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  • Besty17

    It's been 366 chapters, and almost 10 years since the Eleven Supernovas were first introduced.

    During that time period each member of has made an impact on series in their own way.

    1. Trafalgar D. Water Law

    The silent one with a "lack" of manners.

    Law is well known for appearance, with a sword larger than his body, several tattoos and most noticeably having D E A T H written across his fingers. Before Trafalgar Law's backstory was revealed many had assumed a connection between Law and Donquixote Doflamingo due to their similar jolly rogers, and they weren't wrong. Having served under Doflamingo and the Donquixote Pirates as a child. Law knows what it takes to succeed and survive.

    Impact Rating: 8

    During the timeskip, Law acquired the status of S…

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  • Besty17

    One Piece in 2020

    August 22, 2016 by Besty17

    During the closure of the Rio 2016 Olympics a teaser was shown to promote Tokyo 2020 the next Olympic games. Through out the video, brands such Mario, Street Fighter and Doraemon are featured.

    Thinking ahead to 2020, it had me wondering what can us readers expect from One Piece over the next 4 years?

    Exactly almost 4 years ago we were reading Chapter 677, the Punk Hazard Arc. At the time I believe many people speculated Raijin Island, Mystoria Island, or Risky Red Island would be the next point of destination for the Straw Hats. Instead Oda unexpectedly took us to Dressrosa.

    Going back to Tokyo 2020. Would you like to see One Piece be featured in Tokyo 2020? If so do you believe the series could benefit from it?

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  • Besty17

    The Chat Room

    June 17, 2016 by Besty17

    On this wiki there exists a place not many not people notice or know exists. It is known as the chatroom or quite simply the "Chat". For almost years, it has been home to many men and personalties, almost a place escape the annoyance of the world around us. As many of us have entered and left the "Chat", lately it has become nothing but a memory, with lonely cold whisper echoing around the room.

    I dream of its rebirth on multiple occasions, hoping it will and can reflect its former glory. Where its chapters and stories surpassed that of Kochikame.

    I urge all readers and editors of this blog to visit the chatroom, together we can make it great again!

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  • Besty17

    User Themes

    December 7, 2015 by Besty17

    Here it is... The blog nobody asked for but the one everyone secretly wanted. Enjoy.

    • User:Pandawarrior:
    • User:12th Supernova:
    • User:Raptor of Love:
    • User:The Koromo:
    • User:Piece enrik:
    • User:SeaTerror:
    • User:Ricizubi:
    • User:Pau D. Seven:
    • User:Fintin:
    • User:Awaikage:
    • User:Jademing:
    • Use…
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  • Besty17

    Great Editor Event, Part IV

    September 6, 2015 by Besty17

    Greeting Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Welcome to the most anticipated blog post since....... forever!!!

    For anyone who has forgotten or doesn't know the rules. Here it is, you fools will post your editing stats into the comments by pasting the code seen just below.


    • Biggest article editor
    • Biggest file person
    • Biggest user talker
    • Biggest blogger

    And that is the end of that! The results of contest will posted in a follow up blog!

    Previous Parts
    Part 3, Part 2, Part 1

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