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Chapter 802: Captain Jack

Page 1

• Jack: Fire!!!

• Marine Ships:*take cannon fire from Jack’s ship*

• Fujitora/Sengoku/Tsuru:!!!

• Marine #1: We’re under attack!!

• Marine #2: Who is it?!

• Marine #3:*looking through telescope* Oh no that’s…

• Jack: There’s no telling which ship Doflamingo is on, but….

Page 2

• Jack: *stands tall with a similar outfit of Sheepshead. He wears armor around his mouth similar to Jean Ango and a dark pirate captain hat with Kaido’s jolly roger on it. On his back has a large double bladed battle axe* We can just fish him out of the wreckage when we’re done!!!

• Kaido pirates: Aye aye, Captain Jack!!

Infobox: Jack Sparrow. Fighter of the Kaido Pirates. 370,000,000 Beli.

Page 3

Meanwhile on the Going Luffy-senpai

• Law: *talks on a Den-Den Mushi* Black Leg, you there?

• Sanji: Yeah, what’s up?

• Law: Have you all made it to Zo?

• Sanji: Made it here last night.

• Luffy: Woohoo they escaped Big Mom!

• Law: Big Mom?! When was this?!

Page 4

• Zoro: Luffy challenged Big Mom right before we left Fishman Island.

• Luffy: Shishishi

• Bartolomeo: You challenged one emperor before even entering the New World and then agreed to taking down another one in a manner of days?!! You really are the best, Luffy-senpai!!!

• Barto Club:*crying while holding up a banner*He’s just too epic for this world!!!

• Usopp: Enough with the fanboying!!!

Page 5

On Zo, an island with 3 giant bamboo trees and an amazon rain forest terrain.

• Sanji: We were attacked by Big Mom’s crew after we left Doflamingo to you and Luffy. We escaped in the end so it’s nothing to worry about now.

• Brook: Speak for yourself!! I thought I was gonna die, even though I already did!! Yohohoho!!!

• Momonosuke:*human form* What’s wrong with you, Chopper-san? Are you injured?

• Chopper:*depressed* Just emotionally…..

• Nami:*pets him* I told you it’s not your fault the navy thinks you’re our pet.

Page 6

• Caesar: This is crazy!! I refuse to believe some little punks like Straw Hat and Law defeated Joker!!!

• Brook:*strums his guitar* We showed you the article like 5 times!! What’s done is done!! Ow!!

• Sanji: That reminds me, Law. What are we going to do with Caesar now?

• Caesar:*looks worried*?!

Page 7

• Law: Not sure really. I was kinda planning on him being wiped out along with Doflamingo, but things got complicated.


• Nami:*plucks a tangerine from her tree and takes a bite*!!!

• Brook:*notices Nami staggering* Are you alright, Nami-san?

• Nami:*drops to her knees and drops the tangerine* bleh!! Disgusting!!

• Caesar:*looks at the tangerine that has a certain pattern* That’s…..

Page 8

Back on the sea of the New World

• Marine: Vice- Admiral Maynard!!

• Jack:*holding a bloody Maynard by his throat* How boring!! *throws him into his subornates*

• Marines:*are hit* gaahh!!

Page 9

• Jack: *looks at the 2 out four ships that he’s sunk*I heard the navy was being trained to handle the four emperors!! This is just sad!!

• Bastile:*dashes at Jack and slashes at him* Damn you, Jack-dara!!

• Jack:*ducks effortlessly* That’s……*snaps his fingers*

• Bastile:*gets covered in a light colored static energy*!!!

Page 10

• Jack:*uppercuts him with an armament haki fist* CAPTAIN JACK!!!

• Bastile:*is sent flying high in the sky and struck by lightning* Gaaaahhh!!!

• Marines: Vice-Admiral Bastile!!!

• Bastile:*falls in the ocean*

Page 11

• Marine:*on another ship* Holy shit, that was one hell of a coincidence!!

• Tsuru: No it wasn’t. It’s was his ability.

• Jack:*snaps his fingers and the same energy envelops the ship he is on* There’s no one else here worth my time on this ship!!

• Marine ship:*a lightning bolt strikes the ship and it blows up*

Page 12

• Tsuru: Dang little jinx.

• Jack:*lands on the ship Tsuru is on* Three down, one to go!!!

• Marines:*get ready to fight*!!!

• Sengoku: halt men!!

• Marines:?!!

Page 13

• Sengoku/Fujitora:*stand ready to fight*

• Jack:Oooooh, finally some brass.

• Sengoku:*smiles* Jack, it’s been a while. That ability of yours is still a massive pain.

• Fujitora:*gets ready*…..

• Jack:*takes the axe off his back* How many times do I have to say it?!!.....

Page 14

• Jack:*jumps high in the air and slashes down* IT’S CAPTAIN JACK!!!

• Fujitora:*jumps up to him and clashes with his gravity blade*

• Doflamingo:*feels the rumbling and smiles wide* I love prequels. Hahaha!!

Page 15

In the New World, an island with a lot spooky scenery.

• Jesus Burgess:*on a den den mushi* I’m sorry I failed to get the Flame-Flame Fruit, captain!

• Blackbeard:*just his teeth* Zehahaha!!! It’s as fate would have it, Burgess. Nobody would have suspected Sabo would show up, let alone be Straw Hat’s brother!!

• Jesus Burgess: Tell me about it!!

Page 16

• Blackbeard:*walks to an open window balcony and his back silhouette is shown* Whether you have the Flame-Flame Fruit or not is not that big a deal anyway. We are going to rule the world regardless.

• Jesus Burgess: Wehahaha!! If fate plans it out!!

Page 17

• Blackbeard:*New World appearance is similar to his post war style but his beard has multiple braids, his hat has his jolly roger and he looks more muscular.* I will be the Pirate King!! Zehahahaha!!!