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Hey guys, it's me again, Avery. I've seen many predictions about One Piece in the net that are far- fetched and those I believe won't happen. Here are some:

  • Shiryuu kills Mihawk: I mean seriously? I can think of BB killing Shanks but not Shiryuu killing Mihawk.
  • The destruction of the Red Line: Everybody thinks that if you destroy the Red Line, everyone is going to live peacefully. However, this could raise sea levels and destroy many islands.
  • Luffy is going to kill Akainy: Luffy so far hasn't killed anyone so let's hold our breaths...
  • One Piece is the Rio Poneglyph: It might contain the Rio Poneglyph, but it IS not the Rio Poneglyph. However there should be just a bit of treasure to keep Nami happy :)
  • Smoker is going to take care of Luffy's kid: Luffy's life doesn't have to mirror image Roger's. I don't think he is going to marry at all!
  • I don't think Luffy is going to lead a war against the World Government. Instead, I think he is going to stop the war like Shanks and rebuild the world Government. In the process, probably defeat Akainu who doesn't want the war to be stopped and wants to destroy all pirates.

Yup, that's all so hope you guys enjoyed it and please leave your comments!


Ben. D . Avery

Long Gun Pirates

P.S Thanks for your suggestions.