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With the Dressrosa Arc reaching it's climax within the coming weeks. This will currently make it the longest arc in the anime and manga respectively. Demographically through out the arc one of the major issues people have is the length.

Is it a bad thing Oda frequently changes pace through out the arc? While I don't personally have an issue with pacing of the story, others might disagree. For example: Majority people would of preferred the final moments of the birdcage to be merged into one chapter. And I'm sure they'd love to see chapters focussing on Doflamingo's defeat in merged together.

While Dressrosa has had its fair amount of complaints, it is not the only arc to be questioned about its length. With others being: Skypeia, Fishman Island and Punk Hazard.

The question remains to be asked:

Is the length of an arc an issue?

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Are fans expecting too much from Eiichiro Oda?

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