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SPOILER WARNING!!! SPOILER WARNING!!! Ok now that we're done with that let's talk about todays chapter. Zeheheheh!!

First we start off with the full story behind Chapter 795 when the Curly Pirates save the minks by having Caesar suck up his own invention. At first Wanda tries to fight Nami and blow up everyone thinking their members of the Beasts Pirates, but Pedro and the lovely Tristian stop her.

Soon after the confusion is done, Chopper takes over and turns most of the chapter into the One Piece version of House M.D. with everybody breaking a sweat trying to save everyone. Even Brook needs a good sweat dabbing AND HE DOESN'T HAVE SWEAT GLANDS!!! Curly Pirates=Mink Tribe guardian angels!!

After we finish with that story it's time to visit the Big Boss Cat-Viper for his checkup. Chopper is really putting in the work on this island. While heading over there, Brook moves on to the Sanji/Caesar disappearance portion of the tale while playing some music. Even though Sanji's note says he'll be back, Nami and company aren't so sure since Zou is damn near impossible to just find unless you have vivre card or you have someone on your ship who was born there.

HEY LOOK PEKOMS FROM THE BIGMOM PIRATES WAS BORN THERE!!!! Seriously though, that shouldn't have shocked anyone after what we've seen in the last couple of chapters. Even though they managed to escape the Bigmom pirates, they maybe....sorta....kinda....heard where the Curly Pirates were going and actually arrived at Zou 2 days ago. Man these time charts are giving me a headache.

We're getting closer to the truth everyone and next year is supposed to be the year of Sanji so stay tuned. Hope everyone had a great time this holiday season!! Zeheheh!!