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Hey everyone, I'm Saul.

I have recently gotten into both the Manga and Anime of One Piece, and I have to say that I'm really impressed. To be honest the only other Manga/Anime I liked was Dragon Ball until I've found One Piece. Now getting to the point of this blog, I'm currently at the Drum Island Arc so I'm not that far ahead but I know a lot more about the One Piece universe up until it's current point, Dressrosa from reading the many wiki articles. I don't mind spoilers, it doesn't ruin my enjoyement for the series and I still get surprised the farther I watch/read One Piece.

Now my question for this blog is about...well...Monkey D. Dragon and the Revolutionaries. I know we don't know a whole lot about them. We know Dragon is Luffy's father and he leads a sort of 'resistance' against the World Goverment, if I'm putting it correctly. But who else wishes we knew more about them? At Marineford, Luffy was labeled a potential 'future threat' and everyone was shocked when they learned about who Luffy's father is, but I don't feel compelled by this news at all as a fan of the series because we don't know a whole lot the revolutionaries and Dragon. He hasn't made enough appearances yet, and that strange wind that saved Luffy from Smoker and the Gray Terminal sparked my interest like crazy. Obviously Dragon is somehow behind those winds, whether it be a Devil Fruit or not.

Anyways after learning that we are at 736? chapters, I'm sure it won't be long until I catch up because I'm binging the series because it's one of the few Manga/Animes that has sparked my interest, but I really wish Luffy would find One Piece already and he meets up again with Shanks and Dragon. I want to see Dragon wage war against the Government. I feel like Oda is leading Dragon up to be this last major villain in the series or something along those lines.

I'm sorry if this has been adressed MANY times, but I'm new here. But is anyone else dieing to know more about Dragon and the Revolutionaries? Every character is shocked and scared by them, but they're such a mystery to us readers/watchers.