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Hello again SBY reporting for duty...

So I was looking at the comments from my last blog(Wiki's Rank) and in one of the comments DP and MDM had a really funny conversation which lead to MDM making what can be described as a bucket-list, on that note thought about how when Gol D. Roger found out he was going to die he decided to disband the guild, settle down and have a kid, and eventually turn himself in to the marines, which can also be described in a way as his bucket list.

In the end the purpose of this blog is to see what kind of creative bucket-list the users from this wiki would make if they thought that they would definitely die soon, for me personally is not that creative.

My bucket-list would look something like this:

  • Meet Oda-sensei and ask him to allow me to go to the grave with know the secret to the One Piece and to make a character (even if it is just for a filler) in my honor.

  • Go bungee-jumping always wanted to do it haven't had a chance yet.

  • Sit front row at an NBA All STAR game(I'm a huge NBA fan).

  • Go sky-diving.

Well that’s all I can think of for now but I will most likely be adding some more later on i hope yours are more interesting because mine kind of suck.