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Hey guys this is the Long Gun Pirate again. So who do you want to turn out as a Yonkou in the series?

Law: Most people think that Law might become Yonko. However is he really interested in it? He claims his alliance with the Straw Hats is to take down a Yonko, however, his actual intentions is to take down Doflamingo. So is he really interested in becoming a Yonko?

The Apoo/Hawkins/Kid gang: They are clearly serious in taking down a Yonko. Kidd or Kid even sunk a few ships of Big Mom to prove that. So is any one of them going to be a Yonko?

Luffy: Becoming a Pirate King is not just finding the One Piece. It is also building a reputation of the most fearsome pirate of seas about you. So Luffy probably will also become a Yonko.

So who else do you think might become a Yonko? Please leave your thoughts below.


Ben. D . Avery

Long Gun Pirates.

P.S Why did you have to delete my previous blog? (To mysterious man who deleted my blog)

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