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Chapter 653: Leaving Fishman Island

PG 1

  • Smoker:*stands up and turns to Tashigi. He crosses his arms and he hads a scar on his eye now. His hair is slicker and he now wears his old coat around his shoulders.* Tashigi!! Notify G-5 HQ and tell them we are sending rookie pirates to them. But we are staying on the ocean floor.
  • Info Box: Marine Vice- Admiral Smoker
  • Pirate:*freaks out* You're still sending us there?! But I told you everything!!
  • Smoker:*looks down at him* I never agreed to any deal with you pirate scum.

PG 2

  • Ryugu Palace
  • Jinbe: Luffy-kun, seeing as you have challenged Big Mom, I no longer have a reason to stay here.
  • Nami: How come Jinbe-chan?
  • Jinbe: In order to ensure the Sunny Pirates' safety from the marines after I resigned, we Sunny Pirates enlisted under her. I was considering to cut ties wit her after Luffy-kun's invitation to your crew. I wanted to take my time at first, but now my choices have been rushed thanks to Luffy-kun.
  • Luffy:*smiles* shishishi, really?
  • Jinbe:*sighs* indeed. I'll have Den contact them and inform them that they no longer need to serve under her.

PG 3

  • Chopper: Won't Big Mom be mad about that?
  • Jinbe: Trust me, them leaving would be a small issue to her.
  • Luffy: So Jinbe, will you join my crew?
  • Jinbe:*smiles* Of course. I have no other obligations.

PG 4

  • Luffy/Usopp: Alright!! We got a new nakama!!!
  • Robin:*giggles* Our little crew is getting bigger.
  • Franky:*does his supa pose* With a former warlord in our crew, we'll need a supa room for ya Jinbe!!
  • Nami:*hugs him* When other pirates hear that Jinbe-chan is in our crew, they will beg us to take their treasure.
  • Jinbe:*smiles*
  • Sanji:*pounds on the ground* Damn you Jinbe......!

PG 5

  • Minister of the Right: "Knight of the Sea" Jinbe a member of the Strawhat Pirates. I'm so relieved I live under the sea.
  • Neptune:Hohoho!!
  • Luffy: Hey old king, can you show us the exit? I can't wait to go to the New World!!
  • Neptune: I can see that. I still need my rest, but Minister of the Right will take you.
  • Luffy:*grins* cool.

PG 6

  • On the sea of the New World
  • Marine: Vice- Admiral, there is another ship coming!! Let's shoot it!!
  • Smoker: Dumbass, don't you see their mark?
  • Pekoms/Tamago:*sail by the fleet of ships on a Merry Go sized ship with Big Mom's Jolly Roger skull as the figurehead*
  • Tashigi: It's Baron Tamago and Mr. Pekoms of Big Mom's crew.
  • Marines:*love struck* Our little captain is sooo observant.

PG 7

  • Smoker:*exhales*It pisses me off, but it wouldn't be wise challenging them. Just let them pass. The day will come when can freely arrest them.
  • Tamago:*sips his tea as the ship passes by* That marine seems very well-boiled, bon.
  • Romanization: Baron Tamago/ Bounty: 350,000,000 beli.

PG 8

  • Groverly Hills
  • Fishman:*looking up* Hey it's our saviors!!
  • Mermaid:*smiles* They must be heading to the New World now.
  • Children: Yay!! Mr. Strawhat!!
  • Zoro:*looking down at them* Dammit, they are cheering us on. Let's hurry this up.
  • Nami: Enough with your view on the word 'hero' already!!
  • Luffy:*plugs his ears* ow that word hurts!!

PG 9

  • Jinbe:*sitting in an indian position* The people can't contain themselves I'm afraid. You all did save this island after all.
  • Zoro: maybe, but I ain't sharing my booze.
  • Luffy: or my meat.
  • Usopp:*looks at them confused* Seriouslly?
  • Jinbe:*chuckles*

PG 10

  • Franky:*walks on the scene*Alright Jinbe, your room is suuppa finished.
  • Jinbe: oh? That was quick.
  • Franky: Would've been faster but I had to use the restroom.
  • Jinbe:*smiles*ah.

PG 11

  • Jinbe:*stands in his room that is filled with with water and has a coating door like the entrance to Ryugu Palace* This is amazing Franky-kun.
  • Franky:*grins* thanks. I used Big Brother Den's instructions on coating to make the door. I put a bed in there too since you said you like sleeping underwater.
  • Jinbe:*exits the room*Yes, thank you. This will make the trip all more comfortable.
  • Chopper:Oi!! We're at the exit.

PG 12

  • Luffy: Whoa!!! This is the exit?
  • Minister of the Right: Well actually it's also the entrance, but you didnt use it when you arrived.
  • Nami:*smiles* It wasn't an option at the time.
  • Chopper: Hey Nami, will you be able to navigate when we get up there?
  • Nami: Yea, the Minister of te Left gave me a log pose made only on this island.

PG 13

  • Usopp:Um, how exactlly are we gonna go up anyway.
  • Jinbe: Normally pirate ships had some kind of sea creature or tool to help them manuever in the sea and go up to the New World.
  • Luffy:*grins*Oh we have one of those. Surume!!!
  • Surume:*swims up to the entrance and smiles.
  • Jinbe: The Kraken huh? That seems like a good escort.

PG 14

  • Surume:*grabs hold of the ship and places it on his head*
  • Luffy:*looks up to the sea* Alright Surume, let's go straight to the top!
  • Surume:*nods and dashes upward*
  • Brook:*holds on to the mast*Yohohoho!!! Surume-san sure is fast underwater!!
  • Sanji:*looks down* I can barely see Fishman Island now.

PG 15

  • Jinbe: Krakens are greatly known to Fishman as speed demons of the sea. We should reach the surface in less than 2 hours now.
  • Robin:*smiles* Oh my, you sure are knowlegable.
  • Sanji:*pounds on the ground* Damn you Jinbe......!
  • Usopp: LET IT GO!!!

PG 16

  • Smoker:*looks at the sea darken up* Another ship is coming up!! Be ready men!!
  • Marines:Right!!!
  • Sunny:*emerges on the seafloor and is in cannon firing position*

PG 17

  • Tashigi: It's the Strawhats!!
  • Smoker:*glares* I can see that!!
  • Luffy:*waves at Smoker while his crew stands behind him* Hey Smokey!!!


  • Side phrase: After two years, he's caught up with the best.