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  • BinksSakeYohoho

    The Bucket-list

    October 9, 2011 by BinksSakeYohoho

    Hello again SBY reporting for duty...

    So I was looking at the comments from my last blog(Wiki's Rank) and in one of the comments DP and MDM had a really funny conversation which lead to MDM making what can be described as a bucket-list, on that note thought about how when Gol D. Roger found out he was going to die he decided to disband the guild, settle down and have a kid, and eventually turn himself in to the marines, which can also be described in a way as his bucket list.

    In the end the purpose of this blog is to see what kind of creative bucket-list the users from this wiki would make if they thought that they would definitely die soon, for me personally is not that creative.

    My bucket-list would look something like this:

    • Meet Oda-sensei an…
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  • BinksSakeYohoho

    Wiki's Ranks

    October 8, 2011 by BinksSakeYohoho

    Hi everyone.

    I'm BSY and i've been in this wiki for a long time, but haven't had the chance to really get involved much, i have noticed that alot of controversial blogs have been made(most seem to be made by RYU) and i have noticed that there really isnt anyone taking control so I never really understood how the Wikia even works.

    So my questions are

    Who is in charge of this wiki?

    Who makes sure the the articles have the right imformation?

    is everyone really allowed to make edits?

    and lastly if the Wikia had ranks kind of like the maries what ranks would the top users have??

    PS: I dont blog often so if this is not the right place to put this please let me know and i apologize in advance for my mistake.

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  • BinksSakeYohoho

    Best Bad Ass moment

    September 19, 2010 by BinksSakeYohoho

    This anime/manga is filled with tons of moments that have made me think, "Wow, that was the most bad ass scene ever", yet i only have to get to the next arc and i see my self thinking the same thing all over again.

    In my opinion one of the most bad ass moments was when Zoro took all the damage that Luffy had on top of his own injuries and when asked about it simply said "nothing, nothing at all", if thats not acting as hard as possible i dont know what is, so thats why i decided to make this blog to see what the rest of the One Piece fans thought was indeed a "Bad Ass Moment".

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