strawhat Pirates.
  • Info Box: Vice- Admiral Smoker
  • Smoker: I've spent these last two years obedientlly following every order because they coexisted with my own desires. I'm not turning back on the one pirate I've been thriving to capture.
  • Marines:*shaking* What did he do to the Vice- Admiral......
  • Tashigi: Understood, Smoker-san.

PG 2

  • Location: A Snowy Island in the New World
  • Pirate 1:*reading a newspaper*Hahahaha!!!
  • Pirate 2:*fishing* What's so funny?
  • Pirate 1:*grins*That Strawhat kid and his crew are alive and the government increased their bounties..
  • Pirate 2:*grins*Damn. They must be scared as hell of them. Let's go show the captain.
  • Pirate 1:*walking*think he's sober enough?
  • Pirate 2:*walking with a fished ou shark* I doubt it.

PG 3

  • Location: 6,500 meters under the sea
  • Luffy:*sits on the figurehead and waits for the ship to surface* Hey Franky. Put out another Kuuigosu out!!
  • Franky:*pushes out another one* you got it!!
  • Sunny:*moves slightly faster*
  • Luffy:*grins wide* We're almost there!! I can't wait to see it!!

PG 4

  • Usopp:*shocked*Huh?! Lightning Rain?!
  • Chopper:*shocked*Flaming Islands?!
  • Nami: Yep, that's what Haredas-san told me. The islands in the New World apparently defy the laws of physics.
  • Luffy:*looks back* What was that?
  • Chopper/Usopp/Nami: Nothing!!! This is a non-captain meeting!!!
  • Luffy:*confused*ok ok sorry!!

PG 5

  • Location: An island in the New World with a giant tornado surrounding it - Kazegana
  • Pirate:*esscorts a large man to a giant door* The man you are looking for is behind this door.
  • ???:Kishishishi!!! Thank you. *pushes it open*
  • Large group of shadowed people:?!
  • ???:Kuhahaha!! Long time no see Moriah.
  • Gekko Moriah:*grins with a face that looks scared across both his eyes* Indeed it has.

PG 6

  • ???:*a big individual with a long axe on his shoulder* Gekko Moriah? I thought the government tried to get rid of him becuz of his little militay might.
  • ???:*a man with round glasses and blade-like claws stood next to him* It would seem things didn't go as they planned.
  • ???:*a man with a top hat* The Dark Justice of the Marines dwindles ever more. Disgraceful.

PG 7

  • Location: G-5 Base
  • ???:*a muscular young man punches at a rock and shatters it. He then does a handstand to kick a giant tiger in the chin* Hyaaa!!!! Hyaa!!!
  • Tiger:*growls as it tries to recover, but it falls instead*
  • Marines:*charge at the man with swords and clubs as his back is turned*aahh!!!
  • ???:*doesnt look at them*Soru

PG 8

  • Marines:*miss the man as he vanishes and notice he is now behind them*
  • ???:*back turned to them* Shigan
  • Marines:*fall down and all have been struck in their knees*
  • Den Den Mushi:*bring bring!!*
  • ???:?!

PG 9

  • ???:*picks it* report.
  • marine:*on den den mushi* we have more pirates!! They say they we saved by the Strawhat Pirates. Hahaha, can you believe that?
  • ???:*smiles* If it invovles Luffy-san, I can believe it.

PG 10

  • Location: on the sea of the New World
  • Tashigi:*holds her blade*Smoker-san, here comes another ship.
  • Smoker:*folds his arms* It's them.
  • Tashigi: how do you know.
  • Smoker: I can feel it.

PG 12

  • Luffy:*smiles as he begins to see the sun's light*There it is!! The New World!!
  • Strawhats:*look excited*
  • Sunny:*bust onto the surface*
  • Tashigi: It is them!!!
  • Smoker:*smokes up* I already told you that!!!!

PG 13

  • Luffy:*stands proudly on the Sunny's nose and looks at the open sea* So coooool!!!!
  • Smoker:Fire all guns now!!!
  • Marines: Yessir!!!
  • Luffy:?!

PG 14

  • Marines Warship:*fires at the sunny*
  • Chopper:*freaks out* The marines wait on us!! *chopper dance* its like we're special!!
  • Usopp:*flexes his biceps*They obviously heard that the Great King of Snipers was arriving!! Hahaha!!!!
  • Brook:*strums his guitar* Maybe I have fans even on enemy lines!! Yohohohoho!!!
  • Robin:*giggles*

PG 15

  • Nami:*looks at her log pose*ok. Sanji-kun, move the rudder facing Northwest!!! Franky, prepare a Coup De Burst!!
  • Sanji:*love-struck* aye aye Nami-san!!!
  • Franky:*poses*Suuupa leave it to me!!!!
  • Zoro:*walks over to the figurehead*I'll handle the cannon fire.

PG 16

  • Luffy:*smiles* Shishishishi!!! Long time no see Smokey!!! This takes me back!!!
  • Smoker:*flies over to him*You won't escape me this time Strawhat!!!
  • Luffy:*grins* Yes I will!! *pulls his arms back* Gum Gum......
  • Zoro:*slicing up cannon balls*
  • Chopper:*hitting them away with Heavy Point as Usopp covers him*

PG 17

  • Smoker:*appears infront of Luffy and reaches for him*I got you n-
  • Luffy:*hits him in the gut* Jet Bazooka!!!!
  • Smoker:*coughs blood*?!

Side note: He finally hits him.


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