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This is what it says' it is. Ok so with Strawhat gang being in N.W. I wanted see some OLD! foes turn up and just cause pure Mayhem!

  • Gekko Moriah. The Boogieman is out there just waiting to strike fear once again with that, balloon head and all .... But yea he's out there, possibly looking Dox after he & W.G, backstapped him. This current arc would be a good place to bringing him in (Well arc after actully) since Joker is possibly Dox (another blog for another time).
  • Robb Luci & CP9. When say Rob & CP9 i just mean Mr. Lucci trying not be baised because they such bad character's. A rematch between Lucci & Luffy would be intesense, more likely luffy's favour though. Also another Nami X Kalifa scene would be a dream *Nose Bleed*
  • Buggy. When last seen him after Marine Ford Arc. We were left with a cliff hanger, the infamous clown recieved a certain black letter of a certain world organisation. It's been talked abit about and most belive he would of most likely accepted the invited to become a Shiki. Bring back the clown to return the chemistry between Buggy & Luffy, which is Golden.
  • Kuma. We defiantly havn't seen the last of this man. But after becoming a human cyborg what next's for him?. Take down the Rev's (I'm Vegapunk could make a memory machine. Then use the machine to locate Dragon's location) or continue to hunt other pirates. (BTW, Did Kuma give up memories or free will?)
  • Golden Lion Shiki. He's out there some were plotting an even bigger scheme to make the world his. I would love see him attempt to fight:

Shanks. For being a member of Roger's crew and carring on his memory.

Blackbeard. For killing Whitebeard, when he wanted to be the one be reckconsied for doing it.

Kaido. To become a Yonko and then excute that grand plan, take over the world (once again .... )