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  • Black Leg Sanji

    SPOILER WARNING!!! SPOILER WARNING!!! Ok now that we're done with that let's talk about todays chapter. Zeheheheh!!

    First we start off with the full story behind Chapter 795 when the Curly Pirates save the minks by having Caesar suck up his own invention. At first Wanda tries to fight Nami and blow up everyone thinking their members of the Beasts Pirates, but Pedro and the lovely Tristian stop her.

    Soon after the confusion is done, Chopper takes over and turns most of the chapter into the One Piece version of House M.D. with everybody breaking a sweat trying to save everyone. Even Brook needs a good sweat dabbing AND HE DOESN'T HAVE SWEAT GLANDS!!! Curly Pirates=Mink Tribe guardian angels!!

    After we finish with that story it's time to visit …

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  • Black Leg Sanji

    Zehahahaha!!!! This chapter was so awesome!! Oda needs to stop giving me all these mild heart attacks on a weekly basis bruh!! We got to see so many characters we haven't seen in so long like the star clown Buggy!! At first I thought he became taller but I guess he could just be using his powers. His pirate dispatch company is doing great, buuuuuut in typical Buggy luck Straw Hat has kicked him in the balls once again by taking FIVE GIANTS FROM HIM!!! Oh I love it so much. I bet they left in the most lax way.

    Hajrudin: Hey guys we're gonna become pirates under the command of Straw Hat Luffy.

    Giants: Ight

    Sabo is working out his flames like Bruce Lee and Jesus is resting on Dragon's doorstep. What the hell Burgess?! You survived a beating from…

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  • Black Leg Sanji

    Alright we've enjoyed One Piece and it's large assortment of Devil Fruits that Oda has graced us with for around 20 years at this point so I thought I'd bring up a question that me and my friends always talk/argue about. What devil fruit from One Piece do you want? Now since picking just one is kinda hard considering that so many are epic like the chop-chop fruit so for this how about we put down the top 5 that we want. Granted these fruits have to be canon so nobody put down the Almighty-Almighty Fruit. Seriously!! Don't do it!! I understand certain fruits don't have names yet like Kidd's but if you want that, by all means drop it down.


    5: Noro Noro no Mi(Slow-Slow Fruit). Not gonna lie, I'd abuse the hell out of this ability. You …

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  • Black Leg Sanji

    Chapter 802: Captain Jack

    Page 1

    • Jack: Fire!!!

    • Marine Ships:*take cannon fire from Jack’s ship*

    • Fujitora/Sengoku/Tsuru:!!!

    • Marine #1: We’re under attack!!

    • Marine #2: Who is it?!

    • Marine #3:*looking through telescope* Oh no that’s…

    • Jack: There’s no telling which ship Doflamingo is on, but….

    Page 2

    • Jack: *stands tall with a similar outfit of Sheepshead. He wears armor around his mouth similar to Jean Ango and a dark pirate captain hat with Kaido’s jolly roger on it. On his back has a large double bladed battle axe* We can just fish him out of the wreckage when we’re done!!!

    • Kaido pirates: Aye aye, Captain Jack!!

    • Infobox: Jack Sparrow. Fighter of the Kaido Pirates. 370,000,000 Beli.

    Page 3

    • Meanwhile on the Going Luffy-senpai

    • Law: *tal…

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  • Black Leg Sanji

    Now that I've somewhat calmed down from the chapter from last week I can voice my logical opinion about the growth spurt of the Strawhat Pirates. Lets go!!!

    Strawhats + 5600


    • A huge fighting force: Now this should be obvious but hear me out. The Strawhats did a lot of shit before the timeskip that was amazing considering they had basically a handful of people and they only got better after the timeskip as we saw at the Fishman Island battle. But the thing is the New World is more dangerous not only because of the Yonko themselves, but because each one has basically an army of underlings that could probably take out 9 pirates and their little lion ship pretty easily. Luffy needs a bigger fighting force to take on Yonko. Plus according t…

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