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Besty17 March 29, 2015 User blog:Besty17

Greetings fellow OP Wiki users. I bring forth a special blog featuring theme songs off various users on the wiki.

Here it is:

  1. Myself:
  2. User:Piece Enric:
  3. User:Staw-Hat Luffy:
  4. User:12th Supernova:
  5. User:Nobody700:
  6. User:Raptor of Love:
  7. User:Galaxy9000:
  8. User:Fintin:
  9. User:Calua:
  10. User:Jademing:
  11. User:KuroAshi98:
  12. User:Straw Hat Boy:
  13. User:Roranoa Drake II:
  14. User:Kaido King of the Beasts:
  15. User:JapaneseOPfan:
  16. User:MizuakiYume:
  17. User:Pau D. Seven:


  1. User:The Koromo:
  2. User:ChokokuguzaNoTobira:
  3. User:NewWorldWarrior:
  4. User:Xilinoc:
  5. User:The Will of Deez:
  6. User:AuroraOfDeath:
  7. User talk:JustSomeDude...:
  8. User:DancePowderer:
  9. User:Apoelpaoole:
  10. User:Videogamep:
  11. User:Awaikage:

Those who haven't been included, can be upon request. So anyway, leave some feedback in the comments.

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